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    One Life To Live CAST - Jamie Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Vega Played by Saoirse Scott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saoirse Scott

    Real Name: Saoirse Scott


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    Antonio Takes The Bait!

    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    Nash joins Jessica, Cris and Sarah at the diner. After Jamie approaches to say hello, Carlotta thanks Jess for being there for Cris when he got arrested. Jessica talks about how close they used to be then asks Carlotta if they can be friends again. Carlotta agrees to try then Jess can’t hide her sadness when Jamie says, “You used to be my mother.” Later, over talk of mothers, Sarah expresses how she hasn’t talked to Tina in a long time then says, “It’s better that way.”

    Temptation Stirs Within...

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    At the station, as John and Talia are joking around, Antonio storms past them and into Lee’s office. When Lee invites Antonio to join him on a drug bust, Antonio accepts then agrees to meet Lee after sundown. Just as Antonio walks out into the station room, Jamie appears and runs right into Talia’s arms saying, “I missed you so much!” From his office, Lee watches – and smiles. After Carlotta makes a snide remark toward Talia and John, Jamie shows her daddy a picture from school. Though Carlotta suggests he take Jamie out for ice cream, Antonio sadly says he has to work but insists on being there for Jamie’s appointment in the morning. Suddenly, Lee comes out, goes to Jamie and says, “Does your daddy know what a pretty little girl he has?” Lee impresses Jamie - and Antonio - with a magic trick, producing two quarters from behind her ears for the candy machine. Once alone, Lee offers to give Antonio the night off, but Antonio sticks to his commitment.

    No Ma'am, That Man Is Brody Lovett...

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    At the coffeehouse, Antonio and Jamie share a hot fudge sundae. As Antonio sadly kisses his daughter on the cheek, Lee peers at them through the window…

    Investigate My Father?

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    While Antonio is playing with Jamie, Jessica arrives and Jamie immediately rushes into her arms. As Jessica tries to apologize for what’s happening to Antonio, talk of the past comes up, and Antonio sadly says, “Better to have loved than to have never loved at all.” Surprisingly, Antonio and Jessica share a pleasant conversation then Jessica leaves. However, when Jamie returns, Antonio is forced to tell Jamie that Jessica left – again.

    Help! He's Going To Kill Him!

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    While talking about Lee – and his credentials - at Antonio’s, John becomes angry thinking about Lee’s position – and Talia questions whether John’s loss of Marty will cloud his judgment! Later, on John’s way out, he gets a call from Nora asking if he’s seen Cole who also says she’d like to talk to him regarding Cole sometime. John replies, “I’m on my way.” Once John is gone, Carlotta arrives with Jamie, watches as Jamie rushes to Talia then privately warns Antonio that Jamie couldn’t stand to be hurt again – should things not work out with Talia.

    Cris And Sarah Make Love!

    Wednesday, February 20 2008

    Back at his loft, Antonio and Talia wonder if Lee will be as strict as Bo was regarding their relationship at work. Seeing Antonio is distracted with the situation surrounding Bo, Talia offers to leave. However, Antonio has another idea – and uses Talia’s sex appeal as an opposing distraction! Although Talia worries about Jamie finding her there so late, Antonio assures Talia that once his daughter is down, she’s down for the night. More relaxed, Talia wants to show Antonio how she feels about him – and shows him with a passionate kiss! After sharing a glass of champagne, things get pretty heated as Antonio lifts Talia up onto the counter –except Jamie’s voice calling out from her bedroom interrupts them!

    After comforting Jamie with a story, Antonio tries to get his daughter to go back to bed. However, Jamie insists on finding her bunny and heads into her room to get it. Antonio admits to Talia that things have been hard for Jamie ever since Jess and Bree left. Just as Talia assures Antonio they will have other nights, Jamie returns and wants a cookie!

    Still at the Palace, as Jared expresses his need to tell everyone something, Nash rushes in and interrupts! After Nash hears that Jared saved Jessica’s life, he expresses his thanks and says how grateful he is. Suddenly, Jessica is approached by a cop needing to get her statement, who also says Allison will most likely not survive the night. Not wanting to back down, Jared picks up with his confession where he left off and announces, “It’s about this man here, Charlie.” Just as Jared continues with, “This man, Charlie Balsom is a-” Dorian finishes his sentence with, “A hero!” Though Jared begs Dorian to step aside, she warns him to stay quiet through little jabs about what she knows about him! As everyone wonders what Jared was going to say, especially Natalie, Dorian whispers to Jared in private, “I’m keeping you from making the biggest mistake of your life!

    During a montage, Antonio and Talia share a cookie while Jamie sleeps across their laps… Cris and Sarah indulge in each other… Nash warns Jessica and Natalie not to reveal too much when talking to the police and Dorian leaves Jared with one last warning as the Buchanan’s approach Jared and Charlie with their deepest thanks… Before Jess leaves, she also thanks Jared with a sincere hug, and Jared thanks Charlie for everything, with a handshake, as Natalie watches on. After Viki tells Charlie how proud she is of him, Charlie admits that while his ‘other’ son doesn’t appear to need him, Rex does… As Jared leaves, he tells Natalie he’s sorry for saying he loved her then finishes with, “This is the way it has to be and we have to accept it.”

    Marcie & Michael Connect!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    At the diner, Antonio and Cris are helping out with Thanksgiving dinner. As soon as Antonio and Jamie start to tease Cris about Sarah, Cris asks, “And how’s your love life?” Before Antonio can answer, Talia arrives! When Talia offers to leave, saying she always spends Thanksgiving alone and didn’t realize the diner was closed, Cris asks Talia to stay – and so does Antonio and Jamie! After Jamie takes Talia to the ladies room, Antonio warns Cris, “Not one word about my love life!” Just then, Carlotta arrives saying, “Look who I found.” It’s Sarah! Alone, Sarah reassures Cris that there’s nothing between her and Jared – and that they were both waiting for the right person to come along. When dinner begins, Carlotta, Antonio, Talia, Jamie, Cris and Sarah express their thanks. Surprisingly, when RJ comes to see Jamie, Antonio invites him to stay!

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