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    One Life To Live CAST - Eve McBain

    Full detailed profile on Eve McBain Played by Lisby Larson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisby Larson
    Eve McBain

    Actor: Lisby Larson

    Who played Eve McBain over the years

    Libby Larson (October 2006 - November 2006)

    Useful information on Eve McBain

    * Resides in Atlantic City.
    * Performed at Capricorn.
    * Gave Natalie Buchanan her engagement ring after her son John was presumed dead.


    Current: Lounge Singer


    A woman with a beautiful voice and a broken heart that never healed, Eve McBain hasn't had occasion to visit Llanview nearly enough. With a music career as a lounge singer, Eve resides in Atlantic City where she sooths the hearts of many through her music as a way of subsiding her grief of having lost her husband Thomas McBain in the line of duty.

    In 2005, she came to Llanview for a brief visit to see her two sons John and Michael and had the pleasure of performing for the crowd at Capricorn.

    It wasn't until 2006 when her son John was presumed dead that we saw this lost soul again. However, with both her boys alive and well, we'll look forward to Eve coming back to Llanview for a visit or two in the future!


    Thomas McBain (deceased)




    Thomas McBain (husband - deceased)
    Shannon Mcbain (niece)


    John McBain (son)
    Michael McBain (son)


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    Thursday, October 12 2006: A Spontaneous Kiss

    Natalie meets Michael, Marcie and Eve in the park. They tell her before Eve leaves, they need her help with something. They ask Natalie to be Tommy's Godmother. Natalie says yes, says that it would mean so much to her. Natalie and Eve take Tommy to the church…

    Monday, October 09 2006: Are You There?

    Michael goes inside, tells everyone that John would not want them to be sad, that he'd want them to party, to talk about the good times that they shared with John. Michael lifts his glass, makes a toast to John. Michael, Marcie, Evangeline, Antonio and Eve share stories about John. Natalie arrives… She expresses to Vicki and Clint that she can't understand why everyone looks as though they're having a goodtime. Just as Michael thanks everyone for their stories, Natalie steps up, says they haven't heard from her. Natalie tells everyone that she can't join in on their fun, that everything's changed… She storms out.

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