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    One Life To Live CAST - Talia Sahid - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Talia Sahid Played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Birthday: October 22 1982
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas USA
    Real Name: BethAnn Bonner
    Height: 5' 5"


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    You Do Know Me, Don't You?

    Monday, November 17 2008

    As Marty emerges from the hospital elevator, she comes face to face with Cole, who gasps, "Mom? Is it really you? Am I dreaming?" Marty smiles. "You're not dreaming," then allows Cole to rush into her arms. As Cole cries about how much he's missed her, and relives the accident, although confused, Marty assures him that she's fine, but Cole says, "No you're not, something's wrong." Talia tries to help Marty out by telling Cole that she suffered a brain injury, but Cole asks his mom, "You're looking at me like you don't even know me. You do know me, don't you?" Marty apologizes but swears she wants to remember him, causing Cole to smile and assure her, "It's okay. You're alive and I got you back." As Marty smiles in excitement and says, "You're my son," Cole tells her she's the best mom in the world, leaving Marty to admit, "I remember a little boy." As Marty sings the lullaby from her visions, Cole joins her, giving Marty hope that all of her memories will return. Before Marty goes in to be examined, Cole says, "I hope you know how much I love you," to which Marty replies, "I do know that."

    When Nora rushes into the examining room, she happily says, "Marty!" As Marty calls her by name, Nora asks, "You remember me?" to which Marty replies, "I saw your picture. You defended the man who raped me… Todd Manning." Nora explains that she did end up sending Todd to jail, and Talia confirms this, leaving Nora to divulge that Marty appointed her to be Cole's guardian. After Talia leaves, Nora promises Marty, "Todd Manning will never hurt you again!" Marty assures Nora that Todd didn't rape her, but says that she feels as though he did, then she screams, "I slept with him, willingly! I told him I loved him!" Nora promises that 'it is all over', but Marty says, "I slept with him and didn't use protection," leading Nora to ask, "Marty, could you be pregnant?"

    You Never Know Who's Around The Corner...

    Friday, November 14 2008

    At the station, Nora, Bo, Talia and Antonio are shocked to hear that John thought Marty was alive! Though Nora says, "That's impossible," Bo claims it could very well be true! After further investigating, Nora finds out about the warrant John tried to get - and about the witness who could place Marty at Todd's house! Bo immediately sends Antonio and Talia to Todd's then calls the mayor to give him a piece of his mind! Suddenly, Blair bursts in and wants information about John, but Bo refuses to give her any - and Blair informs Bo that John said that something big was going to happen today!

    Just as Marty and John head down the stairs, Antonio and Talia bust through the door, and Antonio says, "Marty, you're really alive!" When Marty asks, "Should I know you?" John explains to Antonio that Marty lost her memory then instructs him to go upstairs and get Todd. Though John wants to take Marty to the hospital, Talia says, "You can't, you're under arrest." Talia apologizes, but John allows a cop to cuff him and begs Talia to get Marty to the hospital safely. Before Marty leaves with Talia, she stops in front of John and smiles with appreciation.

    At the hospital, Marty gets off of the elevator with Talia and comes face to face with Cole! Marty smiles sweetly at a shocked Cole!

    You Raped Me All Over Again...

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    At the station, Antonio and Talia look up information on Vanessa, wondering if there was something more to Ray's allegations. Just then, Bo and Nora appear then head into Bo's office to discuss Jessica.

    Inside Bo's office, though Nora feels for what Jessica is going through, she reminds Bo that they have a job to do - booking Jessica on attempted murder charges! Over talk of Jessica's D.I.D., Bo checks his messages, to see if Clint or Viki have called, but hears John's strange message about having to 'do what he has to do'! Bo is confused, but Nora fills him in on John's arrest - and how he's been in lock-up. "Then why did his message come in this evening?" Bo asks. After Bo asks Antonio to check on John in lock-up, they all find out that John escaped - and the officer who John locked up in his place tells them what John said about Marty Saybrooke being alive!

    I Should Have Aimed At His Head!

    Monday, October 27 2008

    Markko and Langston go to the hospital to see Ray, but Antonio and Talia will not allow them inside Ray's room. Just as Talia tries to comfort Langston, Clint appears and asks to talk to Langston - to make amends. Though Langston doesn't want to talk to him, Clint informs that he found out if Ray lives, he'll be sent back to the Colombian prison - for murder! "You're going to be staying with Dorian," Clint says. After Clint leaves, Markko appears reassured but Langston doesn't - not with Dorian in jail!

    Talia and Antonio go in to see Ray, who is awake. After Antonio informs that Ray will be heading back to prison, Ray begs to see Lola - then claims that she needs his protection because Vanessa lied about him murdering his wife! "Vanessa set me up," Ray states.

    Chaos At The Llanview Airport!

    Friday, October 17 2008

    Amongst the crowed airport, Talia, Antonio and Sarah hear that their flight to Colombia has been delayed and wait impatiently, worrying about Cristian. Just as Sarah wonders why Cris hasn't tried to call her back, Cris, Vanessa and Lola appear - and Sarah runs into his arms! As everyone reunites, Vanessa and Lola make themselves known, to which Vanessa explains how Cris saved them - and how she saved Cris. Cris, Sarah, Lola, Vanessa, Antonio and Talia leave to head into Llanview.

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