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    One Life To Live CAST - Talia Sahid - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Talia Sahid Played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Birthday: October 22 1982
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas USA
    Real Name: BethAnn Bonner
    Height: 5' 5"


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    The New King and Queen of Mendorra!

    Thursday, July 17 2008

    In the dungeon, Talia wonders how Antonio can forgive her for keeping Carlo a secret, to which Antonio reminders her that she’s not Carlo’s daughter, but Talia Sahid. “The woman I fell in love with.” Just as Antonio promises that they’ll get through ‘this’ Jonas appears and announces, “Today is a rather big news day in Mendorra.”

    Still in the castle, just as Cris and Sarah tell Tina and Cain that Carlo Hesser is the one behind everything, Carlo appears and says, “You rang.” After Carlo makes his rounds in an attempt to infuriate each of them, the press arrives – and Carlo introduces himself then announces that their Prince and Princess are frauds! Carlo then asks his accomplice, Bitterman, to show the proof, which he does, then Tina and Cain are taken away! Just as the press asks who will be the rightful heir to the throne of Mendorra, Antonio and Talia are brought in – and Carlo announces that it will be the Ambassador Jonas Chamberlain and his daughter, Talia Hesser, the future King and Queen of Mendorra!

    An Unlikely Alliance!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    In Mendorra, Talia admits to Antonio that Carlo is her father, causing Antonio to pull the knife away from his neck! As Talia assures Carlo that she didn’t save him for his benefit, rather for not wanting to turn Antonio into a murderer, Carlo makes a crack about how he did a good job of that with Cristian then listens as Talia tries to explain how she wants to make Carlo pay for all he’s done! Wondering how Carlo got out of Statesville, Talia says to Antonio, “Ramsey, it was Ramsey,” to which Carlo remembers the former FBI agent as being very resourceful! Though Antonio and Talia protest that Carlo won’t win again, he assures them both he will – then leaves!

    Once alone, Talia explains that though she should have told him about Carlo, she wanted nothing more than to forget about the cruel man who fathered her. “Can you ever forgive me?” Talia asks. Antonio knows more than anyone what Carlo is capable of then assures Talia that there’s no need for forgiveness. Antonio pulls her close.

    A Message From The Grave?

    Friday, July 11 2008

    Still in the dungeon in Mendorra, Talia uses some wire from her bra and tries to pick the cell lock. Though Talia manages to pick the lock, they are stopped by Carlo – who informs them that Sarah is taking a little trip! As Sarah fights against leaving, Carlo asks, “Is that any way to act to the man who’s going to reunite you with your beloved Cristian?” Though Carlo asks his goons to take Sarah to see her lover, he reminds her not to talk about his presence – or her family will die!

    Alone in the cell, Carlo tells Talia that she has terrible taste in men then says, “But that’s about to change.” As Carlo talks about having kept tabs on Talia all these years, he’s surprised to hear that she’s done the same with him! Just as Talia accuses Carlo of wanting something from her, Antonio appears outside the cell – and is shocked to see Carlo! “What the hell is going on here?” Antonio asks then takes Talia in his arms. As Talia says, “There’s something I have to tell you,” Antonio grabs Carlo and puts the sword from his room to Carlo’s neck! “Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you,” Antonio asks, to which Talia cries, “Because he’s my father!”

    Nora Strikes Again!

    Monday, July 07 2008

    Still in the dungeon, after Carlo introduces himself to Sarah, Talia admits that he’s her father! After Carlo compares Talia to her sister Charlotte, Talia recalls how her siblings used to terrorize her then says she’s so proud to be a Sahid now. Though Talia thinks her mother saved her from Carlo, he thinks differently then sets his sights on Sarah and admits he had her brought there due to her mother! In anger, Carlo talks about how Tina broke his son Johnny’s heart – and how Tina and Viki murdered him! Talia steps up to clarify that Viki only killed Johnny in self-defense to save Tina. In tears, Talia disowns Carlo as her father and claims she became a cop for the sole purpose of putting him away! Talia then does the unthinkable and offers Carlo a deal: Let Sarah, Cris and Antonio go in exchange for her loyalty. However, Carlo confesses, “Sorry to tell you this, Talia, my sweet, not everything is about you!” With talk of his revenge, Carlo warns Talia that he’s saving the last for her, “My loving daughter… Welcome to Mendorra!”

    Hello Daddy...

    Thursday, July 03 2008

    Screaming from within a cell somewhere, Talia pleads to Jonas, “I want to see him!” As Jonas throws Sarah in with her, he promises, “All in good time. Everything will be revealed very soon.” Once Jonas leaves to announce Talia’s arrival, Sarah remembers that Talia told her to go to the apartment, to which Talia apologizes for leading her into entrapment! Suddenly, Sarah puts two and two together and blames their imprisonment on Tina – and the fact that she has the crowned jewels. However, when Talia says she went along with Jonas’s plan to protect Cris and Antonio, Sarah asks, “From what?”

    Back down in the dungeon, Sarah begins blaming herself for allowing her mother to get them in ‘this mess’ but Talia replies, “It’s my fault… I guess it’s time I start telling you the whole story.” Just as Talia begins telling Sarah the story, Carlo Hesser appears and says, “Hello my Darling,” to which Talia replies smugly, “Hello Daddy.”

    Hi, Baby, It's Me... Tess!

    Friday, June 27 2008

    Over at Talia and Sarah’s apartment, after Jonas chloroforms Sarah, Talia begs, “Why did you do this?” However, Jonas replies, “I didn’t do this… You did!” Though Jonas reminds Talia that she lured Sarah there, he doesn’t allow her to answer a phone call from Antonio – unless she follows he’s instructions! “And we both know what will happen if you don’t choose the right choice!” When Talia doesn’t answer the phone, Jonas informs her that she will now help him deal with Sarah!

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