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    One Life To Live CAST - Britney Jennings - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Britney Jennings Played by Portia Reiners on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Portia Reiners

    Birthday: 1990/03/08
    Real Name: Portia Reiners
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Sarah's Secret Exposed!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    In Dorian’s living room, Blair shows Dorian the website she’s created for people to leave tips on ‘Todd sightings.’ Although Dorian thinks Blair and the kids are better off without Todd, Blair disagrees and says she wants more than anything to reconcile with Todd! Out in the foyer, Britney warns Starr that what she’s about to say could ruin both Starr and Blair’s lives! As Starr is throwing Britney out, Britney says, “I don’t know where your dad is, but I know someone who does… Cole.” Although Starr doesn’t believe Britney when she tells her about the conversation she overheard between Cole and Miles, Britney says, “Go ask him.” Hearing all the yelling, Blair joins them and asks, “Are you yelling about your father?” As Blair is reaming Britney, Dorian calls her back into the living room and says, “Marty has confessed to killing Spencer.” Overhearing, Starr begs Blair to take her to the police station to see Cole!

    Cole & Marty Confess Their Secrets!

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    During a four-way talk with her friends, Britney wants nothing more than to damage Starr and Cole’s relationship forever! Suspicious that Cole knows something about Starr’s father’s disappearance, Britney tells Heather, “You’re right. If you want to screw some over, there’s no time like the present.”

    Starr and Langston arrive at Dorian’s. Over talk of Markko and Cole, Starr tells her best friend about Britney’s latest attempt to break up Cole and her by saying, “She said Cole is lying to me.” Laughing, Starr goes on, “No one is going to break us apart.” After Langston leaves, Britney shows up and says she’s there to tell Starr exactly what Cole is hiding from her!

    Secrets Start to Unravel

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    Across the way, the mean girls discuss how long Britney plans on making Cole sweat while Cole asks Starr what Britney said to her earlier. After Starr fills him in, Cole confronts Britney demanding to know what she said about him. She responds by saying, "I told her that you're hiding a really big juicy secret from her and that's true isn't it?" Cole sternly warns Britney to "Leave Starr the Hell alone."


    Monday, July 16 2007

    When Cole goes over the Dorian’s to see Starr, he takes her in a kiss. Suddenly, Britney appears and says, “You better get all that in while you can, kids!” After Britney taunts them briefly, Starr snaps on Cole then apologizes and blames it on her worry for Todd.

    At Rodies, while waiting for Miles and Marty, Starr tells Cole she’s hoping Miles will slip up and reveal something about Todd. Just then, Blair arrives and tells Starr about breaking down at Capricorn. After telling Starr and Cole to enjoy their date, Miles and Marty show up and Miles asks Blair to join them! However, Blair passes, tells Starr to get home safely then heads to the bar. Across the room, Britney tells her friends she's going to mess with Cole and Starr! When Britney goes to Starr’s table, she asks to talk to Starr. Although Cole objects, Starr walks off with Britney. While Marty is taking a call from work, Cole says to Miles, “Where are you hiding Starr’s father? He better be okay.” Miles reminds Cole they’re doing ‘all this’ to protect Marty then says, “Calm down. You’re drawing attention to yourself. Start acting like you’re happy to be part of this new family.” Watching Miles, Blair whispers to herself, “What do you know about Todd.” As Marty is walking back to her table, Blair stops her, admits she knows Marty has nothing to do with Todd’s disappearance, then offers to help her and Cole get away from Miles – if Marty helps her find Todd!

    Across the room, Britney tells Starr, “Cole is lying to you about something totally huge!” Although Starr tells Britney to choke on her words, Britney grabs Starr’s arm and replies, “You’ll be the one choking on them.”

    "I'm Tired Of Lying To Starr!"

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Just then, Britney and her crew take a seat across the room. Watching Cole and Starr, Britney begins thinking Cole is hiding something and tells her friends how she wants to ‘pay him back’ for what he did to her! When Britney overhears Cole say they’re going to the movies, she looks at the girls and says, “Want to go to the movies?”

    Later, when Cole gets a call from Miles, he walks away from the table and says, “I’m tired of lying to Starr!” And Britney overhears!

    Divorce Papers: Served!

    Friday, June 22 2007

    At school, as Starr rants about Blair's attitude, Cole says, "My mom changed her mind, maybe yours will too." When Langston and Markko join them, Starr and Cole explain their troubles - and Britney gloats about it! After everyone leaves, Cole says, "We can take everything as long as we're together." Just then, Starr gets a call from Blair who says, "I'm sorry about before… I was thinking it might be okay for you to see Cole." With excitement, Starr relays the news to Cole! Watching on, Britney says, "Oh, they're so happy… I guess I'll have to do something about that."

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