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    One Life To Live CAST - Talia Sahid - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Talia Sahid Played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Birthday: October 22 1982
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas USA
    Real Name: BethAnn Bonner
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Natalie's Hand In Marriage!

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    Antonio tries to plead with Carlotta to give her support to Cris and Vanessa. Though she doesn't want to, Carlotta goes to get a bottle of wine, leaving Antonio begging Talia to 'play along' with the whole charade - for now! While Carlotta gives Vanessa the cold shoulder, Antonio warns Cris that Ray Montez may very well be coming after him for marrying Vanessa! Little does Antonio know, there's a man outside the diner taking pictures of them through the window!

    Suddenly, Talia sees the man, pulls Antonio outside and they begin questioning him! After the man claims he's a photographer, and was trying to get some natural shots, Cris comes outside and admits to Antonio that he hired the man and wanted to make this marriage look real! Later, Cris reminds Vanessa that they need to concentrate on getting to know everything about each other then the two exchange information.

    Shortly after, Tea arrives and announces that Todd is home - and she couldn't be happier! Antonio quickly pulls Tea aside, asks to see the death threat then looks it over as Tea takes a phone call.

    A Blast From Todd's Past!

    Thursday, December 18 2008

    At the coffeehouse, Sarah tells Layla and Talia about Cris and Vanessa getting married - and how it was all Tea's idea! After Layla suggests, "This Tea Delgado has to go," Sarah admits that Vanessa is the real problem, especially since she's been flaunting herself in front of Cris for a while now!

    Reminiscing Back In Time...

    Thursday, December 11 2008

    While Talia, Antonio and Carlotta are talking at the diner, Tea appears and runs into Carlotta's arms, who asks, "What are you doing in Llanview?" After introductions between Talia and Tea are made, Antonio says, "You're here to represent Todd Manning, aren't you?" Though everyone tries to explain the crimes Todd has committed, Tea sticks to the idea that everyone deserves a right to an attorney. Not able to get through to Tea, who Antonio says has a soft spot for Todd, Tea finally admits that Todd turned down her offer - and wants to be punished!

    Just then, Cris, Sarah and Vanessa show up, and as Cris is getting ready to introduce Tea to Sarah, Tea looks at Vanessa and says, "I know exactly who this is. You're Cristian's girlfriend!" After Cris interrupts, and points Sarah as his girlfriend, Tea laughs it off and comments on how much Vanessa looks like Roseanne - Cris's type! Later, Antonio tells Cris about Tea representing Todd and says, "The last thing we need is Tea as Todd Manning's lawyer." While Sarah is off with Carlotta, Cris and Vanessa ask Tea's advice on her situation, to which Tea suggests that Vanessa marry an American in order to stay in the country!

    A Holiday Special Airs Throughout Llanview!

    Tuesday, December 09 2008

    When Talia arrives home at the apartment, she catches Sarah online - trying to look up dirt on Vanessa! As she denies it, Layla comes out dressed to kill for her first online blind date and brushes off Talia's concerns, claiming they are meeting at a very public place.

    Later, with Layla and Sarah off doing their own things, Antonio arrives and spends the night watching "Christina Comes Home For Christmas" with Talia.

    Thanksgiving In Llanview!

    Monday, December 01 2008

    Sarah arrives back to the apartment ranting and raving to herself about Cris and Vanessa then apologizes to Carlotta, Layla, Talia, and Antonio with a shy, "Happy Thanksgiving." In private, Sarah shares her worries with Talia and Antonio. When Cris calls, Talia quickly answers it, hands it to Sarah then the two apologize and agree to Thanksgiving dinner at the apartment - with Vanessa. After Sarah hangs up, Talia makes Sarah promise she'll stay quiet then confesses that Ray accused Vanessa of framing him - and may have shot him to shut him up!

    Once Cris and Vanessa arrive, Sarah can't help but spurt out little jabs at Vanessa - and blurts out Ray's theory, the one she promised Talia she wouldn't breathe a word of! Talia and Antonio begin to argue about Talia telling Sarah police information, Cris apologizes to Vanessa for Sarah being drunk, Layla yells at Cris for being rude to Sarah then Carlotta loses it and demands that they all stop fighting on Thanksgiving! After everyone apologizes to each other, Carlotta announces that the new diner will have its grand opening tomorrow then suggests they all head over there now to remember the place that her husband built so many years ago.

    The Guy Needs Help, Not Punishment!

    Monday, November 24 2008

    Over at Antonio's loft, Talia, Jamie and Antonio celebrate Antonio's new position as Chief of Detectives.

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