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    One Life To Live CAST - Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) Played by Christina Chambers on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Chambers

    Birthday: 1969/10/24
    Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Logue
    Real Name: Christina Chambers
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Llanview Celebrates The 4th!

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Later, when arriving at the vineyard, in front of Jessica and Nash, Miles asks Marty if she’d be willing to renew their vows in front of their friends and family in Llanview by saying, “Will you marry me – again?” With a fake smile, Marty politely declines Miles's offer as Nash and Jessica talk about their own upcoming marriage.

    Stowed Away!

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    When Cole wakes up, Marty gives him a big breakfast for a job well done! After talk of his performance at the musical, Cole sees the plate setting for Miles and reluctantly promises Marty he’ll try to be nice to Miles. When Miles joins them, Marty leaves him with Cole while she gets Miles some breakfast. After some small talk, Miles gets all mushy about breakfast and having shared it with Cole and Marty. Once Miles leaves the room, Cole snickers then talks to his mom about Starr and asks, “Are you totally sure Miles had nothing to do with Todd’s disappearance?”

    Blair and Starr arrive at Marty’s to discuss the rules of the kid's dating – and Marty agrees it's a good idea! When Blair asks what capacity Miles plays in Cole’s life regarding rules, Marty snaps, “None. I make all decisions concerning Cole.” Just then, Miles walks into the room and says, “What are they doing here?” After Marty explains why Blair and Starr are there, even though Miles wants to put his two ‘head of the household’ cents in, Marty doesn’t allow it and continues her conversation – agreeing to let Cole go swimming with Starr. At the ring of Miles' phone, he leaves the room to take the call. When Cole asks where his swimming suit is, Marty explains it’s in the storage closet and says, “I’ll go get it.” After Blair leaves Starr with Cole, Miles quickly stops anyone from going to the storage room!

    Thanks, But No Thanks...

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At Rodie’s, although Marty tells John she can’t spend the night with him, John insists that she can’t go home to Miles! Again, as Marty brings up Spencer, John tries to sway her from believing she killed Truman! “What is it?” John asks. “What’re you not telling me?” Marty admits she’s trying to prevent John from losing his job over this, begs him to let it be then leaves to attend Cole’s play.

    When Marty arrives back at the apartment, she finds Miles holding a glass of wine. Briefly, Miles looks to his right at the body bag behind the couch! Once she goes in to get ready for Cole’s musical, Miles quickly hides Todd’s body then pours himself a drink.

    Llanview's New Power Couple!

    Friday, June 29 2007

    Outside of Rodie’s, when Miles calls Bo with information about Spencer, John snatches the phone away and tells Bo, “I’ll handle it.” Just then, Marty arrives and Miles says to John, “Now that you know what she did, what are you going to do. Your obligated to report what you know.” As John and Miles argue over where Marty’s going to sleep and who she’s going to go home with, Marty finally snaps and says, “I’m making my own choices!” After Miles reminds Marty, in a roundabout way, that he’ll hurt John if she leaves him, Marty thanks John but says, “Miles is my husband…”

    After Marty convinces Miles to go ahead of her, John says to Marty, “What else is Laurence holding over you?” When Marty begs John to please understand and says, “My son is my priority,” John replies, “I’m trying.” Over talk of Marty’s test results, she informs John that the doctor said, “I may never get my memory of the time period back.” As Marty is ready to leave, John grabs her arm and says, “You’re not going back there. Spend the night at my place.”

    Opposite Side Of The Bars?

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    In the hospital, Marty says to John, “Maybe you’re right, maybe I didn’t kill Spencer.” Thinking back, Marty remembers Spencer being alive - and Marty being somewhere else - not in Blair’s room, but in a room containing bunk beds and scrubs. When John brings her to the ‘on call room,’ Marty remembers waking up in there with a headache. John is sure that someone knocked Marty out on the night Spencer was murdered! Concentrating on that night, Marty says she left the room, went to her car then got a text message from Cole, which brought her back inside the hospital! However, when her memory goes blank, Marty once again thinks she must’ve killed Spencer and says, “Obviously, I’m blocking it out for some reason.” Except John says, “My instinct is telling me you didn’t do it. I trust that and I think you need to trust it too.” Before John leaves to find a doctor - to set up a catscan for Marty - he says, “Miles needs to be stopped.” John leaves…

    Case Closed!

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    When John brings Marty back to the scene of the crime, she asks, “If this works, and I’m the murderer, what will you do?” John assures her they’ll cross that bridge when - or if - it comes then they begin going over the night of Spencer’s murder. Remembering that night, Marty says, “I saw some people. There was something weird about the way they were acting.” As Marty thinks back, she sees a blurry picture of a man and a woman. At John’s persistence, Marty remembers seeing Paige and Rex! Suddenly, Marty says, “On the way to Blair’s room… I called you the night of Spencer’s murder.”

    Marty Confesses To John!

    Monday, June 25 2007

    In his office, John informs Marty that the tape is blank and says, "But I have a feeling the tape Miles has isn't." After pushing Marty for the truth, she finally admits that Miles blackmailed her into marriage. Although Marty assures John that Miles won't hurt her, and admits that they haven't slept together, she slips and says, "If I hadn't married him, Cole would be a ward of the state and you would be..." John wants answers and asks, "I would be what?" Marty says doesn't want John to get hurt then brings up the possibility that Miles could be responsible for Todd's disappearance. Despite wanting to ring Miles' neck, John promises not to confront him but warns, "If he puts a hand on you or Cole, I'll kill him!" After John suggests talking about what happened the night of Spencer's murder, Marty remembers going to the hospital to talk to Blair about Starr and Cole and says, "I must've saw Spencer attacking her and killed him!" But John still doesn't buy it and suggests they go back to the crime scene!

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