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    One Life To Live CAST - Nigel Bartholomew Smythe

    Full detailed profile on Nigel Bartholomew Smythe Played by Peter Bartlett on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Peter Bartlett
    Nigel Bartholomew Smythe

    Actor: Peter Bartlett

    Who played Nigel Bartholomew Smythe over the years

    Peter Bartlett (1991 - present)

    Useful information on Nigel Bartholomew Smythe

    * Loyal manservant of Asa Buchanan.
    * Resides at the Buchanan Mansion.
    * Had a steamy affair with Roxy.
    * Owned the Angels Square Hotel.
    * Helped hide the fact that David Vickers was Asa's son.


    Current: Buchanan Family Manservant
    Past: Owner of the Angel's Square Hotel


    Nigel Bartholomew Smythe has been the loyal manservant to Asa Buchanan since 1991. He was always there for Asa no matter what. When Asa faked his death, Nigel put on his grieving face and went right along with it, as he did on many occasions when asked by the great man.

    Nigel shocked many a few years back when he hooked up with Roxanne Balsom. The two started out as friends, two odd links who didn't have much in common with the other citizens of Llanview. Very quickly, Nigel and Roxy found that they couldn't keep their hands off of each other and had a steamy affair for months! Roxy soon convinced Nigel to move out from Asa's thumb and fulfill his dream of running a hotel. Although Asa threatened to never speak to Nigel again, Nigel held his ground, moved out of the Buchanan mansion and bought the Angels Square Hotel. For months, Nigel was content with the remodeling and running of the hotel, but then soon missed the life he'd always known... With much protest from Roxy, Nigel broke off their affair and moved back into the mansion to serve his master. However, the heart in Nigel touched Roxy when he handed her the deed to the Hotel and told her she'd do a better job at running it!

    After Nigel found out that David Vickers was Asa's long lost son, he tried his hardest to keep the news from the family but ultimately came clean when it couldn't be hidden anymore.

    Nigel's cousin Neval took on the manservant role to the Buchanans in London, and Nigel was always there when Neval had a question about Buchanan loyalty - and who to be loyal to.

    Clint convinced Nigel to stay at the Buchanan Mansion and be loyal to him. Though Nigel warned Clint against the shady dealings he had been getting into, and still tried to protect him, he was forced to admit to Bo that Clint didn't return home on the night Eddie Ford had been murdered.

    To this day, Nigel continues to be a loyal friend to all of the Buchanan men and was a protector and caretaker to the eldest... Asa Buchanan.






    Neval Smythe (cousin)




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    Monday, July 15 2013: Tell Me You're Not Going There Again.

    Viki throws her engagement ring in a drawer at Llanfair. Clint appears and refuses to grovel anymore. If Viki wants out, she's got it. He was only trying to help the woman he loves and wonders why she insists on doing everything alone. She makes it impossible for anyone to love her. Clint walks off. Nigel appears to say goodbye. He'll miss Viki and is saddened to hear she's lost everything and will have to sell Llanfair. Nigel thinks Viki should accept Clint's help.

    Viki goes to Clint's office and agrees to keep his money. After she leaves, Nigel appears. "Remind me to give you a raise," Clint says.

    Monday, April 29 2013: I'm Not Really Into Cougars.

    Clint looks at Viki's engagement ring at Llanfair. Viki comments on its beauty then shows Clint The Banner's article. Dorian is at the center of yet another scandal. Nigel answers the door to Jeffrey King. Viki welcomes her freelance reporter and congratulates him on a job well done. Later, Dorian barges in and accuses Viki of clawing her in the back.

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