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    One Life To Live CAST - Renee Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Renee Buchanan Played by Patricia Elliott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patricia Elliott

    Birthday: 1942/07/21
    Birthplace: Gunnison, Colorado
    Real Name: Patricia Elliott
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Mr. & Mrs. David Vickers!

    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    As the words out of Asa’s mouth state, “I leave you exactly nothing,” everyone wonders what Asa has in store for B.E. to which Beaver assures Clint, “Oh, don’t you worry, your daddy had it all figured out – and it’s a dosey!” Restarting the video, Asa says his fortune will stay in trust, and be redispersed at a later date, if his terms are met! “The company will be shared by each and every one of you,” Asa goes on. “What you do will determined its future – and your own!” Asa then explains that although everyone in the family will get equal shares, he’s set it up so no one can ever sell or trade their shares! Asa’s goal states, “If you all get along, the company will grow.” And so will their pocketbooks! On one last note, Asa appears to get choked up and says, “I do love you, every last one of you… goodbye.” It isn’t until the screen goes blank that Matthew cries out, “No… He’s gone…”

    When Nigel brings in the champagne, although some think Asa’s plan may very well be a recipe for disaster, Renee objects and adds, “I think it all makes perfect sense.” Though Renee claims it may not always be easy, she says, “Asa’s real legacy is the love in this room.” Everyone lifts their glass to Asa…

    Missing: Marty & Cole Thornhart!

    Monday, November 12 2007

    In front of Nash, Jessica, Natalie and Sarah, Renee shows Jared the first fistful of dirt Asa dug when building this ranch then gives it to Jared – to show it came from a man who had nothing and earned everything he had.

    Asa's Last Wishes

    Friday, November 09 2007

    With the family gathered at the ranch, Asa’s lawyer turns on the TV and starts the video taping of Asa’s will to which Asa says, “My family… every last one of them… is going to get what’s coming to them.” Starting with small gifts, Renee is presented a with a large diamond…

    With talk of properties, Asa mentions his mansion, and how he’s leaving it to a very special woman in his life – a feisty redhead! As Renee smiles at Asa’s description of her, she does appear to be surprised to hear he wasn’t talking about her at all – rather Nora! Asa leaves the mansion to Nora and Matthew, along with Renee and Nigel! Though Nora says, “This isn’t right,” Renee reminds her that Asa always promised she’d never be alone – and now he’s making sure she isn’t!

    Don't You Knock!

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    When Nash and Jessica meet the family downstairs, they wonder where Sarah, Natalie and Jared are? Just then, Sarah appears and they all start reminiscing about Asa. As talk of Asa’s will comes up, everyone wonders what the day will bring seeing as Asa changed his will right before he died. Later, with Natalie still absent from the group, Jessica and Nash joke, wondering if Natalie ‘made it’ with the stable boy – and say anything would be better than having her be with Jared. Just as Sarah starts to defend Jared, Jared appears and lays on the charm thick for Renee and Sarah!

    Shortly after, Natalie and Chuck join the family to which Natalie brags about what a great night she had. As Chuck and Natalie make plans for a morning ride, Jared tries to make Natalie jealous by inviting Sarah to go for a walk – one Matthew and Renee both invite themselves on! Before everyone leaves, Clint reminds, “The lawyer will be here in an hour to read Asa’s will.”

    Later, with everyone back at the ranch, Asa’s lawyer, Beaver, arrives and admits they may be surprised at what Asa’s will may bring! Just as Chuck offers to leave the family to their businesses, Beaver asks him to stay – and says Asa had a request for Chuck in his will! Although Clint wants Beaver to divulge what’s in Asa’s will, Beaver replies, “Oh, no, this is going to come from Asa himself!”

    Asa's Family Is Greeted At The Ranch!

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    As everyone arrives at the ranch in Texas, Renee picks up a family picture then looks up and says, “We’re here, Asa. We’re home.” Hearing Natalie and Sarah argue, Clint quickly pulls his kids aside and warns them to cool it then says, “Being back here is hard enough on Renee!” While the family is looking around the room, and reminiscing about memories, Nora questions Renee about a man in a picture to which Renee smiles and says, “That's Chuck Wilson… Asa’s right-hand man.”

    Suddenly, a hot cowboy appears to welcome the Buchanan’s back home! After Renee takes Chuck in her arms, Clint introduces him as Asa’s right-hand man’s grandson who says, “Whatever you need, I’m at your disposal.” With a smile, Natalie meets Chuck’s gaze – as Jared watches on with jealousy! After Chuck is introduced to Natalie, he offers to show her around to which Natalie replies, “Chuck, I would love to be entertained by you.” Natalie and Chuck make plans to get together tomorrow then everyone disperses to their rooms for the night – with Renee escorting Jared to one of Asa’s favorite rooms!

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