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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning (Past) Played by Thomas Justusson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thomas Justusson

    Real Name: Thomas Justusson


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    Suspicious Eyes...

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    When Starr and Jack visit Todd at The Sun, Jack prints out a cartoon picture and points to each character saying, “This is you, me, Starr and my baby brother.” Todd explains that he hasn’t been able to find their little brother then sadly says, "Even though I tried." After Todd hangs up the picture, as a sort of memorial to his dead son, everyone says something to Todd’s little baby – as Blair listens from the hallway!

    Once Todd spots Blair, he asks, “I thought you were working from home. What’re you doing here?” After Blair asks to speak to Todd alone, the kids wait outside, to which Blair tells Todd, “I think you should sit down, Todd.”

    One More Try - or - Say Goodbye?

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    On the couch in the penthouse, Todd tells Blair, “If we try to make another go of it, we’ll just end up hating each other again.” Although Blair agrees they always end up hurting each other – and the kids – they joke and compare their relationship to some of the biggest national disasters. When the kids get up, Blair goes to help Jack get ready and leaves Starr with her dad.

    Although Starr tells Todd she can see something going on between Blair and him – and expresses how much Jack and she want them together – she says, “That’s before I could see it would be a total disaster.” As Blair and Jack rejoin them, with everyone ready to leave, Todd gets a call and admits to Blair that he’s going to visit Evangeline.

    John Makes A Connection!

    Friday, August 03 2007

    After Jack begs for Todd to make Blair spend the night, Todd allows it! As a family, they plan a night full of fun! Once they turn the living room into a makeshift camp site, to Starr’s dismay, Todd insists on watching Starr’s musical. When the video is over, Todd promises never to miss another special time in her life again.

    Todd Takes A Stand!

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Back at the penthouse, Blair, Starr, Jack and Dorian help Todd get comfortable. Just then, Cole arrives with a request to talk to Todd! Once Cole is face to face with Todd, he says, “I just wanted you to know I’m sorry.” After Starr and Cole plead their case to stay together, Todd asks to talk to Cole alone.

    Once alone, Todd says, “Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like you, and all the apologies in the world are never going to change that.” However, Todd and Cole realize they both love Starr and that they need to find a way to tolerate each other in order to make Starr happy. Once Cole leaves, Blair, Starr and Jack come downstairs to which Jack asks Todd to make Blair stay overnight with them!

    Tate Takes On Llanview!

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Just as Blair is filling Todd in on Sarah’s connection to his disappearance, Jack bursts in the room with Dorian and rushes to his dad! Back to talk about Todd, Starr reveals that Miles was the one who set the whole kidnapping up then Blair finishes with, “Marty killed Spencer.” After Todd hears that Miles has only been charged with obstruction of justice, he cries, “What about what he did to me!” Once Dorian takes the kids to the diner to get Todd a milkshake, Todd tells Blair he’s tired and suggests she go with them. With a soft kiss to his forehead, Blair respects Todd’s request then leaves… Later, when Blair and the kids return, Todd is gone!

    Hang On, Todd, Here We Come!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    After John traces the call to somewhere up on Llantano Mountain, Blair insists on going with him. Once they are gone, Marty asks Cole to go stay with his friend’s family then Bo suggests that Marty call a lawyer. Marty agrees, looks at Miles then says, “I need two lawyers… one to handle my case and one to handle my annulment.” Bo warns Miles to get an attorney for when John finds Todd then says, “You’ll be charged with kidnapping and attempted murder!”

    Cole Finds Todd!

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Over lunch on the patio at Dorian’s, Blair and Starr briefly talk about Starr’s plans for the day. When Starr brings up Todd, Blair asks Jack to go in and get ready for school then assures Starr that Cris and Rex will find Sarah’s boyfriend who will lead them to Todd. Later, after Blair sends Starr and Jack off for a day of fun, little does she know, Hunter is approaching from behind!

    Flight To Chicago!

    Monday, April 09 2007

    At Dorian's, although Blair is trying to break down Starr's walls, Starr is bitter, "I broke up with Cole so dad wouldn't kill Cole and so dad's new girlfriend, the DA, wouldn't throw dad in jail!" Blair expresses how proud she is of Starr's decision, but says, "Someday it won't hurt as bad." Starr admits she'll never feel the same way about Todd for making her do this. However, Blair tells Starr that Todd's son may be alive, "We need to go easy on him." From around the corner, Jake listens on as Blair explains that Evangeline is going with him to follow-up on a clue. Starr reminds Blair that SHE needs to help her dad, not Evangeline, "Go help dad. I know you're worried about him." After Starr leaves for school, Jack questions Blair about Todd's baby and his relationship with Evangeline.

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