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    One Life To Live CAST - Britney Jennings - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Britney Jennings Played by Portia Reiners on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Portia Reiners

    Birthday: 1990/03/08
    Real Name: Portia Reiners
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Markko and Langston appoint Starr and Cole king and queen and they accept! While Starr and Cole are dancing, Britney whispers, "That crown was supposed to be mine." Suddenly, the gym turns into a dance club as Britney and Starr sing a rival tune titled, "Night To Remember." Later, after Cole and Starr tell Langston that they're back together, Cole briefly acknowledges Britney then whisks Starr to the locker room to clean up.

    Just as Cole and Starr are leaving, Britney stands before them and screams at Cole for being such a jerk then says to Starr, "You didn't even want him until he wanted someone else!" After Cole and Starr apologize, and leave, Britney thinks back on memories of seeing Cole and Starr together then finds herself singing a rock song titled, "It's War."

    "What's Your Heart Saying?"

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    At prom, when Britney tells her friends that Cole went to look for Starr, one of the girls hands Britney a flask.

    At prom, as Markko is looking at his cell phone, Marcie says, "I want you to go ask Langston to dance." Although he doesn't want to, Markko follows Marcie - leaving his cell phone behind! When Britney happens to hear his phone ringing, she answers and tells Starr, "Markko went to get me something to drink. I've been making out with Cole!" After Britney hangs up, her friends are happy to see the 'old Britney' back and they all sing, "Why Is The Cheerleader Always The…"

    As Marcie tells Markko that Langston and him are great together, Britney eyes the ballot boxes and asks her friends to help her become prom queen! While Langston briefly walks away from the ballot boxs, Britney puts her plan into action. However, Marcie halts her in her tracks then gets an idea and begins filling out the voting ballots!

    Prom Night: Anything But...

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Starr in her room - and Cole in his - both imagine being with the other for prom… At Britney's, although she thinks tonight is going to be perfect, Amber says, "Unless Starr screws it up for you."

    Throughout Llanview, Starr, Britney and Langston sing a song, "It isn't Easy To Be Me Sometimes."

    As Cole is waiting outside of Britney's door, he imagines Starr answering and taking him in her arms with a kiss. However, the vision is banished when Britney opens the door and invites Cole in. Later, when Cole and Britney arrive at prom, Cole appears to be looking for Starr - and Langston calls him out in front of Britney! Although Cole denies it, he can't help looking at his watch - wondering what's keeping Starr. Throughout the night, seeing Cole's distraction, Britney sets out to make him forget Starr. While dancing, Britney tells Cole it's time he moved on then takes him in a kiss! Suddenly, Cole breaks the kiss and says, "I can't do this. I have to go find Starr." Sadly, Britney sings a song...

    Prom Night: The Musical!

    Friday, June 15 2007

    In the gym, Cole tells Starr he doesn't want her to go to prom with Markko then says, "I want you to go with me." Even though Cole wants Starr to dump Markko - saying he'll dump Britney - and reminds Starr that her dad isn't around to see them go to prom, Starr doesn't give in and says, "This is best for everyone." Just as Britney approaches, Marcie pulls all the kids together for one last run-through of the musical before prom… With fake smiles on some - and others just happy to be included in the production - Marcie and the kids rehearse the dance to the song, "Together."

    Both alone in their rooms at home, Cole and Starr sing a romantic song… At school, Langston joins in… as does Markko, at home, and Britney from her home while she awaits Cole… At the end of the montage, all the kids are magically in the same room within the mists of their own private emotions…

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