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    One Life To Live CAST - Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) Played by Christina Chambers on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Chambers

    Birthday: 1969/10/24
    Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Logue
    Real Name: Christina Chambers
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Hauntings From Her Past...

    Monday, September 10 2007

    Over tea at Marty’s, when Jessica questions Marty about her and John’s relationship, Marty claims John isn’t over Natalie – and that she’s not over Patrick. However, Marty does admit, “He is special.” Changing the subject to Jessica, Jessica shows Marty some pictures of Bree then describes how free she feels being with Nash. With thoughts of Spencer lingering over Marty, she thinks of Lindsay and can relate to what she’s going through…

    Lives Teeter On The Edge...

    Friday, September 07 2007

    When Cole brings Marty home, she’s touched that he took the time to hang a Welcome Home sign on the door. Once inside, while Cole and Marty talk about Miles, and everything Cole has gone through since moving to Llanview, Marty feels as though things are finally looking up for them. After Marty says she owes everything to John, Cole asks, “Are you and John going to be a couple now?” Marty reminds Cole that John and her are only friends then quickly changes the subject to Cole and Starr. Later, while going through the mail, Marty longs for a normal life again and promises to always be there for Cole – and to get her marriage to Miles annulled!

    Hidden Secrets!

    Friday, August 31 2007

    Nora arrives at Marty’s jail cell and informs Cole and his mom that she’s going to be released! Just then, a guard appears and hands Cole the key to Marty’s cell. Once open, Cole rushes into his mother’s arms!

    After Natalie tells John what Miles told Blair, she says, “My guess is she’s on her way to tell Todd now.” Although John snaps and suggests that Miles is a liar, Natalie insists Miles is telling the truth - and bringing Todd and his child together! John immediately puts out an APB on Blair then tries to ease Natalie’s suspicions with concern for a child who is bound to get hurt - and reminds her of what the baby‘s parents could do if Manning shows up at their door!

    Suddenly, Marty and Cole arrive to make John their first visitor since Marty’s release. Although Marty offers to take John out for a burger, John declines, then rushes out of his office. When John can’t get Blair on her cell, he storms out of the station. After Natalie explains that John had a police emergency, she defends Miles and says, “He’s trying to make amends for what he did to you.” Before Cole and Marty leave, they write a note for John, a raincheck of sorts, promising that dinner is on them.

    On Her Own...

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    When Nora goes to the jail to tell Marty about Lindsay’s arrest, Marty’s reaction surprises Nora, who asks, “I think you need to tell me everything you know.” As Marty tells Nora about what she remembers from the night Spencer was murdered, Nora asks, “Did John mention why he suspected Lindsay?” Although Marty makes it clear that John suspected Lindsay before she told him, Nora appears confused – but agrees to get Marty out of jail by morning!

    Just as Nora is leaving, Cole arrives, to which Marty smiles. “I am coming home. I’m going to be free and I owe it all to John.”

    Jared's Agenda?

    Friday, August 24 2007

    Remembering back to the night of Spencer’s murder, Marty tells John, “It was Lindsay Rappaport! But why would she murder him?” Although John claims he has evidence to get Marty released, she doesn’t believe it could be that simple. However, as John stands by her innocence, Marty says, “I owe you my life.”

    2007's Woman Of The Year!

    Thursday, August 23 2007

    When Cole goes to visit Marty, he admits, “I’m afraid they’re not going to find out who killed Spencer. It doesn’t look like John is doing anything to help.” However, Marty says, “Don't give up on him just yet.” After Cole leaves, the guard brings in a prisoner and slams him against the wall, causing Marty to remember the night Spencer was murdered: How she saw him on Blair, how she picked up the scissors… except after Spencer noticed her, he pushed Marty against the wall causing the scissors to drop to the floor! “I need to talk to John McBain!” Marty yells.

    When John arrives at the jail, Marty says, “I remember, I didn’t do it… I didn’t kill Spencer!” Although Marty doesn’t recall who killed Spencer, she explains what she remembers and how Spencer placed her in the on call room after hitting her head. “I didn’t kill him,” Marty gasps, and John replies, “I never thought you did... I know who did.” John tells Marty to think then asks, “What do you see?” Thinking back to being dizzy and trying to leave the hospital that night, Marty says, “I saw someone leaving Blair’s room. It was… Lindsay Rappaport.” John nods…


    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    Outside the courtroom, Marty wonders why Miles is inside pleading guilty to a lesser charge... Just then, court lets out and Marty is faced with Miles – and Natalie at his side! As Marty asks Miles why he changed his plea to guilty, Todd appears and asks, “I’d like to know that too!” Although Miles claims he did it because it was the right thing to do, and that he’s moving on, Todd says, “One way or another, you’re going to pay for what you did to me!” After Miles leaves, and Nora scolds Todd, Blair goes to Marty and says, “I haven’t had a chance to thank you for killing Spencer and saving my life.” When Blair asks why Marty didn’t stay and help save hers, Marty replies, “I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

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