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    One Life To Live CAST - Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past) Played by Christina Chambers on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Chambers

    Birthday: 1969/10/24
    Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Logue
    Real Name: Christina Chambers
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Marty Dies!

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    Although John tries to get Mary loose from the rumble, she screams in pain then begs him to find Cole! When Marty doesn’t get an answer after screaming out Cole’s name, John explains that he must have been thrown from the van – along with Simon! At Marty’s persistence, John stands up in the van, shines the flashlight around the vicinity then spots Cole motionless on the ledge of the cliff! Although John doesn’t tell Marty what he saw, he promises to go take a look around. Before he goes, Marty confesses that she’s always known John was a man she could trust… With a kiss to her hand, John jumps out then heads up the cliff to Cole – without noticing the gas seeping from the van’s gas tank!

    After John reaches Cole, he explains how he needs to get back to the van to get Marty out. Just as Cole promises to stay put, there’s an explosion! As Cole screams, “Mom!” John rushes toward the van, with Cole close behind, but neither can get close enough to the flame-engulfed vehicle, leaving Cole screaming, “No!”

    Save My Son!

    Monday, December 03 2007

    Finally, under the rumble, John manages to find Marty who barely says, “John…” Although John tries to get Marty out of the van, she starts screaming for Cole and begs John to help her son!

    Negotiations Begin!

    Friday, November 30 2007

    Once Marty and Cole are shoved into a van, Cole comforts his mother. Suddenly, over Cole’s shoulder, Marty sees John who puts his finger to his mouth for Marty to stay quiet. In the bushes, although Lee is ecstatic at seeing the men he’s been chasing for years, John warns him to think of Marty and Cole’s safety! Just then, Simon pulls Marty from the van, wraps his hand around her throat and demands information! When John and Lee rush the men in an attempt to save them, they too become victims! As one of the men lifts a gun to shoot John, Marty screams, “No!!!!” as John states, “Wait, I think I have what you want.”

    With a gun to John and Lee’s head, John talks about a computer chip he has but says they won’t get it until Marty and Cole are released. “You’ve been holding out on me,” Lee snaps! However, John ignores him then asks Simon, who’s willing to make a deal, to talk to Marty and Cole alone. After John is allowed to talk to Marty and Cole, telling them to stay calm and promising he’ll get them out of this, Simon says, “We’re going to do this my way. Marty will call you with the time and the place of the exchange.”

    Just like that, the men leave with Marty and Cole to which Lee reminds John, “They could be dead the minute that van rounds the bend!” After Lee knocks out the man left to watch over them, he rushes after the van and begins shooting out its tires, ultimately causing it to veer off the side of the road and drop over the edge!

    Charlie Arrives At The Vineyard!

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    Inside the building in Ireland, as Cole and Marty are wondering what the man outside their door will do next, the door is flung open and another man is thrown inside – Patrick Thornhart’s best friend, Simon! After Simon explains how he was abducted, he warns Marty that these men will kill if they don’t get what they want then begs her to think! Although both Marty and Cole claim they know nothing, Simon keeps grilling them and accuses, “I think you do.” However, it isn’t until Simon says something about the men breaking into Marty’s apartment that Cole realizes Simon is the one behind their kidnapping! “I killed your father too,” Simon admits while pulling out a gun. “And I’ll kill you too and make your pretty mom watch if I don’t get what I want. Dig for it, Marty. Patrick must have given you a clue!” As Marty screams something about a line from a poem that Patrick recited to her before he died, Simon pulls Cole in, puts the gun to his head and yells, “Think Marty!”

    John Finds A Clue!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    In Ireland, when a man enters the darkened room demanding certain ‘names’ from Patrick’s past from Marty, Marty insists she doesn’t have the answers! After the man leaves, Marty admits to Cole, “Your father died with a very big secret. I have been keeping something from you.” As Marty explains how Patrick was murdered, Cole is upset that his mother never told him the truth to which she admits that regardless of them having been kidnapped, she was going to tell the truth, “Because of John.” Just as Cole takes Marty’s hand in forgiveness, the man comes back in and warns that they have until the crack of dawn to give him the information he wants – or one of them will die! Alone again, Marty cries, “I don’t know what they want! Your father kept everything from me!”

    Trapped By The Past!

    Friday, November 16 2007

    As Marty is praying for someone to help her, suddenly, the door to the darkened room is opened and a man throws Cole in! After the man quickly closes the door, Marty and Cole exchange stories about what happened to them. Though Marty claims they are somewhere in Ireland, Cole demands, “Who are these guys? What do they want with us?” As Marty explains that John knows she’s missing – and promises that he’s going to find them – a man outside the door holds a gun!

    Where's Marty & Cole?

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    In a room somewhere, Marty wakes up on the floor wondering, “Where am I?” When she manages to get up, Marty rushes to pound on the door screaming, “No!” Not getting anywhere, Marty drops back to the floor and says, “John, please find me.”

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