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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood

    Birthday: July 6 1988
    Birthplace: Newark, NJ
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Underwood
    Web site:


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    You're Even Hotter When You're Wet.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    Starr and James meet Langston at the diner. They talk about what Starr walked in on at James' apartment. Langston hopes Ford's plan works. Langston changes the subject to Starr and James. She's happy for them and warns James better never hurt Starr. He promises not to.

    I Thought You'd Never Buy A Clue.

    Monday, March 07 2011

    Starr finds Langston at the mansion and hears about Ford and Tess. Langston says Starr should be lucky she doesn't have to deal with a man. Starr admits she and James are together. She gets a call from James and agrees to head over to help them out with Ryder. Langston assures Starr she's okay with it.

    Ford appears at the mansion. He tells Langston he has a plan. Since he's Tess' husband, he can have her committed.

    Access Llanview: The Buchanans Under Siege.

    Wednesday, March 02 2011

    Tess, Ford, Langston and Brody arrive at the Llanview airport. Tess warns Brody he's lost this round and has no grounds to hold her or Ford. Tess tries dragging Ford away. Langston stops them, as does Brody, who claims he's going to arrest Ford for rape. Tess assures Brody it wasn't rape. She had sex with Ford. It was the best sex of her life. Brody handcuffs Tess. Once Viki gets there, Tess is going to St. Ann's. Ford tries to leave with Langston. Tess needs him to stay and reminds Ford of their deal.

    Viki, Clint and Dr. Levin arrive at the airport. Viki calmly gives the doctor papers to commit Jessica. Tess reminds them those papers are old. The only person who can commit her is her husband. Everyone's stunned to hear Tess married Ford. Dr. Levin confirms, only Ford can commit her. Viki pleads with Ford to help them. Ford apologizes and says he only wants rights to his son. When Clint warns Ford will never get near Ryder, Ford refuses to have Tess committed. Viki fails at drawing Jessica back out then watches as Tess and Ford leave. On their way out Tess whispers to Ford, "By the way, sex with you sucked. There won't be an encore."

    At the mansion, Dorian turns down Cutter's flowers. She doesn't need a con-artist for a shoulder to cry on. Cutter sees the torn photo of David and wonders if he's the guy who has her so upset. As Dorian tries throwing Cutter out, she receives a call about Clint's exoneration and turns on "Access Llanview." Cutter recognizes David's photo, as Phyllis Rose talks about how David left Dorian at the altar, again. Dorian turns the television off and rants about David. Though the sex was great, Dorian would never take David back. Cutter accuses her of still being hung up on David. Dorian denies it. "Then why haven't you moved on?" Cutter asks. Langston arrives home in a tiff. "What did Ford do this time?" Dorian asks. "Ask his wife," Langston snaps and rushes upstairs. Dorian throws Cutter out for good this time and stares at the torn photo of her and David.

    I Laid More Than One Finger On Her.

    Monday, February 28 2011

    Brody rushes into the Vegas chapel, with Langston following, and yells, "Stop this wedding!" Brody demands Tess leave with him. Tess announces she's not going anywhere without her husband. Langston's shocked to hear Ford married Tess of his own free will. Tess laughs about Jessica trying to stop them. Except she couldn't. Brody's love couldn't bring Jessica back. Not after all of his lies. Tess taunts Langston and urges Brody to go change Natalie's baby's diapers. Ford claims he only married Tess for Ryder's sake. Brody grabs Tess and starts pleading for Jessica to come out. It doesn't work. Tess reminds Brody that he slept with the red-headed slut. Jessica's not okay with that. Brody threatens that Jessica's family will have Tess committed. Tess warns only Ford has that power. Ford won't commit Tess. She can give Ford his son. Brody calls in some cops, who arrest Ford for kidnapping his fiancée. Tess claims Jessica has a message for Brody. She slaps him across the face and says, "That's for bopping her sister and getting her pregnant." Brody has Tess arrested for assaulting an officer. As Tess and Ford are taken away, Tess vows never to let Brody see Jessica again.

    He Gets The Cow You Get The Milk For Free.

    Friday, February 25 2011

    Brody arrives at Tess and Ford's Vegas hotel room and demands an employee let him in. Once inside, he hears a noise and hides. Brody sees knee-high boots and tackles the person. It's Langston. He scolds her for following him. Langston's worried about Ford. Langston's disturbed to see Tess' lingerie. Suddenly, the man Tess was with appears. Brody grabs him. The man puts his hands up. He can't help it that the girl is kinky. Brody and Langston show the man Tess and Ford's photos. He tells them where Tess and Ford are and urges them to hurry. They'll miss the wedding.

    Are You Prepared For This?

    Wednesday, February 23 2011

    From the Vegas hotel room, Ford answers Langston's call. He's surprised she knows about Tess. Langston wonders where Ford is. Tess warns Ford not to do anything stupid. Brody grabs the phone and demands Ford bring Tess home. She's dangerous and will do anything to get what she wants. If Ford brings Tess home, will he have rights to his son? Brody doesn't give him any reassurance. Langston gets back on the phone. She understands why Ford's run off. They exchange I love yous. As Ford starts to explain what he's about to do, Tess throws a bucket of water over his head, which disconnects the call. Ford fumes at Tess and rushes out to find another phone. He refuses to marry Tess and plans to get rights to his son on his own. Suddenly, Tess starts acting as though she's Jessica again. "Thank God, you're back," Ford says. "Wrong," Tess admits. She makes Ford realize how convincing she can be, convincing enough to put Clint back on his tail. Ford knows he's backed into a corner. Tess happily heads into the bathroom to prepare for their shotgun wedding. Shortly after, Ford and Tess head off to find a chapel.

    At Llanfair, Brody and Langston worry about why they lost Ford's call. Tess is capable of anything. Brody tells Langston to go home and try to get in touch with Ford again. They agree to keep each other posted. Later, Viki arrives. Brody gets a lead on Tess's whereabouts and heads out. Brody calls Langston to let her know he's heading to Vegas but orders her to stay in Llanview.

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