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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan (Past) Played by Carly Simon and Sam Malone Wolfe on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carly Simon and Sam Malone Wolfe

    Real Name: Carly Simon and Sam Malone Wolfe


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    Surrounded By Family

    Friday, December 22 2006

    When Jessica arrives at Nash's, she chuckles over Bree's jacket. When asked if Santa was good to her, Jessica gives Nash back the locket and says she's concerned about what it means. Nash laughs and tells Jessica to open it, and she finds a picture of Bree inside. Jessica thanks Nash just as Antonio barges in. Jessica shows Antonio the locket, and Antonio helps her put it on as Nash stands by watching… Jessica looks to Nash. Antonio gives Nash a gift, a constructing contract in order to complete his winery. They all toast to getting everything they want in the coming year…


    Thursday, December 21 2006

    Evangeline, Lindsay, Marcie, Jessica, Bree and Antonio show up and Cristian tells him that he wants to give all the kids and families of Angels Square some holiday cheer. Evangeline and Marcie sing a holiday carol for all of Angel Square as more loved ones show up to share the holiday with gifts of clothing for the community.


    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    Nash brings Jessica and Bree to Llanfair, and Jessica asks him to stay. They go in to join Jessica's family, and Asa makes a crack that he doesn't belong there. Viki steps forward and tells Nash to stay, says that he's always welcomed there. Nash looks around the room and comments that the Buchanan's go all out for Christmas. Clint throws Nash some lights and asks him to help with the tree.

    Well, Hello Tess!

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Just as Jessica goes and sits with Nash, a man comes up to her, says, "Hi Tess, it's me, Reg." Jessica looks troubled, tells the man she doesn't remember him, that her name is Jessica-not Tess. The man apologizes and goes back to the bar, thinking that 'Tess' was just trying to hide their affair… Jessica tells Nash and Antonio that she remembers that Tess and the man spent a couple of nights together.

    A Shocking Twist!

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Back at his apartment, Nash is holding Bree, talking to her about Tess. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, and Nash opens it to find Jessica!

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