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    One Life To Live CAST - Jamie Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Vega Played by Saoirse Scott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saoirse Scott

    Real Name: Saoirse Scott


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    Marcie Goes Drag!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Talia, Antonio and Jamie arrive at Layla’s apartment to trick or treat. After Jamie tells Layla that Talia and her daddy are together ‘for the night,’ Vincent lures Antonio and Jamie into the kitchen, leaving Layla to grill Talia about Antonio! Later, alone with Vincent, Antonio comments how well Talia is doing since her break up with Shaun to which Vincent tells Antonio, “Talia... She has the whole package.” Antonio makes eye contact with Talia.

    Safe at Last?

    Friday, October 26 2007

    Antonio brings Jamie to the diner so Carlotta can see her granddaughter in her Halloween clown costume! Later, alone, Antonio confesses to Carlotta that although Jamie wanted to trick or treat with Bree, Antonio had to tell her, “Clowns scare babies.” Just then, Talia shows up, gushes over Jamie’s cute outfit then explains her attire as being on-duty as an undercover hooker! Before Talia leaves, at Antonio’s question, Talia claims to be ‘okay’ since her breakup with Shaun then tries to explain to Jamie why she can’t go trick or treating with her and her daddy – even though she’s already in her costume! However, after Antonio gives Talia the okay to get off work early, Talia and Antonio dress up as a chef and a waitress then take Jamie trick or treating!

    Just Listen!

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    While Antonio is helping Jamie paint her toy box, Talia arrives at the loft. Although Talia plans to leave after giving Antonio a report, Jamie asks her to stay. At Antonio’s persistence, Talia agrees. While Antonio is getting her a paintbrush, Jamie asks Talia, “Are you going to be my daddy’s new girlfriend?” Explaining for Talia, Antonio says, “We're just friends. Talia already has a boyfriend.”

    Starr forgives Cole!

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    As Jamie and Antonio are chatting with Roxy at the diner, Roxy spills the beans about Jessica and Nash’s marriage! Roxy quickly realizes what she did then makes a swift exit! Just then, Antonio gets a call from Jessica who asks him to come to see her at the hospital…

    Llanview Celebrates The 4th!

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    At the loft, while cleaning Antonio’s wound, Talia becomes distracted by Antonio’s half-naked body! After Antonio brings her out of the daze, Talia and Antonio show each other their scars. Over talk of their professional relationship, Antonio expresses what a good friend Talia has been to him. Later, Jamie asks Talia to spend the 4th with them and Talia agrees.

    Stowed Away!

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    When Talia helps Antonio back to the loft, he’s greeted by Jamie and Carlotta. As Talia plays with Jamie, Carlotta questions Antonio about Jessica. “I don’t miss the person Jessica’s become,” Antonio says. “I know that.” Once Carlotta and Jamie leave, Antonio admits to Talia, “I like your company.” As she’s helping Antonio change his bandage, Talia gets flustered at the sight of Antonio without a shirt!

    Case Closed!

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    At the hospital, Jamie gives Antonio a get well card to which Carlotta announces, “Jamie also made a card for Jessica.” After Antonio explains that Jessica is going to be living with Nash, Jamie asks, “Is Jessica going to marry Nash?” Although Antonio says he’s not sure, he makes Jamie aware of how much she is loved.

    Back at the vineyard, Jessica shows Natalie the divorce papers and says, “Nash wants me to sign them so I can marry him.” After Natalie asks, “Do you want to marry Nash,” Jessica replies, “Not if it’s going to end in divorce.” Natalie comforts Jessica, tells her to go after everything she wants then says, “I didn’t see it before, but you and Nash are the real deal.” After Natalie leaves, Jessica calls Antonio with a few questions about the divorce papers. Hearing Jamie in the background, Jessica asks to talk to her and says, “You and your dad are going to be fine because he loves you so much. Goodbye, Jamie, I love you.”

    Todd Manning: Still Missing!

    Friday, June 01 2007

    On the plane, hearing their flight will be delayed, Nash and Antonio worry for Jess! Antonio says, "We don't have hours. If we don't get to Llanview soon my wife could die!" Nash wants the pilot to put them down in order to drive the rest of the way, but Antonio refuses to endanger Jamie's life. However, Nash reminds Antonio that Jess could die if they don't get to her then accuses, "Or is that what you want?" Antonio snaps and says, "I love Jessica no matter what you think!" Not helping things, they throw blame on Tess and on each other until Nash reminds Antonio that Jess is not the same woman he fell in love with, "And she's not Tess." Suddenly, Nash and Antonio get word that they can land a half hour from Llanview and Nash says, "Hold on, Jess."

    Life or Death!

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Out of town, Jamie asks Antonio if they can go back home to Jessica. As Antonio explains that Jessica and Bree are no longer in their life, Nash arrives at his door! After Jamie leaves the room, Antonio asks Nash, "You took my wife. What else do you want!" And Nash calmly replies, "I want you to save your wife's life." When Antonio won't allow Nash to explain, he screams, "You're the match!" Clearly still hurt, Antonio is shocked when Nash says, "If you save her, I'll walk away from Jessica for good." Although Antonio agrees to go back to Llanview to be Jessica's donor, he says, "Because it's the right thing to do. But after this is all over, I want nothing to do with the two of you!"

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