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    One Life To Live CAST - Ted Osbourne

    Full detailed profile on Ted Osbourne Played by Mikey Jerome on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mikey Jerome
    Ted Osbourne

    Actor: Mikey Jerome

    Who played Ted Osbourne over the years

    Michael "Mikey" Jerome (2006)

    Useful information on Ted Osbourne

    * Deceased.
    * Was a crony of Vincent Jones.
    * Helped Vincent fix Cris Vega's boxing match.
    * Died in an arson fire in Vincent's warehouse.


    Past: Thug


    A newcomer to Llanview in 2006, Ted has only appeared on the scene a handful of times. One of Vincent Jones's cronies, Ted was instructed to and set up Cristian Vega to lose his boxing match in order to make Vincent and his employees a quick buck. When Vincent thought better of this plan and demanded for Ted to put a halt on the scheme, Ted became money hungry and went against his boss playing it off as an 'I tried, but it was too late' sort of deal. After Cristian found out what Vincent and Ted had been up to, he beat a confession out of Ted and took revenge on Vincent.

    Seeming to have disappeared off the face of the earth, Ted recently turned up in December 2006 when his burnt body was identified and found in one of Vincent Jones's warehouses after it was declared the scene of arson. Unfortunately, Ted was at the wrong place at the wrong time.











    Friday, April 09 2010: I Want To Say Goodbye To My Daughter.

    Outside the courtroom, Kyle assures Fish that they're going to be great parents. They'll work at it together. Gigi enters the courtroom and Schuyler tells the judge that his lawyer is mistaken. Everyone protests but Schuyler admits he lost everything he's worked for. "I knew what I was doing. I was wrong and deserve to be punished," he says. The judge reminds Schuyler of the charges he's facing then accepts his guilty plea. Though Tea wants to request bail Schuyler wants to go to Statesville. He couldn't go home knowing Bo's in the hospital. As he's taken away Schuyler tells Gigi she's going to be a great mother to Sierra. Kyle and Fish hear him through the opened door. Schuyler stares at Sierra and asks to say goodbye to his daughter. "Your Daddy's going to take such good care of you," Schuyler says then smiles at Fish. Once everyone heads into the courtroom for the custody hearing Schuyler is led away. Roxy walks with him. Suddenly, Rex comes around the corner and is face to face with Schuyler and Roxy. Schuyler tells Rex he never stood a chance with Gigi then is carted off.

    Thursday, November 02 2006: Spencer... No!

    Vincent is brought into the courtroom to where Evangeline tells his attorney that there will be no plea bargain. Vincent's lawyer brings in Ted, says he's willing to testify for Vincent. Ted admits to putting the drug on Abbott's gloves, says that Vincent didn't know anything about it. Evangeline goes to Cris, asks for his advice, and Cris agrees to the plea bargin, on one condition… Vincent needs to clear his name with the boxing commission. Vincent thanks Cris, thanks Layla, says he's sorry. They both leave. Natalie comments that Vincent got lucky, tells him not to blow it. Natalie leaves…

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