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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning (Past) Played by Thomas Justusson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thomas Justusson
    Jack Manning (Past)

    Actor: Thomas Justusson

    Who played Jack Manning (Past) over the years

    Andrew Trischitta (February 22, 2011 - present)
    Carmen LoPorto (September 28, 2007 - January 3, 2011)
    Thomas Justusson (Dec. 2006 - August 30, 2007)
    Jack Boscoe (2004 - Dec. 2006)
    Christian Thomas Ashdale (2003 to 2004)
    Ryan and Riley Cramer (October 11, 2001 - 2003)

    Useful information on Jack Manning (Past)

    * Resides at 17th Corinth St (Penthouse) with Todd, Blair and Starr.
    * Was given to a convent by Todd who thought Max Holden was his father!
    * Was thought to have died at childbirth by his mother Blair.
    * Had a soft spot for Dr. Truman.
    * Looks up to his sister Starr.


    Current: Student


    Born in 2004, Jack Manning is the youngest of the Manning clan. Although we don't get to see this character often, Jack has already had to deal with many hardships and controversies surrounding his parents' sordid past.

    At birth, his own father gave him away thinking Jack was the son of Max Holden while telling Blair that Jack had died! Most recently, Jack was ready to replace Todd with Dr. Spencer Truman after growing close to Spencer during a time when his father couldn't be there for him. However, after his mother Blair uncovered Spencer's damaging secrets, she was able to run interference and bring Todd and Jack back together.

    However, his family's happiness is always tested. Jack suffered through a time when he thought his father was dead, when he had really been kidnapped by Margaret Cochran. He was forced to deal with the many breakups of his parents, ultimately after his father couldn't handle his sister's pregnancy. Now, with his mother having a restraining order on Todd, Jack is left to live at his aunt's mansion with his mom, Starr and little brother Sam.

    A boy with a sweet demeanor, Jack's only hope is to break the Manning cycle and grow up without having his life tarnished by his parents' past mistakes!






    Todd Manning (father)
    Blair Manning (mother)
    Starr Manning (sister)
    Thomas John McBain (half brother)
    Brendan Thornhart (half-brother - born 1997 - stillborn)
    Addie Cramer (grandmother)
    Lou Cramer (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Sonya Roskova (great-grandmother - deceased)
    Dorian Cramer (maternal great-aunt)
    Melinda Cramer (maternal great-aunt)
    Cassie Callison (maternal cousin)
    Kelly Cramer (maternal cousin)
    Paul Cramer (maternal cousin - deceased)
    William Sloan Carpenter (maternal cousin - deceased)
    William Sloan River Carpenter (maternal cousin by adoption)
    Victoria Lord Davidson (aunt)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (cousin)
    Joseph Buchanan (cousin)
    Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
    Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (maternal cousin - deceased)
    Zane Buchanan (maternal cousin)
    Chloe Brennan (niece - thought to be dead but was secretly switched at birth with Jessica's deceased baby)





    Thursday, August 30 2007: Suspicious Eyes...

    When Starr and Jack visit Todd at The Sun, Jack prints out a cartoon picture and points to each character saying, “This is you, me, Starr and my baby brother.” Todd explains that he hasn’t been able to find their little brother then sadly says, "Even though I tried." After Todd hangs up the picture, as a sort of memorial to his dead son, everyone says something to Todd’s little baby – as Blair listens from the hallway!

    Once Todd spots Blair, he asks, “I thought you were working from home. What’re you doing here?” After Blair asks to speak to Todd alone, the kids wait outside, to which Blair tells Todd, “I think you should sit down, Todd.”

    Tuesday, August 07 2007: One More Try - or - Say Goodbye?

    On the couch in the penthouse, Todd tells Blair, “If we try to make another go of it, we’ll just end up hating each other again.” Although Blair agrees they always end up hurting each other – and the kids – they joke and compare their relationship to some of the biggest national disasters. When the kids get up, Blair goes to help Jack get ready and leaves Starr with her dad.

    Although Starr tells Todd she can see something going on between Blair and him – and expresses how much Jack and she want them together – she says, “That’s before I could see it would be a total disaster.” As Blair and Jack rejoin them, with everyone ready to leave, Todd gets a call and admits to Blair that he’s going to visit Evangeline.

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