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    One Life To Live CAST - Addie Cramer

    Full detailed profile on Addie Cramer Played by Pamela Payton-Wright on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Pamela Payton-Wright
    Addie Cramer

    Actor: Pamela Payton-Wright

    Who played Addie Cramer over the years

    Pamela Payton-Wright (1991 - January 12, 2012)

    Useful information on Addie Cramer

    * Resides at Dorian's.
    * Was abused as a child by her mother.
    * Always considered Todd to be her favorite man in Blair's life.
    * Loves crafts.
    * In December 2007 appeared to be 'a new woman'.
    * Married David Vickers.
    * Had a 'to do' list of exciting and new things.


    Current: Unemployed and living her dreams
    Past: Patient at St. Ann's


    Addie Cramer appeared in Llanview in 1991 as the mentally ill mother of Blair Cramer. Abused as a child by her crazed mother, Addie spent most of her life in a mental institution. Although Addie resides at St. Anne's, she frequently is allowed to visit her family. A woman with a tender soul, Addie loved to express herself through crafts!

    In 2007, Addie rushed to her daughter, Blair's, bedside when she was diagnosed with a heart infection and did her best to lend support to those who have always watched over her well-being.

    In December of 2007, Addie had a remarkable change and appeared to be a new woman who wanted to make up for lost time by exploring everything around her - she even married David Vickers! While Blair couldn't have been happier, Dorian still feared Addie would have a set back and have to relocate from the mansion back to St. Ann's.

    However, Addie has spent her time being a sounding board for her family members and checking off many fun and exciting things on her 'to do' list'. She even married, then divorced, David Vickers in the name of fun!


    David Vickers (divorced)


    David Vickers


    Lou Cramer (father - deceased)
    Sonya Roskova (mother - deceased)
    Dorian Cramer (sister)
    Melinda Cramer (sister)
    Cassie Callison (niece)
    Kelly Cramer (niece)
    Paul Cramer (nephew)
    William Sloan Carpenter (nephew - deceased)
    William Sloan River Carpenter (nephew by adoption)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (nephew - deceased)
    Zane Buchanan (nephew)


    Blair_Cramer (daughter)
    Jack_Manning (grandson)
    Starr_Manning (granddaughter)
    Brendan Thornhart (grandson - deceased)
    Great-Granddaughter (through Cole and Starr - secretly switched at birth with Jessica's deceased baby)



    Thursday, January 12 2012: Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Starr enters the mansion and stuns the family by announcing, "I'm moving to Los Angeles." Her video went viral. This may be the only chance for Starr to follow her dream. She wants support from Addie, Dani, Jack, Sam, Tea, Todd and Blair. "Over my dead body," Todd replies. He just found her again and refuses to lose Starr. She insists on standing on her own. Blair agrees and says, "She's not our baby anymore." Adding to their heavy hearts, everyone watches "Fraternity Row." After the show, Sam wonders what a sex change is. Blair deters Sam, as Todd finally agrees to let Starr leave. When Todd warns he'll expect her calls often, Tea whispers, "Only as many as Statesville allows." Starr hugs everyone goodbye then leaves with Hope. Blair can hardly control her tears. Later, Todd offers to give Blair time alone. She asks him to stay, and they sadly wish Starr didn't go. Todd let her go because it's her time. As he breaks down, Blair finally sees he's the new man he's been claiming to be. Now, there's nothing holding Blair back. "If you want me," Blair says. "I'm yours." Todd kisses Blair.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011: The Nerve To Show Your Cleavage Back In Town.

    Dorian enters her office and finds her Cramer girls yelling, "Surprise!" Blair, Starr, Kelly and Addie present her with a Dorian cake and a family album. The girls talk about how Dorian's going to be making history in Washington. They think Dorian will get along fine without them. Dorian wonders how they'll get along without her and decides she can't leave. Despite all of their problems, everyone assures Dorian they'll be fine. Dorian agrees to fulfill her dream. In tears, one by one, the girls thank Dorian… Kelly thanks Dorian for being the mother she never had. Addie thanks Dorian for always taking care of her and promises she'll watch over the Cramer girls while she's gone. Starr promises to teach Hope all of the things Dorian taught her. Blair trusts Dorian more than anyone for always telling her the truth, even when she didn't want to hear it. In turn, Dorian thanks them all.

    David wonders what Kim's doing on his doorstep and says, "I never thought you'd have the nerve to show your cleavage in this town again." Kim returned to get Clint back. David reminds Kim of what she did in Kentucky. Kim claims she's a different person now. She knows Clint's broke but still wants him. She talks about David's riches and begs him not to ruin her chances with Clint. David agrees to stay quiet about what she did at the Spotted Pony. Kim hugs him. No one will hear about Kim's secret, not from David, anyway. Kim appears nervous. Later, Addie and Blair return and tell David Dorian stayed back to say goodbye to the most important person in her life.

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