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    One Life To Live CAST - Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) Played by Christina Chambers on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Chambers

    Birthday: 1969/10/24
    Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Logue
    Real Name: Christina Chambers
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Miles Faces His Crimes!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    John goes to Marty’s cell and says, “I think I figured out who killed Truman, and it wasn’t you.” Although Marty reminds John that she had motive, he asks her not to give up then says, “I’m going to get you out of trouble – no matter what I have to do.” Just then, a guard shows up, handcuffs Marty and escorts her to court for her jury selection.

    Suddenly, Miles is brought in and Blair and Todd follow the reporters inside the courtroom! When Natalie arrives, Todd confronts her for stabbing him in the back by supporting Miles! However, Natalie disregards Todd and goes to Miles. When the judge calls court to order, she dismisses the charge of kidnapping against Miles for lack of evidence, causing Todd to stand in protest! Shockingly, Miles stands up and says, “I want to change my plea to guilty.”

    Outside the courtroom, awaiting her court hearing, Marty hears the news…

    Pay Up Or Get Out!

    Friday, August 10 2007

    As Cole is waiting in the courtroom, a Sun reporter starts harassing him until Starr interrupts and threatens to have him banished to the classifieds! After Marty is brought in, with John’s warning for her to think about what she’s doing, Marty pleads ‘Not Guilty!’ As each side debates their bail recommendations for Marty, the judge orders Marty to be kept in jail until her trial! Although Cole stands up screaming, John pulls him outside and says, “Now more then ever you need to play this smart!” As Marty is taken away, Cole steals a quick hug then watches as she heads back to her cell…

    Back at her jail cell, John says to Marty, “I’m glad you decided to fight.” After he promises to watch over Cole, Marty again questions, “What’s eating away at you?” Although John doesn’t give Marty much to go on, she says, “No matter how much you try to protect those you love, they always seem to get hurt in the end.”

    Tate Harmon: Guilty!

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Although Cole goes to the jail and asks Marty to plead not guilty, she replies, “I don’t think I can do that.” However, Cole reminds Marty that both John and he believe in her innocence – and she should too! Changing the subject, Marty asks about Starr, and Cole replies that she forgave him and that Todd has decided not to stand in their way.

    Just as Cole once again asks Marty not to plead guilty, John arrives and stands behind Cole and reminds Marty that she can’t give up! After Cole heads to the courtroom, Marty notices John’s distraction and asks, “Do you want to talk about it?” Suddenly, a guard arrives and says, “It's almost time to go to court.”

    John Makes A Connection!

    Friday, August 03 2007

    Although Marty tells Miles to leave the jail, he insists on helping her beat the charges and says, “No strings attached.” However, Marty turns him down then tells Miles to enjoy his freedom because it’s only temporary then states, “There is something I want from you – an annulment!” Though Miles replies, “Never,” Marty reminds him that she doesn’t need his permission! Miles continues to plead with Marty, begging her to let him help her so she can be with Cole and promises, “Then I will be out of your life forever!” But again, Marty vows to wipe Miles from her life for good and says, “I deserve way better than you!”

    Todd Takes A Stand!

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    In Marty’s cell, her therapist again tries to lodge Marty’s memory by making her restate what she remembers. Although Marty still thinks she killed Spencer, but says that John doesn’t, her therapist says, “Maybe Lt. McBain sees something you don’t.” In frustration, Marty wishes for a normal life and wishes she would have never moved back to Llanview! After her therapist leaves, Marty can’t take the fight any longer and tells Nora she’s going to plead guilty. Once Nora leaves, Marty gets one more visitor – Miles!

    A Recap of Life in Llanview!

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    As Nora tries to calm Marty, she reminds her how much John believes in her. When Marty asks how much time she’s facing, Nora says, “Up to ten years in prison.” Through tears, Marty thinks of Cole as her hopes continue to fade. Again, Nora tells Marty, “Don’t give up.” Just then, John arrives with Cole and Starr…

    Cole goes to the cell and takes Marty’s hand. Once alone with Cole and Starr, Marty says she had to stop Spencer before he hurt Blair then apologizes profusely to Cole for allowing Miles to take advantage of him. “Don’t worry,” Cole says. “He’s going to pay for what he did to us.” Soon after, Cole and Starr leave for Mile’s hearing…

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