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    One Life To Live CAST - Britney Jennings - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Britney Jennings Played by Portia Reiners on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Portia Reiners

    Birthday: 1990/03/08
    Real Name: Portia Reiners
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Let The Games Begin!

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    Alone with Langston, Starr thanks her for trying to stick up for her then looks at Cole and Britney with sadness and says, "It's bad enough I have to be in the musical with them, now I get to watch them bond."

    What Is Tate Hiding?

    Monday, May 21 2007

    Out in the hallway, Cole urges Britney to meet with Henry's parents and says, "I'll be there with you. We don't want to keep them waiting." Cole leads the way... After they return to the school, Britney announces to her peers, "I have something to say to you!"

    Jessica's Prognosis Is In...

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At Hollowed Grounds coffee shop, Cole admits to Britney that he's not thrilled about getting pulled into the school musical. When asked if it'll be hard working with Starr, Cole snaps, "We almost got killed the other day and you're still gossiping! Do you want to know why everyone hates you?" Surprisingly, Britney admits her downsides - and that people blame her for Henry's death - then begs for a fresh start. After listening to talk of how she was raised and how her friends act, Cole agrees to give their friendship a shot. Just then, Britney gets a call that puts her in tears. "It was Henry's uncle saying Henry's parents wants to meet with me." Knowing how scared Britney is, Cole agrees to go with her.

    As Cole is comforting Britney, Langston walks in and sees them together! Langston immediately calls Starr and says, "I'm here at Hollowed Grounds and Cole is here with Britney. I think they're on a date!"

    Slapped With A Kiss!

    Monday, May 14 2007

    At the Palace, Britney's parents are anything but sympathetic to her situation. Although Britney wants to go back to school to see of she made the cast list, her parents imply that she doesn't have enough talent and suggests she focus on protecting their family's name! Upset, on Britney's way out of The Palace, she steals a bottle of wine!

    Sitting on the swing in the park, Britney takes out the bottle of wine just as Cole arrives and says, "Britney, big mistake." Cole manages to get the wine from Britney then takes her to the coffeehouse. While talking about the accident, Cole assures Britney that although she set Henry off, it wasn't totally her fault and says, "Just try to be nice to everyone." Before Cole leaves, he admits - at Britney's questioning - that he's still in love with Starr.

    Out in the school hallway, Britney gets the disappointing news that Starr got the lead over her in the musical.

    With Cole watching from afar, Starr sings as Langston plays the piano. After they're done, Langston and Marcie leave. Cole confronts Starr and says, "That was amazing and so are you." After they both admit they miss each other, Starr confesses how alone she feels with her dad missing and all. Cole assures her she's not alone then takes Starr in a kiss!

    A Fatal Confession?

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    At Britney's locker, she jokes with Cole on how 'great' her life is going to be with the whole school blaming her for Henry's death. Although Cole blames Henry's actions on the drugs, he says, "You were cruel to him. Wake up - you're not innocent."

    Out in the school hallway, Britney's parents ask for Dorian's support in their lawsuit against the school! However, Dorian refuses and joins Starr, Langston and Marty. When Marcie arrives, she blames herself for not 'seeing' the signs within Henry and compares herself to him as a teenager.

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