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    One Life To Live CAST - Renee Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Renee Buchanan Played by Patricia Elliott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patricia Elliott

    Birthday: 1942/07/21
    Birthplace: Gunnison, Colorado
    Real Name: Patricia Elliott
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Alex Has A Plan!

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    Jessica and Nash are shocked when they arrive at the mansion to find that Jared is living there! Though they think Jared scammed Renee, Jared makes it known that he’s there on Renee’s invite! When Renee appears, she happily makes everyone aware how nice it is having Jared there! While Jessica almost tells Renee the ‘whole story’, she decides against it then follows Renee out of the room to comfort her while packing for their trip to Texas. Once alone, Nash warns Jared not to take advantage of Renee – or else!

    Later, Sarah and Natalie storm into the mansion fighting about Jared. After Clint tells them to knock it off, Jared appears and Natalie tells Jessica, Nash and Clint, “We cannot leave Jared here while everyone is in Texas.” With pleasure, Sarah goes to Jared and asks, “Ever been to Texas?” Though Natalie objects, Renee reappears and thinks it’s a great idea for Jared to go to Texas! Renee then warns that Asa changed his will very close to his death – and that they are sure to be in for some big surprises. Once Renee leaves with Jared, Clint warns Natalie it’ll be good to keep her enemy close!

    Like Oil & Water!

    Monday, October 29 2007

    At The Palace, seeing Cris and Natalie kissing, Jared says, “Four can play at this game.” Just as Jared takes Sarah in another kiss, he quickly pulls back when Renee walks in! After Renee scolds Cris and Natalie for ‘making a scene’, Natalie claims, “They started it!” However, Renee doesn’t believe that Jared would ever act that way in public – and tells Natalie just that! Renee then goes to Jared’s table, hands Jared the keys to the mansion, leaving Sarah to question Jared as to why he left out the fact that he was moving into her grandfather’s mansion! With charm, Jared manages to convince Sarah he has no ulterior motives and that he’s doing it as way to help Renee.

    Back at Natalie’s table, Renee pulls Natalie aside, tells her how fond she is of Jared then asks Natalie to rehire him at B.E. – in the name of Asa’s memory! Just like Bo and Clint, Natalie warns Renee that Jared will take advantage of her and is livid after Renee tells her Jared is moving into the mansion as her guest! Though Cris backs up Natalie’s suspicions where Jared is concerned, Renee snaps at her and says, “He’s a fine young man! Don’t kick him when he’s down!”

    Later, just as Jared is told his credit card was rejected, Renee approaches and tells her waiter that Jared is a guest of hers. Again, Jared manages to hide something else from Renee – that he’s broke! After Renee walks away, Natalie snaps at Jared!

    Langston: The Next Manning?

    Thursday, October 25 2007

    Just as Renee insists on helping Jared out with his living arrangements, Bo appears and says, “This is crazy.” Although Bo reminds Renee that Jared is a complete stranger, Renee claims to be no fool and assures Bo that she simply likes Jared. As Jared comes forward and turns down Renee’s offer, Renee admires Jared for being ‘polite’ but asks Nigel to prepare one of the guest-rooms for him. Like a gentleman, although Jared claims to not want to cause problems between Renee and her family, Renee takes Jared’s hand, says how much he reminds her of Asa, then tells Bo and Nigel to buzz off! Needing some fresh air, Renee asks Jared to take a walk with her. Once alone, Nigel gives Bo his thoughts on Jared, “He’s a gold digger, perhaps wanting to become the new lord of the manor!”

    When Clint arrives at the mansion to hear the news about Jared, Renee hushes him in his tracks and announces that Jared has accepted her offer to move in! After Jared assures Clint and Bo that he won’t overstep, Renee walks Jared out, leaving Bo determined to dig into Jared’s background. Bo tells Clint, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

    Outside the mansion, Jared leaves a message for Jessica saying she’ll no longer have him to kick around!

    Who's the New Girl?

    Wednesday, October 24 2007

    As Nora, Clint, Renee and Matthew look at some pictures of Asa, Clint gets a call from Asa’s lawyer wanting to set up a date and time to read Asa’s last will and testament! As Nora takes a call, Renee tries to back out of going to the reading of the will, saying it’s too soon, to which Clint reminds her that Asa wanted everyone there. After Nora leaves on business, Renee agrees to go to the ranch in Texas. Since Asa insisted the reading take place at his ranch, Clint tells Renee, “I think we’re in for some surprises!”

    Later, Clint takes off to notify Natalie and Jessica, leaving Renee alone with the photo album of Asa – and her memories… That is until Jared shows up! Although Jared claims he was worried about Renee, and Renee appears comforted by Jared’s generosity, Nigel is still suspicious! Once alone, as Jared talks about looking for an apartment, Renee again expresses how much Jared looks like Asa when he was a young man then invites Jared to move into the mansion!

    A Place To Call Home

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Just as Nora is about to tell Clint she’s made a decision regarding where she and Matthew will live, Matthew appears and wants his say in the matter! Matthew explains that he doesn’t want to stay at the mansion because of all the cool stuff but rather to be close to their family – at grandpa’s house, a house already filled with memories. After Renee, Clint and Nigel chime in their desire to have Nora and Matthew stay, Nora agrees to move into the mansion for good! With talk of a celebratory party, Renee suggests inviting ‘the nice young man’ who Natalie just hired at B.E. with hopes they’ll hit it off! After Renee leaves, Nigel shares with Clint his suspicions regarding Jared. Later, Bo arrives to give Nora the news about Marcie and Tommy.

    Just Like Old Times...

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    When Jared arrives at Asa’s mansion, Nigel thinks he’s an ‘Asa fan’ and tries to shut the door on him. However, as Jared explains he’s there to see Renee, Renee appears and shocks Jared by saying, “I can’t get over the resemblance. Asa… You look so much like him.” After Renee reminisces about Asa’s early days, she invites Jared in. As Jared expresses, “Asa was my hero,” Nigel listens on with suspicion! Later, with Nigel serving tea, Jared tells Renee that he took a job at Buchanan Enterprises and that he wants to be just like Asa! After Jared leaves, although Renee thinks he was loaded with charm, Nigel thinks otherwise!

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