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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood

    Birthday: July 6 1988
    Birthplace: Newark, NJ
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Underwood
    Web site:


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    One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Starr arrives at Markko and Langston's in California. After they reconnect Starr sees some mementos from high school. Langton and Markko were remembering Cole. Starr has something to tell them. She thinks Cole would want them to know. They are stunned to hear Cole's alive and with his parents. Starr knows she may never see Cole again but is glad he's safe and with his family. While Markko takes a call, Starr and Langston talk about Ford. Langston's happy he found a family in Jessica and Ryder. A man, sent by Todd, arrives and introduces Starr to her bodyguard. "Nice to meet you, Miss Manning," Cole says. She rushes into his arms and ushers him in to see their friends. Cole shares that Patrick is alive and Marty's doing better. Cole's now where he belongs, with his family… Starr and Hope.

    I'm Leaving Llanview.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    Starr finds Markko at the mansion and wonders what he's doing there. "I came for Langston," he replies. Langston and Markko explain their new project. Starr's stunned to hear Langston's leaving Llanview. Markko leaves to visit his parents. Over talk of the strong connection Langston still feels toward Markko, Starr breaks down. With Langston gone, it'll be as though a piece of Starr is missing. Langston tries to back out of leaving, but Starr won't allow it. She wants the best for Langston. The girls remember their good times and cry in each other's arms. Langston promises they'll be in touch constantly. Starr knows it won't be that easy and admits she can hardly get in touch with James, who's right across town. Langston insists Starr go find James and hugs her goodbye. Later, Markko returns and finds Langston looking at photos of her and Starr. It's going to be hard to leave Starr, but at least Langston knows she'll be in good hands.

    What Are You Doing With This?

    Monday, April 11 2011

    Langston is stunned to see Markko at the mansion. Dorian introduces him as their new director. Langston accuses Dorian of scheming to get her and Markko back together. Dorian denies it and asks Langston to trust them. She and Markko are going to work great together. David and Dorian leave. Langston apologizes that Dorian dragged Markko all the way back here and says, "Clearly this isn't going to work." Markko thinks this project could jumpstart their careers. Langston wonders how Karen will feel. "We're not together anymore," Markko admits. He's sorry to hear things didn't work out with Ford. Markko never wanted to see Langston hurt. After what she did to him, Langston wonders if Markko could really work with her. They agree to take things one step at a time.

    Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story.

    Friday, April 08 2011

    Langston hears a noise at the mansion. Someone grabs her. It's David and Dorian home from their honeymoon. They snuck in the back to avoid the paparazzi. They see Langston's laptop and accuse her of mooning over Ford's MyFace. Dorian sees the headline about Bo dropping the charges against Clint. David can't believe his Pa and Step-Nora would do this to him. Dorian knows Clint's guilty, but if he isn't then who killed Eddie? She promises David Clint will pay and talks about writing him into David's movie, which David was fired from. Dorian and David want to produce the movie themselves and ask Langston to write them a new script for "The Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story." Langston has no idea how to write a screenplay and thinks they're scheming to get her away from Ford. Dorian and David found a director who wants to work with Langston. "What loser would agree to do that?" Langston asks. David points at the doorway. "Oh my God," Langston gasps.

    An Out Of Control Kardashian Wannabe.

    Wednesday, March 30 2011

    To get her away from the hospital, Langston brings Starr to the diner. Over breakfast, they discuss James and Starr being a couple and Dorian and David's marriage. Starr feels bad for Langston's loss. Langston admits she misses Ford but is doing the right thing. Just as Langston agrees to work on her screenplay and put Ford out of her mind, Ford appears. Starr gives them some time alone. They make small talk and share a close moment when Langston drops something. After Ford leaves, Starr rejoins Langston and says, "You made the right decision. There's no way I'd share James with anyone." James arrives, as Langston leaves. He rants about Tess then heads to the bathroom. Starr opens his laptop to get started on James' job hunt. She sees Deanna's friend request. When James returns, Starr asks who Deanna is.

    Kassandra Kavanaugh With Two Ks.

    Monday, March 28 2011

    Brody gives Ford hell for letting Tess out of his sight then storms off. Langston arrives at Ford's and gives back the jewelry he bought her for Christmas. She'd rather he returned it in order to support Ryder. "Or give it to Tess," Langston suggests. She regrets the comment and talks about how fulfilled Ford is with Ryder. "I hope you get custody of Ryder," Langston says then leaves.

    Pa, Is It Really You?

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    Langston ignores a message from Ford then finds Dorian in her bedroom. She cries about Ford hurting her. Dorian thinks he did something irresponsible again. Langston clarifies that they broke up because of him being responsible. Dorian doesn't hate Ford but thinks Langston deserves better. Dorian thinks about how David left her and makes a comparison. She reminds Dorian David left to party, Ford left for his son. Langston wonders if she's being too hard on Ford. Dorian urges her to set out to find the right man. She'll know him when she finds him. Langston wonders if Dorian's replaced David. Later, Dorian calls Cutter and asks him to come over. She wants to prove she's over David. Once she hangs up, David calls and claims he never walked out on her. David loves her. It's all Clint's fault. Cutter enters her room and listens as Dorian tells David his replacement has just walked into her bedroom. Cutter holds up the photo of her and David and wonders if Dorian's really over him.

    Todd's Been Shot.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    At Ford's apartment, Langston wonders why Tess isn't in St. Ann's. "I'm staying right here," Tess replies. Ford doesn't have a choice. He has to stay married to Tess. Ford tries to explain and tells Tess to shut up when she continues taking jabs at Langston. After Tess leaves, Ford admits he doesn't know how long he'll be married to Tess. Over talk of Ryder's trust, Langston offers Ford money. He refuses her. Langston's offended he'll take it from that slut and not her. He talks about the money in the trust being Ryder's. Langston's money is Dorian's. If Jessica were here, she wouldn't let Ford near their son. He doesn't have any other choice. Langston can't accept this and tells Ford they're through.

    Manning, Get Down!

    Friday, March 11 2011

    James, Starr and Langston celebrate at the diner. They hope to be rid of Tess very soon. Langston wonders what's keeping Ford. Over talk of the baby, Langston worries she'll get too attached to Ryder, just to have him taken away from them. Langston heads over to Ford's. James brings up Langston wanting to be there for Ryder. He wants to do the same for Hope. He already loves her. Everything seems so perfect. They wonder where Todd is and when the next shoe will drop.

    You're Even Hotter When You're Wet.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    Langston runs into Ford and Ryder at the diner. Seeing how he is with his son, Langston can understand why he married Tess. Ford admits it's been hard taking care of a baby, but he's doing what he has to. The hardest part's been losing Langston. "Take me back," Ford says. Langston promises they'll fight Tess together. His lawyer arrives. Ford explains why he needs to have his wife committed. He signs the papers and assures Morgan he'll get the money to pay his fee. Ford has to leave and promises Langston they'll celebrate soon.

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