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    One Life To Live CAST - Renee Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Renee Buchanan Played by Patricia Elliott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patricia Elliott

    Birthday: 1942/07/21
    Birthplace: Gunnison, Colorado
    Real Name: Patricia Elliott
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Thanksgiving In Llanview!

    Monday, December 01 2008

    Nora then returns to the living room, with the caterer, who was just in an accident - and is covered with their Thanksgiving diner!

    At the Buenos Dias Café, Viki, Gigi, Charlie, Noelle and Moe prepare a Thanksgiving diner, as Marcie and Michael arrive, followed by the Buchanans, the Vegas and their crew, as well as Dorian's family. After Shane introduces his dad, Rex, to Moe and Noelle, Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving as one.

    Chaos At The Llanview Airport!

    Friday, October 17 2008

    Over at the Buchanan mansion, Clint promises Nora that 'this whole mess' will be over soon. After Clint kisses Nora goodbye, with Dallas watching, he leaves - and Dallas confronts Nora, happy to hear that the problems between her and Clint, the ones Clint told her about over cocktails, appear to be behind them now! Dallas claims she understands Clint but can understand how Nora only sees things in black and white. Just then, Renee shows up and informs Dallas that her room at The Palace has since been 'cleaned up', leaving Nora to privately confide in Renee about her troubles with Clint.

    Jess, Tess, Do Confess!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    Inside the Buchanan mansion, just as Jared agrees to do Clint's dirty work, Bo appears! Bo wonders what Jared is doing there, which is Jared's cue to leave, then Bo tells Clint about a 'dream' he had. When Nigel comes into the room, Bo can't help but stare then explains that Nigel was in the same dream that Jared was in - except Nigel was Chuck Sr.! After a little laugh, Clint goes to take care of some work and Nigel gives Bo some letters that he wrote to Asa while in Vietnam. Suddenly, Matthew appears, and Bo takes him in his arms and promises to be a better father. Renee is next to appear, and Matthew and Renee inform Bo that Lindsay went to prison for killing Spencer Truman. When Clint rejoins them, Bo briefly asks about Jared, to which Clint claims to be putting his feelings aside for Natalie's sake, then Bo hears about John becoming the new commissioner.

    Arrested: Jared Banks!

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    At the Buchanan mansion, after Renee slaps Jared across the face, she lashes out at him for breaking her heart with his lies. Jared tries to make the family realize that he was sincere but no one believes him. Jared wishes he could make thing right, but Clint reminds him that he’ll never be able to fix his wrongs – or bring Nash back! When Bo lays into Jared, wondering how he pulled off being Asa’s son, Nigel steps forward and claims he had a hand in it! Jared quickly steps forward and tries to cover Nigel’s involvement, to which he admits that he faked the DNA test – not Nigel. “That sounds like a confession,” Nora says then quickly ushers in the police – who arrest Jared! As Jared is taken away, Natalie arrives at the mansion in shock!

    Our Marriage Was A Mistake... I Want Out!

    Monday, June 09 2008

    When Jared arrives at the Buchanan mansion, Nigel warns him, “I hope you know what you’re doing.” After Jared promises not to tell anyone about Nigel’s involvement - or that David is the real Buchanan son – he goes into the living room to face Clint, Bo and Nora, who are trying to figure out how to get B.E. back! Seeing Jared enter the room, Bo and Clint order him to get out – now – but Jared refuses and says, “I have to tell you I’m sorry! I will never forget what it was like to be a part of this family. I have a real affection for this family. I know what I did… If I knew you would lose Buchanan Enterprises and Nash… I’ve said what I had to say.” Just as Jared goes to leave, Renee stops him then slaps Jared across the face!

    No Ma'am, That Man Is Brody Lovett...

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    Across the room, Nora and Renee have coffee while talking about Clint – and the article in The Sun. As Renee talks about how Asa used to act when working at B.E., Nora snaps, “Well, Clint’s nothing like Asa.” Seeing Shane and Gigi, Nora and Renee say hi, and take a peek at Shane’s comic book, then Nora apologizes to Renee for her comment. Though Nora never meant to offend Renee, she worries Clint will start doing things the way Asa did – illegally. Renee gives her a piece of advice, “If you want this relationship to last, you may have to accept this – or be prepared to lose him.”

    Jared Confesses The Truth!

    Monday, March 31 2008

    At the diner, although Cole thinks John is right and knows he can’t risk seeing Starr, Markko doesn’t understand why – and Cole doesn’t let him in on the truth about shooting Miles. While Markko takes a call from Langston, Renee enters the diner and takes a seat with Cole.

    A Glimmer Of Hope...

    Friday, March 14 2008

    Still at B.E., just as Jared admits to Natalie that he has everything he ever wanted, Rex appears with some info for Bo then Jared rushes off to get a new case for Rex to work on. Seeing Rex has a video game for Shane, Natalie questions the amount of time he’s been spending with Gigi and ‘her kid’. After Rex leaves, Jared returns just as Nigel and Renee stop by to help with the situation at B.E. While Natalie takes Renee for a walk around B.E., Jared admits to Nigel that he never thought living a lie would be so difficult. Just then, Renee and Natalie come back and Jared assures Renee he won’t let ‘his father’ down where B.E. is concerned.

    Everyone Wants Answers!

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    When everyone arrives back at the mansion, Renee fusses over Jared wanting to be sure he’s okay. After a hug from Matthew, he tells Jared, “You’re a real hero.” When Gigi comes to pick up Shane, she smiles as her son calls Jared a hero as well then talks about his deceased dad who was a hero too. Across the room, Nora rants to Renee and Clint about how Bo is paying for Lindsay’s crimes. After a toast from the whole family, “To Jared,” Jared appears guilty for pretending to be a Buchanan. Suddenly, Gigi gets a call from Lee. Abruptly, Gigi promises Shane she will be back then sets out to meet Lee! With talk of Charlie saving Jared, Matthews asks Jared, “You two must be buddies now, right?”

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