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    One Life To Live CAST - Britney Jennings - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Britney Jennings Played by Portia Reiners on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Portia Reiners

    Birthday: 1990/03/08
    Real Name: Portia Reiners
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Husband and Wife!

    Thursday, November 09 2006

    Starr walks into the gym, awaiting Cole's big game, not knowing the cheerleaders are practicing. When she turns to leave, she walks into Cole. They talk about the game, his worries about losing, but Starr says he'll do great. Cole comments that everyone has been putting tons of pressure on him. He leaves to get suited up. Britney notices Starr, talks loudly to her friends that she's suppose to meet Cole in the locker room. Langston tells Starr that Britney is lying, tells her to go look into the locker room. Starr takes the mascot suit to disguise herself.

    In the locker room, the coach lays more pressure on Cole, tells him that the game is on his shoulder. After the coach leaves, Cole's friend shows up with some steroids. Although Cole tries to turn him away, says he doesn't want to use them anymore, he caves in, takes the steroids. Britney walks in, tries to get Cole to 'be' with her, but Cole tells her to get lost. Britney kisses Cole, and he pushes her away, tells her to never do that again, that he doesn't want her! Starr sees it all. Britney tells Cole he'll regret it, then leaves. Starr leaves, too. Cole tells his friend that he lost it on Britney, tries to give him back the steroids, but his friend leaves empty-handed.

    Starr goes to Langston, tells her what she saw. Langston laughs, tells Starr that the kid who plays the mascot left. Starr is forced to be the mascot for the game. When she overhears Britney telling her friends that she made it with Cole, Starr trips her and everyone laughs. Britney stands up, pulls off the mascot head and Cole smiles at Starr, amused by what she did. Britney stomps off, and Cole goes to Starr, tells her that Britney came on to him. In the locker room, Britney opens Cole's locker, finds the steroids…

    Spencer... No!

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    Starr's principal sees her in the hallway, tells her to get to her office. Just as Starr tells Langston that she wishes the whole night at the dance didn't happen, Cole joins them, questions Starr whether she really meant the 'whole' night, asks her if she regrets their kiss. Starr smiles, says no. After Cole leaves, Britney makes a remark to Starr. The principal, again, instructs them both to get to her office.

    Blair and Todd are waiting for Starr's principal. They are angry about what happened to Starr at the dance. Just as Blair makes a remark about Britney's parents, they come storming in, saying that their daughter is so much better than Starr. Todd tells Britney's dad to kiss his… just as the principal and the girls walk in! Britney says that she never meant to hurt Starr, and she gets two months suspension. Britney puts on a sweet front, says she's sorry. The girls are sent to class. Out in the hall, Britney tells Starr she's dead!

    Back in class, the girls are asked to read their assignments out loud. Britney stands up, reads her essay titled, "The Rapist." Todd stands in the doorway, overhears…

    Marcie tells Britney that her essay didn't count, that she didn't research it for the right reasons. The bell rings and Starr leaves…

    An Early Arrival

    Friday, October 27 2006

    Britney looks at Cole and Starr from afar. Britney has something up her sleeve. Langston taunts Britney, says that it looks as though Cole really likes Starr. After Langston leaves, Britney vows that tonight, she'll take down the whole Manning Clan.

    Suddenly, the room gets dark… The slideshow starts, a very mean showcase surrounding a day in the life of Starr… They show all of Todd's past convictions, the rape. A teacher turns a light on, demanding to know who did this. Cole screams for everyone to shut-up. Once it's quiet, Cole announces that Britney must have done this, that it looks like 'her work.' The teacher takes Britney away, and Starr thanks Cole for what he did. Starr and Cole dance.


    Tuesday, October 24 2006

    Starr approaches Cole, asks him if he'll go to the dance with her. He says he can't, that he's going with Britney, that no one else had asked him. He says that he's sorry, and Starr tells him not to worry about it. After Cole leaves, Britney gloats to Starr about being Cole's date. Cole comes back, tells Britney that he heard she can't go to the dance because of what she said about Starr's dad in class. He looks to Starr, tells her it's a date, that he'll go to the dance with her! Britney looks to Starr with fire in her eyes!

    What Was I Thinking?

    Monday, October 23 2006

    Starr and Langston run into Britney at the coffee house, but they ignore them. Starr tells Langston about giving Cole his clothes back. Just then, Cole comes in. Cole waves to Starr, making Britney mad. Starr and Langston head to school.

    Marcie begins to speak in front of Starr's class, sees Britney acting like a snob. When Marcie asks what the kids will be writing their essays about for class, Britney says "Rape," questions Starr about her father raping someone in college and Starr calls her a witch. The teacher gives Britney and Starr detention. Outside the classroom, Langston suggests that Starr ask Cole to the dance to tick off Britney.

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