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    One Life To Live CAST - Tate Harmon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tate Harmon Played by Chris Beetem on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Beetem

    Birthday: 1969-08-08
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Chris Beetem


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    Together My Love

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    When Rex and Roxy arrive at The Palace, Rex isn't happy to see Adriana with Tate! Rex approaches their table, "Am I interrupting something?"


    Monday, March 19 2007

    In their room, asleep by the fire, Rex wakes up with his arms around Adriana and sees Tate's around her too! Rex flings Tate's arm off Adriana causing everyone to wake up. When Adriana comments she had the best dream ever, Tate says, "Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine." Adriana smiles at Rex and responds, "It's kind of private." Tate heads out to get breakfast, leaving Rex and Adriana to reconnect in private!

    In an attempt to take a shower, Adriana goes into the wrong room and sees Tate naked! After Tate dresses, he jokes about taking a shower together, "You've already seen me naked." Abruptly, Rex shows up just in time to get an explanation. "You gave me the wrong room number!" she says to Rex. Adriana thinks twice about a shower and leaves with Rex…

    Comfort In A Lover's Arms

    Friday, March 16 2007

    In the men's room, Todd, Cris and Miles argue while Tate watches on confused. When Todd says he's getting the bed, "It was supposed to be for me and Evangeline anyway," Cris grabs him and pushes Todd across the room! Miles tries to break up the fight but gets pushed to the floor and smashes his head! While Tate takes Miles to clean up, Cris gives Todd a warning, "I don't want you ruining Evangeline's life like you did Blair's." When Tate comes back in, he sees the diamond necklace fall out of Todd's pocket! "She gave it back to you," Cris blurts out. "That's what she wanted to tell me." After Cris takes off, Tate introduces himself to Todd by showing him a baseball card of himself.

    As Tate and Todd are getting acquainted, Evangeline comes to the door and asks Todd if Cris is there. When Todd says no, Evangeline sighs, "Then can I come in?" After she enters the room, and briefly goes to the bathroom for an aspirin, Todd asks Tate to leave for the night and he does! Evangeline reemerges and Todd offers his room, "Just you and me tonight."

    In bathrobes, Todd gives Evangeline the bed and takes the chair. Seeing how uncomfortable Todd is, Evangeline says, "This bed is huge. Get in," then turns the lights out… Snuggling close to stay warm, Todd and Evangeline kiss! Just as things are getting extremely passionate, they briefly stop. Todd says, "We need each other tonight." And Evangeline partially agrees, "Maybe there is something between us." Todd holds her close…

    Downstairs, Cris runs into Tate just as Cris is heading back to the room. Tate informs Cris that Evangeline showed up at their door, then says, "Todd said he didn't want to see me until the morning." Cris rushes off! When a Lodge worker asks for Tate's autograph, he obliges. In the process, Tate gets the information he's looking for: Adriana's room number…

    Upstairs, Tate bursts through the door to Adriana's room and interrupts her and Rex by the fire! "Oh, sorry," he says. After the initial shock, they invite Tate in where he and Rex pass the time by arm wrestling.

    Trapped In Close Quarters!

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    In the Lodge lobby, Adriana introduces her new model, Tate, to Blair. Blair invites Tate to have a drink, then notices Layla and Cris, "Does this mean Evangeline's coming?" However, Layla assures Blair that Cris and Vange have broken up for good. After Blair leaves the room, Rex's jealousy shines through when Adriana suggests she show Tate to his room.

    In their room, Adriana assures Rex that she has no interest in Tate, "I'm taken." Just as they share a kiss, Tate enters the room in his underwear and asks how they look. As Adriana's checking out the 'fit,' Layla comes in and says, "We have a problem." When Layla says that their other models can't make it, Layla summons Cris and pulls him into the bathroom! Abruptly, Evangeline knocks on the door, Adriana lets her in just as Cris and Layla emerge from the bathroom with Cris in his underwear! Evangeline is furious as Layla tries to explain that her relationship with Cris is just business! Just as Layla is leaving, Todd walks in, "We're snowed in, but I got us a room." However, Evangeline refuses to spend the night with Todd, then heads out the door, "I'm going to find a way off this mountain!"

    Miles, Tate, Todd and Cris share a room…

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