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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood

    Birthday: July 6 1988
    Birthplace: Newark, NJ
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Underwood
    Web site:


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    Are You Sure You Don't Want To Have Sex With Me?

    Tuesday, December 07 2010

    Gigi gets Cris' class started at Llanview University. While Langston stares at Joel, the naked model, Starr wonders what's keeping James. Langston drools over Joel. Starr brings up her six month promise of celibacy. Talk turns to Marty. Starr goes over their argument. Langston thinks Todd may have been right… Marty is crazy! Joel turns toward Langston, who hears, "Are you sure you don't want to have sex with me?" Langston sees Ford in his place! Later, Starr and Langston see a flyer for Rourke's Gym and decide to go work off some frustration. Rex arrives and shows Gigi the form he took from Marty's. He doesn't understand what it means, since Natalie and Brody never slept together! Gigi suggests Rex talk to Natalie when Rex wonders out loud if it's possible these results could be real! When Joel approaches Gigi looking for his briefs, she leaves him hanging and rushes off to stop Rex from showing Brody the results.

    Rex shows up at Llanfair with the DNA results. He's looking for Natalie but finds Brody instead.

    James is beating a punching bag at the gym and ranting about Eddie. When Eddie appears, he claims a job has kept him in Llanview. Eddie taunts James about being at the gym. James does some weight training, clearly preparing for a future confrontation. After more arguing, and a little sparing, Eddie punches James just as Starr walks in. Langston hurries to call Ford, as Starr screams James' name. Soon after, Ford rushes in and challenges Eddie to fight someone who is better at fighting him back! Ford wishes Eddie would've taken the $50,000 and just left. Ford challenges Eddie to a ten round boxing match. If Ford wins, Eddie is to leave town.

    He Had This Thing With My Aunt.

    Monday, November 29 2010

    Over at the mansion, everyone begs James to go to the hospital. James refuses. Nate and Dani arrive and wonder what happened to James' face. James stays hush but Ford orders him to tell Nate, saying, "He's his father too." When James won't, Starr does. Ford warns Nate never to cross Eddie. Nate is worried about Inez and rushes off with Dani. Later, alone, while Starr is putting ice on James' bruise, she gets a call from Statesville. Cole's been in a fight.

    Outside the mansion, Langston tries to get Ford not to leave. Ford apologizes, kisses Langston goodbye and vows never to let Eddie hurt James again. Langston heads back into the mansion as Starr rushes out on her way to Statesville.

    I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    At La Boulaie, Cris joins Blair in the living room and gives her the box from Eli. He suggests she open it. Blair snaps at Cris, reminding him she wants nothing to do with it! Out in the foyer, Langston admits to Starr that she invited James. She didn't think Starr would mind. Not unless she's still into him. Langston reminds Starr that she can't stop living. Just as Langston brings up her ban on sex with Ford, he and James arrive. Starr tries to rush away but James stops her. Blair and Cris appear. Langston defends Ford against Blair's condescending words. Dorian appears. She found a man outside who says he was invited to dinner. Eddie waltzes in with a six-pack of beer! Insults start to fly out of Eddie's mouth when it's apparent Starr is a young mother. Blair stands up for Starr, as does James. When Ford tries to get Eddie to leave, he calls Starr a slut! James jumps at his father, who punches him in the face.

    Brody and Bo arrive at Dorian's and arrest Eddie, who warns that James will pay for this. On top of what he already owes him! Starr rushes after James. Ford admits to Langston that he'll never forgive himself for leaving James with Eddie all of those years. Dorian doesn't like Ford but says no one deserves a father like Eddie. Across the room, Cris apologizes to Blair. He'll take the box away. Blair tells him it's okay. She'll keep it there.

    And The Father Is...

    Monday, November 22 2010

    Ford and Langston are at the mansion. He wonders if Langston means no sex ever. "Would that be a problem?" Langston asks. She wants to wait six months to test their relationship and got the idea from Rex and Gigi. Ford tells Langston to remind him to thank Rex and Gigi. He wants to prove to Langston that he really cares but says, "Six months!" Ford gets a call from Jessica then relays the news to Langston that he's not the father of Jessica's baby. Langston thinks it's great news but wonders why Ford seems upset. Ford admits the situation has made him realize he'd like to be father one day and agrees to Langston's terms. "Because I think you're worth it," he says.

    I Thought She Would Never Leave.

    Friday, November 19 2010

    When Ford and Langston arrive at Capricorn, Blair acts as though they don't have a reservation. Langston grabs the guestbook and points it out. Later, Blair takes the stage and sings a love song, as Ford places his hand over Langston's. Once the song's over, Blair watches as Langston leaves the table and takes a seat by Ford. "I thought she would never leave," Blair purrs and suggests they go to her backroom. Ford wants to wait for Langston. "She'll never know we're gone," Blair urges. Langston walks by the bar and overhears Rex and Gigi admitting they are stronger now for waiting to have sex again. As Langston approaches the table, Blair tries to get Ford to kiss her. Ford leaves to get the car. Langston accuses Blair of embarrassing herself. Blair wants Langston to remember that she was reeling Ford in until she appeared.

    Rex and Gigi return to the loft and jump back into bed.

    Ford and Langston arrive outside the mansion. She realizes what she needs to do, kisses Ford and says goodnight. Ford leaves after Langston enters the mansion alone.

    Inside the living room, Todd finds Starr in a bad mood. She refuses to sign a document for Hope's trust fund and accuses Todd of loving it that Cole is out of her life. Todd admits he hated Cole and compares him to his crazy mother. Starr blames Todd for how Marty turned out. Todd hates seeing Starr and Hope suffer. Cole's finally out of Starr's life… Todd just needs to get Marty out too. Starr demands that Todd leave Marty alone. She's Hope's grandmother. Later, Starr signs Todd's document concerning Hope's trust fund.

    Ford shows up at the mansion and tells Langston he's okay that they didn't have sex last night. Langston says good because they won't be having sex for a while.

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