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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood

    Birthday: July 6 1988
    Birthplace: Newark, NJ
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Underwood
    Web site:


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    Prison Sentence.

    Thursday, August 26 2010

    Outside of Dorian's bridal suite, Starr bumps into James. He claims he is waiting on Langston. Langston exits the suite and James asks her out on a future date in front of Starr before leaving. Dorian exits the suite ready to leave.

    Langston and Starr help get Dorian home. After Dorian enters her room, she has a flash of being with David. She begins to yell at David for leaving her! As she throws things around the room, Langston and Starr ask her to go take a hot shower and offer to get rid of every trace of David from the room. After Dorian leaves, Starr warns Langston to watch out for James. Langston thinks Starr can't get James off her mind and worries that Starr will make the same mistake she did by cheating on Markko. Starr admits she thinks of James more than she should, but doesn't love him and truly loves Cole. Langston offers to back off from James. Dorian emerges from her shower and says she is feeling a little bit better. Dorian gets her laptop and sees that David has updated his relationship status on MyFace. Langston defriends David from Dorian's page. As the girls lay in bed with Dorian, Starr flashes to kissing James and Langston thinks of Ford.

    On The Edge.

    Wednesday, August 25 2010

    At the wedding site, Starr and Cole discuss Dorian. Langston arrives and informs them Dorian is in bad shape. Cole wants to leave to check on Hope, but James wants to keep the party going. Everyone is shocked to see Ford! Ford informs the group he has been at the police station. Langston throws herself into James's arms and says they are on a date. Ford is filled on the cancelled wedding and surprised that Eli was there. Ford wants James to leave, but Langston wants to go for a swim. Ford smiles and says he's up for a swim, too!

    Searching the wedding site, Dani asks Nate if he has seen Shaun. A frustrated Dani says Todd hasn't found Tea yet. He offers to drive her home. They are interrupted by Ford, James, and Langston. Langston notes Ford has no suit, so he takes off his pants and strips to his underwear. Langston comes onto James for Ford's benefit. Starr arrives to see Langston and James flirting and kissing. Ford pulls Langston aside and asks her to drop the act and come back to him, but Langston tells him he blew it.

    How Could You Do This To Me?

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    As James watches Starr and Cole kiss, Langston assures him he stands no chance with Starr. James just wants to have a good time with her. Langston agrees if he quits trying to have a good time with Starr. Langston leaves to check in with Dorian, while James sends Starr a flirty text. Starr replies back and tells him to focus on his own date.

    In her bridal suite, Dorian tells herself she is the happiest woman in the world. Langston arrives and tells her it is almost time to start. Dorian gets sentimental and hopes Langston can find a man as wonderful as David.

    Langston arrives and announces to the crowd that there will be only one wedding, as Eli and Blair are eloping. Nora chases after Langston and asks where Eli and Blair went. Langston informs her that Starr doesn't even know where they went. A nervous Nora takes off.

    Dorian goes back to her bridal suite and wonders how her dearest David could do this to her. She begins to trash her suite! Dorian yells into a pillow as she slides down the wall onto the floor. Langston listens on in horror outside the room and is shocked when she enters to see Dorian laying on the floor sobbing.

    In It For The Long Haul.

    Monday, August 23 2010

    Dorian meets with wedding coordinators at the ceremony site and is thrilled to see Starr and Cole together. They note Llanview's new super couple when Langston arrives with James. Dorian begs her women to join her in her cabana later. Alone with Langston, Starr can't believe she brought James! Langston asks if it is a problem, but Starr denies she is interested in James.

    Whie waiting on the wedding to start, Cole asks James to step aside and help get everyone drinks. Cole tells James that Starr will never leave him! James thinks it sounds like a prison sentence and that Starr is just going through the motions with him. Cole leans in and demands that he stay away from his girlfriend! Cole tells James he is just as bad as his brother. The two get in one another's faces and almost come to blows! Shaun breaks them up, as Starr and Langston wonder why they are fighting.

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