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    One Life To Live CAST - Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) Played by Christina Chambers on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Chambers

    Birthday: 1969/10/24
    Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Logue
    Real Name: Christina Chambers
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Death Lurks In The Shadows!

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    Marty approaches Blair at Capricorn with hopes of talking about a mutual interest – John and Todd. Just as Marty suggests that she and Blair go find Todd and John to make sure they are okay, Blair gets a call from Todd saying he needs bail money! After briefly explaining to Blair what happened – and where the search for Tommy is at – he hangs up to which Blair hands Marty her cell then says, “Book a flight.” Although Marty books them a flight, Blair makes it clear that she’s not looking for a new best friend!

    Marcie Goes Drag!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    From the diner, after Marty leaves a message for John, she tries to go but is stopped by a person dressed in a ‘death’ costume! When Marty asks the person what their problem is, the person takes off, leaving Marty uneasy. Before heading home,seeing Blair come in the diner, Marty briefly asks her to keep her posted regarding Todd and John then leaves…

    Before ordering some food, Blair again makes Jack aware that she’ll always love him!

    Having enough of the community service, Roxy asks Miles to cover for her then takes off to party! Just then, Marty shows up and demands to know why Miles tried to scare her earlier! After Miles explains he’s been doing community service all night, Marty apologizes and admits to over-reacting.

    Who's the New Girl?

    Wednesday, October 24 2007

    While John is looking over Michael’s arrest warrant, Michael warns Todd that Marcie won’t give up without a fight. After Michael reminds Todd that neither he nor John have any authority in the case, Todd stops a cop from arresting Michael then tells John, “He’s the only one who can convince Marcie to come home.” When Todd’s pleas get him nowhere, he demands to John that they leave now – before Marcie gets further away! Before Todd and John leave, Michael begs John, privately, should he find Marcie, he’s to make sure she gives Todd his son back then, “Let her go.” Just then Nora shows up and insists that Michael be brought into the station - Now! Once again, Michael begs John to grant his wish.

    After Michael is taken away, John refuses to leave on their quest without getting a couple of things straight with Todd! Once John makes it clear that he’s in charge, he tells Todd he got a lead as to where Marcie is then the men take off!

    Warning: Jared Banks!

    Tuesday, October 23 2007

    After showing up at John’s, Marty hears about the road trip John, Todd and Michael are going on and worries John will get himself in more trouble, seeing that he’s still suspended. Though John explains Lee Ramsey’s work ethics, Marty says, “If you interfere in a federal investigation it could ruin your career.” Shortly after John kisses Marty goodbye, Todd shows up and they head down to the lobby to meet Michael…

    Once downstairs, on their way out, a Llanview cop shows up and tells Michael he’s under arrest for perjury! Comically, Todd whispers to John, “Looks like somebody isn’t coming on our road trip.”

    Viki Resurfaces!

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Seated at a table at Capricorn, Blair nods to Natalie and asks Marty, “If that cute little Buchanan can't hold on to John, what makes you think you can?” After Blair says she cares about John, “He’s kind of my to-go guy, like Patrick was…” Marty assures Blair it doesn’t hurt her to talk about Patrick. Suddenly, Blair gets a text from Starr and she and Marty rush off to the police station.

    From a dark group-home room, Langston takes a call from Starr and assures her she’s managing… When Markko takes the phone, although Langston tries to be strong, his heart aches for her.

    At the LPD, just as Marty and Blair arrive, Bo and Dorian come out of his office with news. Although a social worker agreed to look into Langston’s case, she can’t do so until morning. After Dorian thanks Bo, she takes the phone from Markko, apologizes to Langston for having to spend the night in the group-home then promises, “I swear, you have a home with me.”

    Delivering What You Want...

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    At Capricorn, Marty approaches Blair wanting to talk about Todd’s son. Asking for Blair’s help, Marty begs her to convince Todd to forgive Marcie and Michael. Although Blair initially snaps at Marty’s forwardness, she realizes Marty has a point – and that it’s best for Tommy if they all get along. However, Blair reminds Marty that until Todd is reunited with his son, nothing else matters now. Blairs also points out that if it wasn’t for Marty's ‘thing’ with John, she wouldn’t be butting her nose into Todd’s business!

    Todd Gets Custody!

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    In the courtroom, although the judge praises Marcie and Michael for being good parents, he ultimately awards custody to Todd! As Todd rejoices, Marcie buckles over in grief then stand and screams, “No! You don’t love my son!” After the judge demands for Marcie to sit, he tells Todd he can pick up Tommy tonight! Once court is adjourned, Marcie blames Michael and says, “You knew about this for months and you didn’t tell me!” Overhearing, Todd screams, “You knew about this, McBain!”

    Although Todd tries to follow Michael, who is racing after a fleeing Marcie, John steps before Todd and warns, “If you take one more step forward, I’ll drop you.” However, Todd reminds John of how Michael just perjured himself, then warns how he’s going to make sure Michael gets what’s coming to him! Suddenly, social services shows up and insists on going with Todd to pick up Tommy – as does John! However, after Marty pulls John aside, she makes him realize it’s best if he allows Michael and Marcie to do this alone…

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