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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood

    Birthday: July 6 1988
    Birthplace: Newark, NJ
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Underwood
    Web site:


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    I'm Ruling In Favor Of...

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    The Dean stops Langston and Starr in a Llanview U hallway. She needs to talk to Langston about Ford and her future at the college. Langston's happy to hear that she's not in trouble. The Dean assures her that what happened to Langston at the hands of Mr. Ford will not happen to any other students. The Dean vows to make sure Ford doesn't ever teach again. Langston stops the Dean from walking away but thinks twice about confessing. After the Dean leaves, Starr wonders if Langston was going to admit Ford's innocence. Langston reminds her that neither she nor Ford is innocent. She brings up seeing Markko and says, "I hurt everybody I care about." Starr urges Langston not to beat herself up over Markko. Over talk of Markko and Cole spending time together tonight, Langston wonders why Starr isn't joining them. Starr fills Langston in on Hannah and her and Cole's admission about having feelings for Hannah and James. They agreed to forget about them and concentrate on their relationship. "Are you sure you can do that?" Langston asks. Starr assures Langston she can, turns around and runs into James. After an uncomfortable exchange, Langston says, "I guess that was a good effort." Suddenly, Starr gets a call from Blair about Dani and tells Langston, "I'm losing my sister."

    We Gotta Go Now!

    Monday, September 27 2010

    Langston is surprised to see Markko at the coffeehouse. Markko returned for his father's surgery. Langston wonders why he didn't tell her. "Why should I?" Markko asks. Langston cries about how hard it was to let him go without saying goodbye. "I can't help wondering, maybe…" Langston begins but is interrupted when Markko gets a call. She listens as he thanks someone for taking him to the airport and how he didn't want to wake her… she was sleeping so soundly. When Markko hangs up, he admits he and Karen have a thing back at school. Over talk of college, Markko is furious to hear that Ford was fired for taking advantage of another girl. "That isn't exactly what happened," Langston admits but doesn't give Markko any details. Markko has to get back to the hospital. "Will I ever see you again?" Langston asks. Markko plans to head back to school soon, says, "Take care of yourself," then leaves. Ford appears, sees Langston then leaves unnoticed.

    Dani And Todd... Where Are They?

    Friday, September 24 2010

    Langston bumps into someone at the coffeehouse. It's Markko!

    Shall I Grab Some Gloves?

    Thursday, September 23 2010

    Langston and Dorian, who's in disguise, arrive at the coffeehouse. Dorian asks about Langston's classes and professors. Langston admits Ford was supposed to be one of them until she ruined his career. Dorian jumps up, hugs Langston and says, "I've never been prouder!" Langston doesn't feel very proud of herself, especially since James is suffering because of her actions. Dorian blames James' circumstances on Ford as well and warns that Langston has nothing to feel bad about. Dorian steps away and Jessica appears. She and Langston commiserate over the baby and Ford's involvement. Langston is happy that things are okay between her and Brody. Dorian returns and congratulates Jessica, who makes a quick getaway. Dorian presents Langston with a black onyx necklace. Every Cramer girl has one. Langston's actions prove she's a true Cramer. Across the room, Brody joins Jessica and assures her that everything is okay.

    What's Wrong?

    Tuesday, September 21 2010

    In another area of the park, Langston admits she set up Ford and says, "It was just a job." Starr reminds her that she also hurt James. Langston refuses to allow anyone to walk all over her. Starr tries to make Langston see how revenge can destroy her. Langston recalls how hurt Ford was. She regrets it. Starr assures her it's not too late to undo the damage and suggests she go to the Dean. "Think about it," Starr says and leaves. Later, Langston makes eye contact with Ford as he walks by.

    Tea, Please Forgive Me.

    Monday, September 20 2010

    In another area of the park, Ford asks, "You set me up?" Langston admits everything she did and says, "Markko would've been proud." Ford recalls James' warnings and replies, "My brother was right." Langston hopes Ford now knows how she felt when he hurt her. Ford apologizes for hurting her but admits he really cares about Langston. Langston thinks she got what she deserved, after hurting Markko, and says, "And now, so have you." Again, Ford apologizes for everything he did. Langston almost believes him. Ford feels bad for James. This hurts him too. Langston thinks James will be better off without him. She walks away. Suddenly, Nate appears.

    James and Starr are walking on the other side of the park. Starr tries to make sense of James' accusations in regards to Langston being back with Ford. He wonders if Starr knows who went to the Dean. Starr has no idea. Over talk of what Dani's going through, James warns, "It's not smart to count on anyone." James admits now that Ford's been fired he's lost his free ride. Starr encourages James not to give up and to fight for what he wants. James brings up the grant he applied for and agrees not to give up. After James leaves, Langston appears. Starr accuses her of setting Ford up. "So what if I did?" Langston asks.

    Come Back To Me...

    Friday, September 17 2010

    James joins Ford at Llanview U. Ford admits he and Langston are back together. Now Ford knows anything is possible. Ford confesses that he really cares about Langston. He wants to make things right this time. Students, including Starr and Langston, start rolling in and class begins. Suddenly, Dean Mackenzie appears and asks to speak to Ford in private.

    Inside, Dean Mackenzie explains to the class that Ford will no longer be their teacher. She looks at Langston and admits he was let go for inappropriate behavior with a student. After class, Starr rants to Langston about Ford fooling around again. Langston rushes off. James admits to Starr that Langston knew about Ford's mystery student. It was Langston!

    Langston meets Ford in the park. He explains that someone took pictures of them and gave them to the dean. He wonders who hates him that much. "Me," Langston admits.

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