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    One Life To Live CAST - Tate Harmon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tate Harmon Played by Chris Beetem on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Beetem

    Birthday: 1969-08-08
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Chris Beetem


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    Llanview's New Power Couple!

    Friday, June 29 2007

    At her apartment, just as Adriana is approached by a reporter with questions about Kirk and Tate, and how her relationship with Tate has changed, Tate shows up and claims he’s ready to tell the whole world about it. Tate tells the report how much he respects Adriana for believing in him. After the reporter leaves, Adriana expresses her dismay that everyone is speculating that Tate is racist like his father. “What if it’s true?” Tate asks. When Tate reminds Adriana that everyone has prejudices, no matter how little they are, Adriana screams how sick it is when people join a hate group to retaliate against others! With her back to Tate, Adriana says he’s nothing like his father. Tate pulls out a coin with the OPP symbol on it and replies, “You’re right, I’m nothing like my father.” Later, Adriana tells Tate that Rex is worried someone in the OPP will hurt her. However, Tate assures Adriana that no one in the OPP would touch him, “Because I’m pure,” then says, “Stick with me.” Although Tate wants a relationship with Adriana, she says, “My heart is still in a million pieces.”

    Opposite Side Of The Bars?

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    At the jail, Tate says to Kirk, “You didn’t have to do this, Dad, I had everything under control. I’m here to make sure taking the blame for me is the last stupid thing you ever do.” Although Kirk tells Tate that he’ll never give him up, he says, “As long as it stops now.” Kirk expresses how Tate changed after coming back from ‘that camp’ and how he wasn’t raised to hate! With a sick voice, Tate rants about his OPP beliefs and says, “’These’ people are a drain on society.” No matter how much Kirk tries to reason with his son to change, Tate is so brainwashed by the OPP that he won’t listen! Through racist-filled comments, Tate says, “Thanks to you, I can finish my work.” However, Kirk warns, “You either stop this violence or I’m going to tell them everything.” When Kirk asks how Adriana fits into Tate’s plan, Tate says, “It’s none of your business,” then leaves.

    When Adriana arrives home, defending Tate, Layla reminds Adriana of what his father did and says, “I don‘t want what happened to Vange to happen to you! How do you know Tate isn‘t like his father?” On Layla’s way out, Tate arrives and says to Adriana, “Her sister is in a coma... Do you know how that makes me feel?” Feeling sorry for him, taking Tate in her arms, Adriana is unaware of the devilish smirk on Tate’s face as he holds her close. As Adriana talks about Kirk, Tate thinks back on his father’s threat and says, “It isn’t over. My father’s a marked man in prison. I can feel it.”

    Case Closed!

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    At Rodie’s, Adriana shows Tate how the press is making it look as though he’s a racist too - because of his dad’s actions. Just then, Vincent shows up reporting that Evangeline isn’t doing any better. Although Tate apologizes - and Vincent acknowledges Tate's innocence - he worries how Tate’s association will affect Expose. When Tate gives Adriana his resignation, she says, “Not accepted.” No matter what Vincent says, Adriana insists on being loyal to Tate and explains, “He hasn’t done anything wrong!” After Vincent walks away, Tate warns Adriana that once the air clears, he’s going to make a play for her. Just as Tate informs her that he’s planning to visit Kirk in jail today, Rex shows up and demands to speak to Adriana - alone!

    Alone, Rex tells Adriana about his trip and begs her to trust him and stay away from Tate! Rex reminds her of the time when she thought he was her stalker and how she was so quick to trust Bruce. “What? Do you think Tate is going to kill me?” Adriana asks, and Rex seriously replies, “Yes.” Although Rex explains that he’s worried Kirk will do something to get Adriana away from his son, Adriana thanks Rex for his concern then rejoins Tate.

    Kirk Takes The Blame For Tate!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    When Rex arrives at Adriana's and finds her in a towel - with Tate there - he screams, "You slept with this son of a racist!" As Adriana says, "He slept on the couch," Layla and Vincent show up and want an explanation too! Although everyone throws blame at Tate for what his father did, Adriana sticks up for him and says, "Stop judging him for something he can't control!" After Tate assures them he'll have nothing to do with his father if he's guilty, everyone leaves for court - with their suspicions intact!

    After Kirk is brought into court, he turns and discreetly winks at Tate - who nods. As Nora reads the charges against Kirk, he accepts them all and once again turns to Tate. When Kirk pleads no contest, Tate turns pale and appears to be filled with grief. Hoping the nightmare is over, Adriana promises to see Tate through this. Before Tate leaves, Kirk calls out to him and says, "I love you, son, and I always will." Leaning in close, Kirk whispers, "I'll take this to the grave. No one will ever know it was you…"


    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Outside, in the station, Adriana arrives to support Tate, questions why the police would be holding his father for a hate crime then asks, "Did you have any idea that your father was racist?" When Tate blows it off as not being close to his father, Adriana asks, "Is it possible your father did it?" No matter what Bo thinks, Tate says, "My father didn't do this! He's innocent!" However, Tate asks Adriana if she'd hold it against him if his father were guilty. "I have never seen anything racist about you," Adriana says. And Tate replies, "You're right, I'm nothing like him just like you're nothing like your mother."

    Suddenly, Bo and Talia bring Kirk out. Although Tate wants to help his father, Kirk says, "I don't want any help - especially from you." Seeing how worried Tate is about having to face the press, Adriana says, "You're welcome to sleep on my sofa."

    A Real American Trap!

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    At the diner, although Kirk tries to warn Tate to step up to the plate before he takes them both down, Tate lashes out at Kirk for being such a horrible father! Before Tate leaves, he tells Kirk, "I don't want to be associated with the garage that you stand for! Stay away from me!" After Tate leaves, Kirk hears Lindsey's plea over the radio for all Americans to stop hate crimes and yells to a waitress, "Turn that off!"

    To Catch A Criminal!

    Wednesday, June 13 2007

    When Rex sees Tate and Adriana having breakfast at the diner, he says, "You two spent the night together, didn't you?" Although Adriana claims 'it's just breakfast,' Tate tells Rex to apologize to Adriana! After Rex says he's sorry, and goes to get a table, Adriana says, "Maybe I should go talk to him?" However, Tate replies, "I don't think that's a good idea." Tate reminds Adriana of her breakup with Rex then says, "Will you go to dinner with me?"

    At his table, Rex makes a call and says, "Find out everything you can about Tate Harmon. I have nothing else to lose." Later, Rex gets a tip about 'something' and asks his informant to look into it! Rex goes to Adriana and asks to talk to her then says, "It's about Todd." After explaining that a friend thinks he may have seen Todd get in a car with a guy in Chicago, Rex asks, "Should I tell Blair?" However, Adriana doesn't think they should worry Blair until they have more information. After Rex leaves, Kirk shows up and says to Tate, "We need to talk."

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