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    One Life To Live CAST - Britney Jennings - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Britney Jennings Played by Portia Reiners on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Portia Reiners

    Birthday: 1990/03/08
    Real Name: Portia Reiners
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Evil Hauntings

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    At school, Starr tells Langston that she and Cole kissed. Just then, Britney arrives with Cole close behind. Langston warns Starr that she and Cole better be careful since they're not supposed to be seen together. When Marcie walks in, Starr makes a quick attempt to cover-up her 'close' interaction with Cole, but Marcie sees right through it. "Nice try," Marcie says. Marcie warns Cole and Starr about the ramifications of them getting caught, then heads to class. Tired of everyone looking at them as if they were under a microscope, Cole and Starr come up with a plan. In front of Britney, Cole and Starr stage a fight, then Cole leaves. Britney tells her friend that no matter what, she's going to find out what Cole and Starr are up to.

    A False Paper Trail

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    As Marcie watches Cole and Starr talk, she overhears Britney tell her friends that she's going to make sure that Starr does not get Cole! Suddenly, Britney rushes over to Cole and Starr and acts as though she's so happy that their moms are okay. Marcie interrupts and tells the kids to get to class.

    Hidden Desires

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    In class, Cole watches as Britney shows Marcie a get-well card that she wants the whole class to sign for Starr. Afterwards, Langston overhears Britney talking trash about Starr and realizes that she is trying to act as though she wants to be friends with Starr just to get to Cole. When Britney goes to Cole, Langston calls Starr and tells her to get to school now!

    Later, Britney goes to Starr and gives her the get well card for Blair. When Cole goes to his locker, Britney turns away from Starr and says, "Hey Cole." Suddenly, Starr pushes Britney out of the way and takes Cole in a kiss!

    Heat Within The Storm

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Starr tells Cole not to blame himself for the team's loss. Just then, Allison comes up to Starr and says if Starr had slept with Cole that night, he never would've got busted for steroids and they would have won the game! She then goes on to say that Britney was the one who put on the nasty slideshow about Starr's dad at the dance. Surprisingly, Britney comes to Starr and admits her part in the slideshow! She apologizes, then runs off. Although Starr is leery, she says that everyone deserves a second chance.

    Mistaken Identity

    Wednesday, November 15 2006

    Starr screams for Cole to stop as he tears the room apart. Starr says she's sorry, that she's not ready to have sex. When she tries to leave, Cole grabs her by the arm, tells her she's lucky to be with him, the steroids clearly having an effect over Cole's actions. Starr tries leaving again, and Cole goes to her, says he's sorry. However, Starr manages to leave with Cole screaming that he didn't mean to hurt her. Langston asks Britney if she's seen Starr. Britney makes a comment that she's probably doing drugs with her boyfriend, Cole. Starr grabs Langston, tells her they have to leave now! Cole yells for her to wait, Starr stops and Cole says, "I can explain." Britney goes up to the bedroom, sees the room a mess! Britney comes up with a plan to destroy Cole and Starr. She makes a call to the police, saying she's Starr Manning and a boy named Cole attacked her!

    He's Alive!

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    Cole and Starr arrive at a wild party where everyone is drinking and having a blast. Everyone's chanting Cole's name, fellow football players pick him up and whisk Cole off. Langston tells Starr that Cole totally likes her. Britney approaches, says if Starr hooks up with Cole, she'll regret it. Britney claims to be looking out for Starr, tells her that Cole is who Starr should be worried about. Cole's friend asks him if he's going to take advantage of Starr's interest in him. Cole's friends taunt him about Starr, causing Cole to flip out and fight. When Starr and Cole are ready to walk away, Cole's football buddy yells out, "Starr, try not to rape Cole. I know it's in your family." Cole turns around and punches the guy in the face. As Cole and Starr go upstairs, Britney takes a picture of them on her cell phone.

    Am I Who You Really Want?

    Monday, November 13 2006

    Cheers explode after Cole won the game. Britney approaches Starr and Cole, hands them a pop. Cole freaks on Britney, says that he isn't buying her friendly act. Starr tells Cole she's not worth it. Langston warns Starr that Britney is up to something. Before Cole goes into the locker room, he invites Starr to a big party. Langston tells Starr if she doesn't go to the party with Cole, Britney will be all over him. Starr agrees to go to the party. Britney tells her friends that tonight Cole is going to get what's coming to him!

    When Cole comes out, Britney pushes herself on Cole, and he screams for her to get away from him. Starr calls home, tells Todd that she's going to stay at Langston's. Cole calls his mom, tells her he's going to a party. Britney looks on, witnessing how on edge Cole is, commenting that the pills are doing a number on Cole. Everyone leaves for the party.

    Emotions Run High

    Friday, November 10 2006

    Britney finds the steroids in Cole's locker, but doesn't take them. She leaves the lock room… Cole's makes a big play in the game, and Britney goes to Starr during halftime, asks for a truce. Although Starr knows that Britney is up to something, she goes along with Britney's game. Britney and her friends talk about the drugs Britney found in his locker. In the locker room, the coach puts more pressure on Cole to win the game. Before heading back on the field, Cole pops some steroids.

    After the game, the coach praises Cole for winning. Britney looks to Cole and Starr, says they'll get what's coming to them.

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