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    One Life To Live CAST - Jamie Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Vega Played by Saoirse Scott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saoirse Scott

    Real Name: Saoirse Scott


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    Can't Help But Wonder...

    Friday, April 20 2007

    After Jessica apologizes to Jamie, repeatedly, "I hope you can forgive me for my horrible mistake," Jamie asks, "You mean for kissing Nash? Was that your mistake?" Just as Jessica is ready to explain, Antonio walks in, Jamie runs into his arms and says, "Jessica is sorry about the court and the kissing!"

    Caught Red-handed!

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    While at the diner with Antonio and Carlotta, Jamie asks to see Jessica, "Even if mommy is sickā€¦" Antonio is left with no choice but to tell Jamie the truth, "I lied." After Jamie asks if he lied because Jessica doesn't want her, Antonio says, "No, she's just confused, but none of it is your fault." Suddenly, Jamie asks, "Does Jessica still want you?" Antonio assures her that he'll fix things then goes to take a call from the station. After he hangs up, Antonio tells Carlotta he needs to go to the station and asks that she take Jamie home.

    Jessica Has A Meltdown!

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    In the courtroom, when the judge asks Jessica if it's her desire to adopt Jamie Vega, through tears, Jessica says, "No. I'm sorry, I can't do this." Jessica turns around and tells Jamie how much she loves her, "I don't deserve you." With everyone looking on in wonderment, Jessica tells Antonio, "I'm sorry, I can't adopt your daughter." When Antonio asks for a few minutes alone with his wife, the judge allows it, but demands an answer thereafter. While family and friends converse about Jessica's change of heart, Jess and Antonio step outside of the courtroom. Carlotta goes to Cris and asks, "Do you know what this is about?" And Cris says, "I'm afraid so."

    Although Antonio wants to go after her, Viki tells him to let Jessica go. Viki tries to explain to Natalie that Jessica needs time and space, "When Jessie's ready to tell us what's going on, she will." The judge approaches Antonio and he begs her for a second chance at another hearing. However, the judge says that she'll be reviewing the case to make sure Jessica doesn't need another psychological evaluation before deciding if she'll grant the adoption again. Antonio then goes to Cris and demands to know why there's been so much tension between Jessica and him, "I'm beginning to think that you know more about my wife and Nash than I do!" After Jamie interrupts and asks if Jessica still wants to be her mommy, Antonio says, "Jessica loves you very much, but she wasn't feeling well today." As Viki, Clint, Natalie and Dorian leave, RJ approaches and takes Jamie in his arms. After Antonio makes sure Carlotta can take Jamie for the night, he goes back to Cris who admits, "Mom, thinks Jessica's change of heart has something to do with Nash."

    There's No Turning Back!

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    At the diner, while Jamie, Cris, Antonio and Carlotta can't wait to 'officially become a family,' Jessica appears torn. After Jessica presents Jamie with a bracelet - with Kari's name on it - Jamie gives her a collage containing pictures of Jamie, Bree, Jess and Antonio.

    In the courtroom, RJ talks to Dorian about his displeasure of Jessica adopting Jamie. When Dorian defends Jessica and the Buchanan's, RJ accuses, "You didn't come over here for me. You're here because you have your hooks in Clint Buchanan." Dorian snaps at RJ and says, "It would be nice if my dear friend could be happy for me!" RJ agrees if she's happy, he's happy, but warns Dorian it won't be an easy task getting the Buchanan's to accept her. Just then, Antonio and Jessica arrive and RJ kindly tells Jessica that Kari would understand, "You better take care of her little girl." When Clint arrives, he's shocked to see Dorian there, but isn't upset. Viki strolls in shortly after and snubs off Dorian's, "Congratulations."

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