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    One Life To Live CAST - Talia Sahid - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Talia Sahid Played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Birthday: October 22 1982
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas USA
    Real Name: BethAnn Bonner
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Hank Returns To Llanview!

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    Talia and Layla are working out at the gym, where Layla talks about how her blind date didn't happen - because of her fight with Cris! As Layla rants about their argument, and about Fish, Fish appears and asks, "Did I just hear my name?" After the girls lie and tell Fish they were talking about his muscles, Layla again blames Cris for her troubles - and Cris appears, overhears then lashes out at Layla by saying, "So, how did I screw up your life now?" Having had enough, Cris leaves Layla with some insults then walks away - and Layla stomps off after him!

    Farewell Antonio...

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    Gathered at the diner for a farewell party for Antonio, Antonio explains to Jamie that he's going to miss her like crazy, but she'll be in good hands with Talia, Cris and Carlotta. When Cris pulls him aside, Antonio tries to explain that he's going to put the issue with Carlo to rest - permanently. Just then, Tea arrives, wondering if she's invited to the obvious Vega party. Though Tea is informed that Antonio is leaving town, she appreciates his honesty when he says, "Saying goodbye to you wasn't high on my list." As Antonio and Cris rant at Tea for betraying them, Layla arrives and comforts a sad Talia.

    Across the room, Talia notices Layla glaring at Cris, to which Layla explains why she suddenly hates Cris - because he hurt Sarah and about his visit to Evangeline. When Cris approaches, Talia scolds them both, as, back across the room, Tea apologizes to Antonio, says that she's done with Todd for good then promises to be there for him should he need her help. Tea holds her hand out for a shake, but Antonio pulls his old friend into an embrace. After Tea leaves, everyone toasts to and says goodbye to Antonio.

    Chloe Manning Thornhart...

    Tuesday, March 24 2009

    When Antonio returns to the diner, from being out of town, Talia is ecstatic, but Antonio breaks the news, "I'm not staying." Antonio explains that the case he's working on is getting bigger, and once Talia realizes that the case surrounds Carlo, she begs him to just walk away - before he gets hurt! Antonio assures her that everything came up so fast then says, "If we want to have a minute's peace, I have to do this." Talia wants to go with him, but Antonio reminds her that his daughter needs her - and the Feds won't allow it. "I want to protect my daughter, so I need you to stay here," Antonio says. "I'll be back as soon as I can… I love you." Talia doesn't like any of this but finally admits that she knows why Antonio has to do this.

    Accusations Are Made!

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    Later, Talia arrives and announces that Cole is under arrest for driving under the influence and reckless endangerment!

    Loss Of Feeling!

    Tuesday, March 10 2009

    Sitting in the hospital waiting room, Todd tries to leave to stop some reporters but is prevented from doing so by Talia and another cop. Suddenly, John rushes in, slams Todd against a wall and screams, "How could you do this to her?" Once John is pulled off Todd, Talia explains that Todd is not under arrest - and that they are just holding Todd like Bo instructed. John looks at Todd and warns, "If you did this to her, I'll kill you!"

    Lives Are At Stake!

    Monday, March 09 2009

    When Blair is brought into the hospital, Todd wants to go in after her, but Dorian - and Bo - stops him! As Bo is questioning Todd, who Dorian has pinpointed as the stabber, Bo gets a call about Gigi and Shane being in an accident then calls Nora to see if she can go pick up Matthew, at the dance, while he heads to see if Shane and Gigi are okay.

    Inside the examining room, Michael prepares Blair for surgery, as Dorian begs her to hold on! As Blair is rolled out, Talia asks if she knows who did this to her, leading Blair to look at Todd - then start coding!

    Knocked Out Cold!

    Friday, February 20 2009

    After Tea taunts Blair into admitting that she was with Todd the night of Wes's murder, Blair is forced to confess that she is Todd's alibi - and Tea prompts her to admit she slept in Todd's bed! "Is it true," John asks. "You slept with him?" Suddenly, Marty reappears and asks, "What's going on in here?" Blair explains how she ended up at Todd's then hushes Todd's sarcastic comments - and John suggests that Blair was so drunk that Todd could have left without her knowing! Tea ignores a call from Ray, continues defending Todd then is shocked to hear that Marty 'can't remember' - and demands that she be arrested! After Tea leads Todd out of the station, Blair asks John if they can talk - but John pulls Marty aside to talk to her instead!

    When Talia joins everyone to inform them that Marty's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon, Marty screams that she can't remember if she touched the knife - and Antonio is forced to place her under arrest. Though Antonio and Talia assure John they'll do everything by the book, John says, "By the book is crap." After Marty is taken away, Blair tries to plead with John - but he isn't hearing any of it and leaves!

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