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    One Life To Live CAST - Talia Sahid - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Talia Sahid Played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Birthday: October 22 1982
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas USA
    Real Name: BethAnn Bonner
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Brody Takes On Rex!

    Friday, September 05 2008

    When Layla arrives home, she and Sarah go off to catch up - and Talia and Antonio retreat to the bedroom, to where Talia tells Antonio, "I'm sorry you had to come after me… If something had gone wrong, Jamie wouldn't have a daddy." Antonio holds her closes and replies, "Now she has us both." The couple professes their love for each other then make love.

    Detour To Llanview...

    Thursday, September 04 2008

    At the airport, waiting for their flight back to Llanview, Rex and Gigi can't wait to get home to Shane. On the other side of the airport Sarah, Cris, Antonio and Talia wait as well. Just then, Sarah says, "Oh, my, God, is that Rex Balsom?" After Antonio and Cris see Rex and Gigi kissing, they confront Rex and remind him that he's married to Adriana! While Gigi is off calling Shane, Rex explains his situation - but they still threaten to call Adriana! Rex finally convinces them that he wants to be the one to tell Adriana about Gigi, but Cris and Antonio give him a final warning: To take care of the situation soon!

    With everyone dispersed back to their corners of the airport, Gigi and Rex talk about Adriana, Cris and Antonio fill Talia in on the fire at the diner, and Sarah spots another Llanview resident - Jared Banks looking over the packet that Clint gave him while waiting for his flight to Columbia! Though Jared won't divulge any details of his project to get B.E. back, Sarah wishes him luck then heads back over to Cris - who says, "I'm not getting on that flight with you guys." Cris tells them that the flight has been switched to a smaller plane, and that there's not enough room for him, but promises to meet Sarah at home soon. After a kiss, Sarah follows Antonio and Talia onto the plane, as do Rex and Gigi.

    The Hundred-Dollar Argument!

    Thursday, August 28 2008

    When Talia and the press enter the royal bedroom in Mendorra, Carlo and Jonas stir awake - and Talia yells, "My husband and father are having an affair!" As the press starts shooting them questions about approving gay marriage bills, Talia breaks down crying in grief. Carlo stands up nude and demands that Talia admit to a setup! Having had enough, Carlo screams for the press to turn the television cameras off then goes into a room - where Antonio, Talia, Cris and Sarah follow him! Although Carlo threatens to kill them all for the embarrassment, when he calls the guards to take them away no one comes, to which Antonio informs, "It's over, Hesser, I'm taking her back to Llanview." The guards finally appear, announce that the punishment for fraud is to be beheaded then they take Carlo and Jonas away.

    Royal Bed Mates!

    Wednesday, August 27 2008

    In Mendorra, still dressed in the servant's outfits, Cris and Sarah awaken to find Talia and Antonio in bed. Although Cris and Sarah assure them that they've taken care of Carlo and Jonas, a knock at the door reminds them that it's time to take care of the second part of their plan!

    Quickly, they work to get a passed out Jonas in bed with Talia then hide. Once Carlo's servant, Bitterman, enters the room and sees Talia and Jonas, Talia claims they consummated their marriage - and are now ready to take over the throne! The man then informs Talia that the World Press is there, and he's had trouble locating her father, to which Talia takes her stance as Queen and orders Bitterman to let the press in! After Sarah takes Talia to get Queen-Ready, Antonio and Cris look at Jonas and get ready for phase two of their plan!

    Downstairs, in front of the press, Talia promises that she and her Prince will produce an heir then explains that Jonas and her father are very close and are out hunting boar as they speak. Talia then takes it upon herself to take the press on a tour of the palace - despite Bitterman's protest!

    When Talia and the press reach the royal bedroom, they walk through the door and see Jonas and Carlo in each other's arms - in the royal bed! Talia appears shocked in front of the press, as Antonio smiles from the shadows!

    The Power Of Truth...

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    Upstairs, Jonas snaps at Talia for not consummating their marriage then asks, "What do I need to do to make you go to bed with me?" to which Talia answers, "Kill me first." Although Jonas tries to take Talia forcefully, Talia drops him to the ground - and Jonas storms out in search of Carlo!

    Shortly after, Talia hears someone enter her bedroom and starts ranting for Jonas to leave her alone - but is shocked to see it's Antonio! Talia runs into Antonio's arms! Hearing a knock on the door, Antonio quickly hides - but not for long! Seeing Carlo enter, Antonio comes out of the shadows and faces his enemy! While Carlo is threatening Antonio, Talia knocks him over the head with a vase!

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