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    One Life To Live CAST - Tate Harmon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tate Harmon Played by Chris Beetem on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Beetem

    Birthday: 1969-08-08
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Chris Beetem


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    This Has To Stop!

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    At Ultra Violet, when the cameras are off, Roxy warns Rex, "You better watch it. Tate will bite back!" However, Rex acts as though he has no motives in 'outing' Tate. Suddenly the crowd erupts and Tate rushes in and grabs Rex! Just as Tate sees Adriana arrive, he says to Rex, "You're not worth it." And Adriana agrees! When Adriana accuses Rex of paying someone to say Tate was gay, Rex divulges that Tate's ex-wife told him. Adriana looks to Tate and says, "You were married?" While Tate claims 'he was young,' Adriana changes the subject and voices how worried she is that this scandal will destroy Exposed! Giving Rex one last look, she rushes out.

    Back at the station, with fury, Tate glares at his laptop - and the breaking news story about him - then swipes some papers off his desk…

    Tragedy At Llanview High

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Back at Adriana's, Tate shows up and interrupts her and Rex - again - to go over some work with Adriana. Although Tate won't be able to make Rex's benefit, Rex asks both him and Adriana to watch it on the news at 11! Before Rex leaves, he looks for his coat then at Tate and says, "Oh, that's right, it's in the closet!" After Rex leaves, Tate assures Adriana that he isn't there to 'cross the line' again.

    Later, from her apartment, Adriana watches the end of Tate's talk show, which ends with footage of the AIDS benefit at Ultra-Violet to where Rex claims to want to attract some of the local gay celebrities like, "Tate Harmon!" Both Adriana and Tate are shocked and furious at Rex's national television declaration!

    Halt Or Else!

    Friday, May 04 2007

    At her apartment, as Adriana watches a replay of Tate's performance on The View on YouTube, Rex emerges. Just as Rex claims to not care, "It's not like you're going to fall for someone who calls himself 'The Tate,'" Tate arrives and Rex goes on, "Right, Tater Tot?" Over a three-way talk about the gossip surrounding 'Tatiana,' Rex warns that the press has a way of finding secrets. He looks at Tate and warns, "I bet you have one that you wouldn't want to get out!" Rex goes on to imply that maybe Tate stuffs his shorts, laughs, then brings up DA Colson and how his 'being gay' secret hurt a lot of people… However, Adriana doesn't understand why Rex is worrying so much. After she and Tate leave for a mall appearance, Rex makes a call to a reporter…

    A Strong Male Figure

    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    When Rex shows up at Adriana's, with Adriana in the shower, Rex tells Layla he's cool with Tate's stunt, "Adriana explained it." However, after Rex sees a news brief on TV, he claims, "Tate made his pitch, now it's time to make mine." Before he can explain to Layla, Adriana rushes into the room - and into Rex's arms. After Layla excuses herself, Adriana suggests Rex and her spend the day together, "I want to get past this." Although Rex says he's over what Tate did, he's angry that Adriana didn't do anything to stop it. Just then, Tate shows up, "Rex… Please don't hit me." Tate claims he stopped to make sure Rex and Adriana were okay, "I didn't mean to cause you two any trouble." Not replying, Rex says he has a meeting, kisses Adriana passionately, then leaves.

    Although Adriana and Layla are upset with Tate for what he did, Tate continues to apologize. "Well," Adriana says. "You did get us a lot of publicity." Layla isn't so understanding but listens on as Adriana warns Tate, "Nothing like this is to ever happen again or you're fired!" Later, after Layla leaves, Tate sits on the couch and pretends to have found Adriana's cell phone - even though he'd had it all along. With further talk about the stunt he pulled, Tate admits to Adriana, "The more I think about what I did, the more I don't regret it. I did all of this for you."

    "I'm Moving On..."

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Still in NY, when Tate takes a seat in the limo, Adriana tries to get out but finds the doors locked! After Tate demands the driver unlock the doors, he offers to let her take the limo to Llanview alone. Although still furious, Adriana agrees to share the ride back home. While Adriana expresses how happy she is that Rex didn’t believe Tate's act, Tate accuses Adriana of enjoying the attention he's been giving her! After Adriana smashes down Tate's theory, she admits her confusion by his split personality, "But I'm starting to wonder if the second part of you is there just so 'The Tate' can get what he wants!" Just then, Tate gets a call from a huge fashion editor who wants to feature Adriana on the cover of their magazine and Adriana couldn't be happier, "Hello? Yes, I'm Tate's Adriana."

    A Painful Tactic

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    At the set of The View, Adriana confronts Tate with fury for parading her around on national television! Although Tate claims it was a publicity stunt, Adriana doesn't buy it. When Tate finally admits that everything he said and did was real, Adriana gets a call from Rex saying that he just got done watching The View! Just as Adriana assures Rex that she had no part in Tate's act, Tate insists on talking to Rex. After Tate takes the phone from Adriana, Rex gives him an earful, "I know you, and how you like to play dress-up." Rex threatens to turn over fake pictures of Tate in woman's underwear to The Sun if he doesn't stay away from Adriana! After Adriana takes back the phone and says goodbye to Rex, she leaves - without Tate! As Tate stays behind, a TV tech comes to collect his microphone, making Tate realize that he overheard his argument with Adriana!

    Your Last Warning!

    Monday, April 23 2007

    In New York City, Tate and Adriana wait in the greenroom of the talk show "The View" until Tate is called on next. Before he goes, he grabs Adriana and takes her in a kiss for luck! Before Adriana can scold Tate, Joy and Elizabeth, hosts of "The View," call Tate out! When Tate takes a seat, the ladies from "The View" don't hold back… "Are you seeing anyone special?" With Adriana watching from the greenroom, Tate says, "Yes, I am." He goes on to talk about an old teacher, Mable, which not only touches Adriana, but relieves her as well. When the hosts push the issue, Tate brings up the designer of the Exposed line then claims to be smitten with Adriana Cramer! Pulling another jumping fiasco, Tate jumps on the chair, declares Adriana as the love of his life then drags Adriana out on stage!

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