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    One Life To Live CAST - Langston Wilde

    Full detailed profile on Langston Wilde Played by Brittany Underwood on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Underwood
    Langston Wilde

    Actor: Brittany Underwood

    Who played Langston Wilde over the years

    Brittany Underwood (July 14, 2006 - April 12, 2011)

    Useful information on Langston Wilde

    * Best friend of Starr Manning.
    * Lost her parents in an accident.
    * Lives with Dorian Lord.
    * Fought against her cousin Lola, who was after her boyfriend.
    * Had a steamy affair with Robert Ford.


    Current: Scriptwriter for David Vicker's film.
    Past: Student


    A newcomer to Llanview in 2006, Langston was known as someone who's not afraid to be different! With the lack of supervision from her absentee parents, Langston had a lot of time on her hands and enjoyed spending most of it with her best friend Starr Manning.

    Although the high school years ahead were bound to be tough, Langston found herself dealing with the death of her parents, after a car accident, but was taken in by Dorian Lord, who later became her foster mother.

    When Langston's uncle Ray came to Llanview, she was weary at first but then grew to love her mother's brother, and her new cousin Lola. But Lola and Langston's relationship took a turn for the worse when Lola started going after her boyfriend Markko - then decided to get back at Langston as well!

    Langston had a mind of her own and stood up to Lola then made the adult decision to have her first time with Markko on prom night in 2009.

    Markko and Langston grew deeper in love and moved in together, along with Starr and Cole. It wasn't long after when older man Robert Ford showed interest in Langston and lured her into a heated affair. It turned out Ford had been using Langston and when she finally realized it, it had been too late. Markko found out as well!

    Markko moved to LA, and Langston ultimately took Ford back, who proved he truly cared for her by abstaining from sex for a while. However, when word came that Ford was the father of Jessica's baby, who he cheated on Langston with, Ford rushed off to Vegas and married Jessica's alter, Tess, in order to stay in his son's life. Though Langston understood that Ford was simply fighting for his son, she ended their relationship.

    Sooner after, Markko returned to Llanview and convinced Langston to partner with him on David Vickers new movie. He would direct, and she would write the script. Langston left Llanview on April 12, 2011 to head to L.A. with Markko.




    Robert Ford
    Markko Rivera


    Broderick Wilde (father - deceased)
    Linda Montez Wilde (mother - deceased)
    Ray Montez (uncle)
    Lola Montez (cousin)
    Dorian Lord (foster mother)




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    Friday, January 13 2012: One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Starr arrives at Markko and Langston's in California. After they reconnect Starr sees some mementos from high school. Langton and Markko were remembering Cole. Starr has something to tell them. She thinks Cole would want them to know. They are stunned to hear Cole's alive and with his parents. Starr knows she may never see Cole again but is glad he's safe and with his family. While Markko takes a call, Starr and Langston talk about Ford. Langston's happy he found a family in Jessica and Ryder. A man, sent by Todd, arrives and introduces Starr to her bodyguard. "Nice to meet you, Miss Manning," Cole says. She rushes into his arms and ushers him in to see their friends. Cole shares that Patrick is alive and Marty's doing better. Cole's now where he belongs, with his family… Starr and Hope.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011: I'm Leaving Llanview.

    Starr finds Markko at the mansion and wonders what he's doing there. "I came for Langston," he replies. Langston and Markko explain their new project. Starr's stunned to hear Langston's leaving Llanview. Markko leaves to visit his parents. Over talk of the strong connection Langston still feels toward Markko, Starr breaks down. With Langston gone, it'll be as though a piece of Starr is missing. Langston tries to back out of leaving, but Starr won't allow it. She wants the best for Langston. The girls remember their good times and cry in each other's arms. Langston promises they'll be in touch constantly. Starr knows it won't be that easy and admits she can hardly get in touch with James, who's right across town. Langston insists Starr go find James and hugs her goodbye. Later, Markko returns and finds Langston looking at photos of her and Starr. It's going to be hard to leave Starr, but at least Langston knows she'll be in good hands.

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