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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood

    Birthday: July 6 1988
    Birthplace: Newark, NJ
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Underwood
    Web site:


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    Are You Sure It's Going To Be Okay?

    Thursday, September 16 2010

    Langston finds Kelly in Dorian's bedroom and complains about Ford. She's shocked that Kelly knew about Ford and Jessica. Langston admits that Ford is teaching her class. She has no idea how to deal with her feelings for Ford. Kelly suggests, "Don't get mad, get even."

    Langston arrives at Ford's apartment and takes him into a kiss. She's been thinking and has agreed to give him another chance. Ford wants that too. Langston's happy he's not teaching her class. They can get back on track. Ford breaks the news that he took back his duties. He's going to be her professor but suggests they keep their relationship quiet. Langston agrees and brushes Ford off when he asks her to stay. She asks him again if he's sure him being her teacher isn't going to be a problem. Ford promises then accepts one more hot kiss before Langston leaves. Once Ford closes the door, Langston takes the camcorder out of hiding and watches the recording of her and Ford kissing!

    You're Alive.

    Friday, September 10 2010

    Outside Starr leaves a message for Cole to call her. Langston appears. Talk of Ford comes up and Langston admits what he did to Jessica. Starr is shocked that Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. Langston wants nothing more to do with Ford and asks Starr about Cole. Starr admits James is coming between them. Langston suggests that Starr and Cole think back to how it felt when they first fell in love. Maybe it'll bring everything into perspective. Later, Cole appears and asks Starr to go for coffee. She agrees, takes his hand and leaves. Langston looks at her schedule and scratches out Ford's name.

    I'm Coming For You.

    Thursday, September 09 2010

    Brody attacks Ford at Llanview U. Langston screams for Brody to stop then calls for security. A guard pulls Brody off Ford and threatens to call the cops. Brody throws his badge at him and tells Langston Ford had sex with Jessica on prom night. "I made a mistake," Ford screams at Brody. "Haven't you ever made a mistake?" Langston is sickened by Ford's actions. Brody threatens to haul Ford in on statutory rape charges. Ford assures Brody the sex was consensual. Langston realizes that Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. Brody grabs Ford's face. Ford apologizes and assures Brody he and Jessica are going to be happy with their baby. Brody admits the only reason he's not killing Ford is because of Jessica then leaves. Ford pleads his case to Langston who accuses him of punishing the entire female race because his mommy walked out on him. She walks out on Ford.

    I Hope You Brought Me A Shiny Red Apple.

    Wednesday, September 08 2010

    Langston is having trouble finding a class at Llanview U. Ford appears, offers to show Langston the way and says, "I hope you brought me a shiny red apple." Langston only brought him the university's fraternization rules! She stomps off.

    Langston finds Ford by a vending machine and demands to know why he dropped the class. He shows her the fraternization policy. If he's not her teacher they can be together. Langston wants nothing to do with him. Ford vows to get her back and even offers to go to therapy! He shows Langston his appointment card with Marty. He thinks those who've said he has issues might be on to something. Ford wants to fix his issues for Langston. Suddenly, Brody appears and punches Ford to the floor!

    The Scum Is Dead.

    Friday, September 03 2010

    Langston pulls away from Ford's kiss at Llanview U and asks, "What am I doing?" Ford agrees they shouldn't be seen together at college and suggests they go back to his place! Langston doesn't think he's changed and refuses to give him another chance. Ford pleads with Langston and opens up about his family. He wants to be a better man. Langston admits it sounds great but reminds Ford he recently jumped in the sac with someone who could've given him a STD! "You're the only one I want," Ford admits. He'll do whatever it takes to get Langston back. She refuses to drop Ford's class and says, "Wait all you want." Langston walks away with Ford calling after her.

    Eli, Get Up!

    Thursday, September 02 2010

    Back at Llanview U Ford explains Eli's threats to Langston. She doesn't believe his sob story or that he cares about her. She claims the person Ford is describing isn't him, it's James. Ford admits he found out about Eli's past and blackmailed him. Langston can't believe Ford let Eli run around town knowing he was a killer. Ford only wanted to find a way to rescue his brother and admits it killed him to see her with James. Langston doesn't know what to believe. Ford knows Langston deserves the best. He doesn't know how to give it but says, "I want to learn." Ford wants her back and vows to do anything to prove he can be trusted. "Like what?" Langston asks. Ford takes her in a kiss!

    Am I Interrupting?

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    Over at Llanview University Langston and Starr find out that Ford's teaching their writing class and that James plans to attend too. Starr and Langston refuse to take the class. James offers to drop out. Ford reminds everyone that there's only one writing class that's required and it's his. Starr and James agree to coexist at school. Just as Langston informs James she can't see him anymore Cole appears and goes after Ford for knowing about Eli, which hurt Hannah. Starr wants to call Blair but Cole stops her and says, "John's handling it." Starr is furious that Cole knew about Eli and allowed Blair to run off with him! While they argue Ford admits to Langston that Eli threatened to hurt her too. That's another reason why he went along with Eli. Across the room Gigi worries about her book expenses then spots a flyer that could help. James peers over her shoulder and reads about the grant. James' attention turns to Starr who runs from Cole in a fury.

    It Doesn't Change The Fact That We're Brothers.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    Starr and Langston arrive at Llanview U. Over talk of David and Dorian Langston can't help wonder if there's more to the story surrounding David's departure. Starr reminds her that David's a con-artist. "Maybe someone didn't want Dorian to get married," Langston suggests. Maybe it was one of David's enemies. Talk turns to James. Langston cares about Starr too much and isn't going to see James anymore. Starr denies having feelings for James and still considers Cole to be her soulmate. Starr wants no one else. They get their schedules and Langston convinces Starr to take a writing course with her. Later, they're shocked to see Ford who admits he's teaching the writing class!

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