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    One Life To Live CAST - Sam "Tommy" Manning (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam "Tommy" Manning (Past) Played by Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter

    Real Name: Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter


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    Mel Hayes Returns...

    Friday, January 08 2010

    The Cramer girls, and Todd's sons, arrive on Todd's doorstep and tell Todd what Dorian did - and that they're leaving the mansion. As everyone goes upstairs to unpack, Blair questions Todd about Tea and Dani and finds out they left for Tahiti. Starr interrupts to say she's going out, but Todd snaps that she has school in the morning! Blair urges Starr to go easy on Todd then instructs Addie, who's returned, to order some food for the boys. Once alone again, Todd fills Blair in how Tea's decision to leave went down, and Blair tells Todd that Tea loves him and she'll come back to him - she won't let Dani hate him forever. Though Blair informs Todd that Addie and the kids will be staying the night, she's a big girl, who has other plans. Todd wonders if Blair is seeing someone, but the pizza arrives and saves Blair from answering. Blair pulls out Elijah's card and smiles, while Todd goes to pay for the food. Jack persuades Blair to stay and play a game with him and Todd, leaving Addie to say, in reference to Todd, "She sure's had a lot of practice!" Before they start, Todd steps outside, looks at the sky and says, "Goodnight, Tea."Blair peeks outside, sees Todd looking at a picture of Tea then again looks at Elijah's business card.

    Halloween Confessions...

    Friday, October 30 2009

    Over at the apple bowl, just as Blair and Todd almost kiss, he pulls away, and Blair asks, "You're missing Tea, aren't you?" As Jack and Sam join them, Todd says, "As least I have my kids," which makes Blair think back to Tea's admission of being the mother of Todd's child! Wondering what to do the rest of the night, Blair suggests that Todd and the boys go to the rally with her to support Dorian! However, Todd and the boys decline, so Blair kisses the kids goodbye.

    Lionel Richie Rocks Ultraviolet!

    Tuesday, September 29 2009

    Outside of the country club, after a brief pause from the obvious noise of the blow horn, Todd and Tea finish their vows and are pronounced husband and wife! The family circles around the couple, as Jack makes his best man speech, and when the crowd disperses, Cris and Layla debate on whether Todd and Tea will be able to make a go of their marriage. Viki thanks Charlie for accepting her - and her baggage, which is partly Todd, while Tea and Jack share a dance - and Starr expresses her worry to Todd about Blair's absence. Later, across the room, Tea approaches Viki to thank her for her support - and admits she's going to tell Todd the truth after their wedding night. "I just want to have that one night of peace," Tea says, as Todd announces to everyone that it's time he makes an honest woman out of his wife!

    No! No!

    Monday, September 28 2009

    Todd and Tea's wedding ceremony begins, outside of the country club, and Tea notices Todd looking around - and accuses him of looking for Blair! Tea makes a scene, slaps her bouquet in Viki's hand then storms off, as Todd explains his wonderment as to why Blair isn't there - when she was earlier. "You come first in my life," Todd says. "I did want Blair to see us get married, so she'd leave us alone, but this is about you and me." Tea follows Todd back to the altar and insists that he go first with his vows. Todd claims that Tea saved him from himself then says, "You and I are really meant for each other, and we have really hot sex. We hate each other but we love each other even more." Todd finishes his sincere, but comical vows, then finishes with, "I hope I'm going to be as good as you deserve. I promise to try." Tea goes next, and starts bringing up the years before she returned to Llanview, but just as she's about to tell Todd the truth, while looking at Todd, his family and everything she'll lose, she rethinks her decision and says, "I forget everything I wanted to say expect, I love you guys, I love you, Todd. I never want to lose you." The ceremony continues…

    Here Comes The Bride...

    Friday, September 25 2009

    Viki and Charlie arrive at the wedding site, the country club, and tell Todd that Natalie and Jessica can't make it - because they're home taking care of their guys. When Tea appears, Todd assures her that nothing is going to stop him from making her the last Mrs. Todd Manning. Starr and Cole arrive next, not thrilled to be there, as Tea lets Viki believe that she took care of what was troubling her earlier. As Tea goes to get ready, Viki rejoins Charlie and Todd, who claims he could care less that Tea's family isn't in attendance. While Todd goes to talk to Starr and Sam, Jack whines to Charlie and Viki about not having a speech prepared, but Charlie gives him some tips. When Charlie asks what Jack likes about Tea, Jack brings up liking how she wears black panties then wonders if Charlie and Viki are trying to trick him into something - because Aunt Dorian thinks everything they say is a lie. Ignoring the comment, Viki and Charlie help Jack come up with a really cute best man speech.

    Blair reaches the wedding area and overhears as Todd promises Starr, Jack and Sam that though he loves Tea he's going to do everything in his power not to upset their mom anymore, since he still cares about her. Blair comes out, and Todd greets her with sincerity, telling her not to worry - that she won't be single for long. The minister arrives, and Todd looks for Tea, while Blair rushes off…

    Finally, Tea walks down the aisle, meets Todd and takes his hands. The ceremony begins!

    Corrupting Blair's Plan!

    Thursday, September 24 2009

    Inside the mansion, Starr approaches Blair, who is looking for her dress shoes, then tries to convince her not to go to the wedding! Blair claims she's given Tea and Todd her blessing, saying some marriages are meant to last and some aren't. Starr begs Blair to promise not to cause any drama at the wedding - since 'normal' feels really great to her right now. Starr assures her mom that she'll one day find someone who will sweep her off her feet. Just then, Jack and Sam appear, and Jack claims Sam is upset because he's not best man - and Starr makes Sam happy by saying that Sam is the best kid. Jack interrupts the jokes and says he doesn't want Tea as his stepmother - but Blair assures them all that things are going to be just fine.

    When Todd and Tea arrive home, she admits that after Todd left her on the island, she and Ross got together - and didn't split up after they got off the island! As Tea starts to confess the last details, the doorbell rings and Todd assures her that he's fine with it all - and that the past is the past and their future is all that matters! Todd answers the door to Starr, Jack and Sam then heads upstairs to get ready for the wedding, leaving Tea nervous!

    Later, while waiting for Tea to get ready, Todd tells Starr that his marriage to Tea is going to last forever, as Tea peers at them from the stairs!

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