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    One Life To Live CAST - Bruce Bartlett

    Full detailed profile on Bruce Bartlett Played by Robert Leeshock on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Leeshock
    Bruce Bartlett

    Actor: Robert Leeshock

    Who played Bruce Bartlett over the years

    Robert Leeshock (2005 - September 7, 2006)

    Useful information on Bruce Bartlett

    * Deceased.
    * Drugged Tess's drink in an attempt to sleep with her.
    * Uncovered Tess's true identity for Nash.
    * Hired by Dorian Lord to stalk Adriana.
    * Kidnapped Adriana as a way to blackmail Dorian.


    Past: Lawyer


    Although Bruce Barlett resided in Napa, he's been known to frequent Llanview on and off since 2005. Being the attorney and friend of Nash Brennan, Bruce spied into Tess's past for Nash, uncovering that she was indeed Jessica Buchanan. Besides getting Nash out of some pretty sticky financial trouble on more than a few occasions, Bruce is notoriously known for his part in Adriana Cramer's stalking and abduction. Hired by Dorian Lord to pretend to be a stalker in order to break up Adriana and Rex Balsom, Bruce became greedy and kidnapped Adriana as a way to blackmail Dorian out of millions. However, his plan ultimately led to his demise and Bruce was shot while in a struggle with Rex, which ended his life for forever.










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    Thursday, November 04 2010: The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili.

    In the motel room, Starr wakes up and tells Cole their night together was perfect. Cole warns that it will be their last night together. He's turning himself in. Starr wants to go get Hope and run away with Cole. He refuses to allow Starr to give up her life for him. "I will do anything for you and Hope," Cole says. "But what if the cops…" He's interrupted by a knock at the door. Fortunately, it's just the cleaning service. Cole can't ignore how worried Starr got. Starr hushes him with a kiss and they make love. Afterwards, Cole agrees to leave town with Starr. While she showers, he takes a call from James, warning him to leave. The cops are making James talk. "Get the hell out of there, okay?" James says. Later, Starr finds a letter from Cole and falls to the bed in tears.

    Thursday, September 07 2006: Let The Search Begin

    As Rex and Bruce struggle, the gun goes off, Bruce is shot dead! Adriana runs into Rex's arms, thanking him for saving her yet again. Dorian looks over Bruce, says they're going to call the police, and Adriana glares at her mother, says she's going to tell the cops everything! Suddenly, Rex notices that Adriana is bleeding. However, it's not Adriana, it's Rex who's bleeding. Rex falls to the ground. Dorian calls the police, reports a gunshot wound. She instructs Adriana to hold a cloth to Rex's wound. After telling Adriana he loves her, Rex stops breathing! Dorian and Adriana frantically perform CPR on Rex, as the ambulance shows up. Adriana goes in the ambulance with Rex and tells Dorian she never wants to see her again!

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