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    One Life To Live CAST - Miles Laurence

    Full detailed profile on Miles Laurence Played by David Chisum on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Chisum
    Miles Laurence

    Actor: David Chisum

    Who played Miles Laurence over the years

    David Chisum (February 9, 2007 - April 22, 2008)

    Useful information on Miles Laurence

    * Was once a disfigured patient of Spencer Truman.
    * Spencer's estate was left to him.
    * Was shot by Cole.
    * Knew about Sam being Todd's son!
    * Drugged and kidnapped Todd Manning.




    Miles was once a disfigured patient of Spencer Truman. At Spencer's taped reading of his will, Spencer left Miles everything he owned!

    Having a hard time fitting in Llanview, Miles sought out the help of Marty Saybrooke, who he later blackmailed into marriage. After settling into a new life, and trying to leave all of his new found enemies behind, Miles gained the friendship of Natalie Buchanan and moved into the carriage house for sometime before leaving Llanview for good in April of 2008.


    Marty Saybrooke Thornhart


    Jordan (hooker)


    Mitch Laurence (brother)
    Jessica/Tess/Bess Brennan (niece)
    Bree Brennan (niece)
    Chloe Brennan (niece - deceased)
    Megan Buchanan (niece - deceased)
    Schuyler Joplin (nephew)




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    Tuesday, April 22 2008: Brody Is Very Much Alive!

    After Cris punches John in the face, John and Cris start really throwing down – as everyone watches on. Eddie calls Lee with the news and Lee instructs Eddie to bring Cris in. As Eddie tries pulling the guys apart, Cris punches Eddie to the ground then is put under arrest for hitting a cop – accident or not! When Gigi ends up knocked down in the scuffle, Rex jumps to her aid and asks, “Gigi, hunny, are you all right?” While Adriana is furious with Rex, Jared makes some snide remarks to Natalie about John then fills Jessica in on what she missed! Back at Lee’s penthouse, after his housekeeper assures him ‘everything’ is fine, Lee heads to the station.

    With things calmed down, Jess heads to the station to help Cris, Blair tries to clean up John’s cuts and Rex continues to defend Gigi to Adriana – and Jared, who is trying to act like her dutiful date! Over at Natalie and Miles’ table, Natalie shares her suspicions about John and Talia and wonders what they are up to. Later, Miles informs Natalie that he’ll be moving out of the carriage house soon, to which Natalie says, “Miles, I don’t want to lose you.” However, Miles needs to get his own life and stop depending on other people. As Miles takes her hand, Jared glares with jealousy. Standing with Gigi, talk turns to Rex and Adriana, to which Jared informs Gigi that for a guy who’s about to get married, Rex appears a bit too interested in her! Across the room, Rex shushes Adriana’s wedding talk and says, “You’re a little wound up.” Although agreeing to concentrate on each other for the rest of the night, hearing Jared and Gigi giggle causes Rex to become distracted – and in turn Adriana blows up about his involvement in Gigi’s life!

    Later, when John returns to Capricorn, Natalie goes to him and says, “I hope the real you returns soon.” After Miles and Natalie head out, Jared and Gigi talk about Shane, to which Jared says, “If Shane’s dad were here, he’d be proud of him.” Gigi looks at Rex and replies, “I’m sure he would be.” Suddenly, across the room, Adriana gets a call from Dorian with news, “Brody Lovett is very much alive!” Adriana gasps as she stares at Gigi!

    Monday, April 21 2008: Am I Too Late?

    While Miles is waiting for Natalie in her office, Jared appears, acts as though he doesn’t know who Miles is then suggests, for security purposes, that Miles wait outside! Just then, Natalie appears, assures Jared that Miles is a good friend of hers then leaves. Later, after Gigi drops off the report to Jared, she starts to head home. However, Jared stops her and says, “Go out with me.” Although Gigi says she should go home, Jared persuades her to go out for a drink!

    Natalie and Miles arrive at Capricorn and spot John and Talia together. Just as Miles comments how it didn’t take John long to get over Marty, Rex and Adriana appear for a night on the town. Shortly after, Miles and Natalie look at the door and see that Jared and Gigi have arrived –so does Adriana! Seeing how irritated Rex becomes by Gigi being with Jared really pushes Adriana’s jealousy over the edge. On the dance floor, Talia tries to get John to dance, but he refuses… Giggling, Talia suggests they go somewhere more private –then pushes John behind a curtain! When they come back out, John playfully whispers something in Talia’s ear. Seeing Antonio upset, Cris says, “I’ve had enough,” then goes to John and says, “Hey John.” Once John turns around, Cris punches him in the face!

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