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    One Life To Live CAST - Talia Sahid - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Talia Sahid Played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Birthday: October 22 1982
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas USA
    Real Name: BethAnn Bonner
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Consummation At The Loft!

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    Still at Rodi's, after John overhears Wes telling Marty, on the phone, that she can stay with him, he reminds Wes to get to work! While John is talking to Talia, Wes tells Gigi that Brody isn't doing well - and explains how he sees the kid he shot. Wes talks about Iraq, and all they went through, then vows not to let Brody down.

    Across the bar, Antonio vents about his conversation with Cris, and Talia can't believe that Cris is just letting Sarah go so easily!

    Blair shows up at Rodi's and apologizes to John for their argument. After John allows Wes to go home, Blair wants to know what's going on, but John says, "You don't want to know." As Blair heads over to say hi to Antonio and Talia, she comes upon them as Talia tells Antonio that Marty is shacking up with the bartender - and John isn't too happy about it!

    On The Hunt For Janet!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    Just as Talia and Antonio get a fax, a tip about a 'Janet sighting', Tea arrives at the police station and wants the details as well! However, Talia and Antonio refuse. After Tea leaves, Antonio shows Talia the phone records he got subpoenaed - Todd's!

    Introducing Mr. J!

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Nora calls Antonio and Talia to the diner, to ask for help in Todd's case, to which Antonio refuses, adamantly, of Nora's urge to question Tess! Nora assures him that Viki already denied her access to Jessica then they talk about Todd wanting to steal Starr's baby - and how they can prove it! Outside the diner, someone videotapes Nora, Talia and Antonio, as they discuss locating Janet! Nora fills them in on all of Janet's aliases, and how she used to be a prostitute - and how Renee was her Madame, and they're sure she knew about Todd's baby stealing plot! Before Nora leaves, she implores them to locate Janet ASAP!

    Antonio and Talia arrive back at the station and get a tip on Janet!

    We Don't Have To Look Back Now!

    Tuesday, December 30 2008

    Though Layla and Talia try to get Sarah to go out, she'd rather stay home alone. Just then, Cris arrives. Once alone, Sarah tells Cris, "You shouldn't be here." Cris wants Sarah to come to Ultra Violet with him, but Sarah acts as though she cares and reminds Cris that he can't risk Vanessa and Lola's safety. When Talia and Layla rejoin them, Cris leaves with the girls - and Sarah is left alone, crying.

    Across the room, Gigi and Rex chat it up with Wes Scantlin, the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd! After he heads off to warm up the band, Rex takes Gigi in a kiss. When Cris arrives, Vanessa appears saddened that he can't be with Sarah tonight. While Layla scouts out her mystery date, Antonio and Oliver Fish appear - and Talia and Layla notice that Oliver has a pink umbrella in his drink, just like Layla and her mystery date agreed to do to recognize each other! Layla and Oliver smile then click their glasses together!

    Suddenly, Rex takes the stage and introduces Puddle of Mudd, who sing their hit song "We Don't Have To Look Back Now."

    Counting down the New Year, everyone at Ultra Violet celebrates with a kiss - including Cris and Vanessa, who Sarah watches from an online viewing of the festivities!

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