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    One Life To Live CAST - Jamie Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Vega Played by Saoirse Scott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saoirse Scott

    Real Name: Saoirse Scott


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    We Have A Match!

    Monday, May 28 2007

    On a plane, Antonio and Jamie prepare for their new lives away from Llanview. Although Antonio's cell rings, he looks at the screen then says to Jamie, "It was someone from my past."

    It's a Trap!

    Friday, April 27 2007

    When Jessica and Antonio tell Jamie she'll be able to go home soon, Jamie asks, "Will you and Bree still be there?" After they assure Jamie that everything will work out, Jessica gets a call from work summonsing her to The Sun, "I promised to check in while Todd was in Chicago." Before she leaves, Jessica thanks Antonio for understanding and he replies, "Sure, I love you."

    Alone, looking down at a sleeping Jamie, Antonio thinks back to Jamie telling him, "Jessica's sorry about the court - and the kiss!" Sitting at Jamie's bedside, Antonio thanks God for bringing Jamie and Jessica back to him, "I don't know what I would've done if I had lost them."

    John and Natalie go into Jamie's room and give her the teddy bear. However, all Jamie cares about is, "Where's Jessica?"

    "I'm Moving On..."

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Later Paige gives Antonio the news that Jamie has been responding well and will be able to go home tomorrow. Antonio hugs Jessica and says, "She's going to make it… we all are." After Antonio joins RJ in Jamie's room, Jessica goes to make a call. As she rounds the corner, Nash abruptly reaches out from the shadows and pulls her in a kiss! Although Jessica says she can't tell Antonio now, she promises to tell him about Nash after they bring Jamie home. Nash and Jess say their I love you's then she goes back into Jamie's room - with Nash watching on…

    A Painful Tactic

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    When Jamie arrives at the hospital, Michael assures Cris that he'll do everything he can to help her. Just then, Antonio and Jessica rush in, and Cris has to hold Antonio back as Jamie is wheeled away. Through tears, Antonio yells, "I want my daughter!" When Carlotta and RJ arrive, RJ is furious that Jamie was alone and lunges for Antonio, "If my granddaughter doesn't walk out of here, it is on your head!" With Nash looking on, Jessica interjects, "If you want to blame someone, blame me." Just as Nash tries to stop Jessica from taking the blame, Paige and Michael come out and Antonio asks, "How's my daughter?" Although Michael and Paige say that Jamie is stable, and is going to pull through, they want to keep her in the hospital for observation. Relieved, Antonio waits patiently to see his daughter. When Nash goes to Jessica and says he'd like to stay, Cris pushes him away and says, "Leave!" However, Nash refuses. Although Jessica offers to leave too, for Antonio's benefit, Antonio takes her in his arms, "I can't do this without you!" Suddenly, Antonio apologizes to Jessica for the way he handled things then they both blame themselves for Jamie's accident. With Nash listening on, he hears Jessica say to Antonio, "Jamie's all that matters now."

    When Jessica and Antonio go in to see Jamie, Antonio sings to his daughter who is asleep and hooked up to a respirator as Nash watches from outside of the room…

    Your Last Warning!

    Monday, April 23 2007

    At the loft, although Jessica tries to get Jamie to go, Antonio questions his daughter about what she said, "Who was Jessica kissing? Who did you see?" Surprisingly, Jamie says, "Bree." Antonio and Jessica express that Jessica can love two people, in this case, Jamie and Bree, at the same time then Antonio leaves the room to take a call. When Jessica asks Jamie if she's okay, Jamie asks, "Do you love Nash more than you love Poppy?" Jessica reassures Jamie that she loves her daddy, "And I love you so much." With a kiss to Jamie's hand, Jessica asks her to go into her bedroom just in time for Antonio to return. Jessica explains to him her reasoning for not adopting Jamie, "She already lost one mother. I couldn't adopt her now and leave her later." Antonio is furious and screams at Jess, "Look me in the eye and tell me what's going on!" Little do they know, Jamie is hiding in the doorway listening to their arguing… Not able to handle it anymore, Jamie secretly leaves the loft… "Calm down," Jessica begs of Antonio. "So I can tell you what I came to tell you!"

    In Angels Square, when Cris asks Nash why he hasn't left town yet, Nash says, "If I'm leaving town, it won't be alone." Cris admits to Nash that Antonio is on to him, "I told him about you, but I'll tell him the rest if you push me!" Calmly, Nash says, "You won't have to because Jessica is telling him now!" As Nash and Cristian continue bickering, Jamie comes around the corner and hears Nash say he's in love with Jessica. Just then, Jamie runs out into the street!

    Can't Help But Wonder...

    Friday, April 20 2007

    After Nash and Jess share a passionate kiss, they turn around to find Jamie watching them! With Carlotta close behind, she's surprised to see Jessica and Nash together too, "Antonio had to go to work. I didn't think you'd be here." Although Jessica wants to stay, Carlotta insists she leave. Nash grabs the phone and says, "Let's call Antonio and see what he wants!" Jessica assures Nash she's fine and persuades him to leave her with Carlotta. Out in the hall, when Jessica worries if Jamie saw them kissing, Nash says, "Everything is going to be okay." Inside, as Carlotta is trying to comfort Jamie, Jamie says, "I saw Jessica and Nash." Jessica reemerges just in time to hear! Although Carlotta tries to push Jamie as to what she saw, Jessica comes in and asks Carlotta for some time alone with Jamie. Reluctantly, she agrees, "Do not hurt my granddaughter again."

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