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    One Life To Live CAST - Renee Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Renee Buchanan Played by Patricia Elliott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patricia Elliott

    Birthday: 1942/07/21
    Birthplace: Gunnison, Colorado
    Real Name: Patricia Elliott
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Someone's Been Smoking Pot!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    Inside the living room, the Buchanans worry about whether Rex stopped David and Dorian - and whether or not David and Dorian will show up and kick them out of their home! When Rex arrives, he has to explain that he lost David and Dorian - and has no idea if they got married. Though Rex thinks he's off the case, Bo tells him, "Stay on it, Balsom." Bo informs Rex that Dorian is chairing the Go Red Ball, which is tonight! "I'll get you a ticket, you get the tux - bring Gigi too," Bo says. "Keep an eye on Dorian."

    Starr Arrested For Perjury?

    Wednesday, February 04 2009

    Rex goes to the mansion and tells Clint about Dorian's plan to get David to marry her - before he finds out that he's a Buchanan! Just then, Renee appears and announces that Janet is dead! Clint tries not to minimize Renee's feelings but brings up the issue of David, to which Rex suggests they tell David the truth! Unfortunately, Clint agrees they don't have a choice then orders Rex to find David.

    Little Stoner Strikes Again!

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    When Renee knocks on the door, Cole quickly hides the joint then listens as Renee comes in and snaps at Matthew for lying to her the other night! After she sends Matthew to his room, Renee wants to know why Cole's so bent out of shape then the two talk about Starr's testimony, Todd being free and Janet having gone missing! Once alone, Cole looks at a picture of Starr then takes out the joint.

    The Plain White T's Rock Ultra Violet!

    Wednesday, January 21 2009

    After Renee brings Janet back up to the main house, she demands to know the truth - if she planned to help Todd kidnap Starr's child! Just as Janet says she doesn't want to get Renee involved, Bo arrives! After Janet hides, Bo asks after Matthew, and Renee explains that he left with Cole - and said that Bo said it was okay for him to go out for tonight! When Bo leaves, Renee tells Janet to come forward and testify against Todd - for Starr's dead baby's sake!

    On The Hunt For Janet!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    In the foyer of the mansion, Renee is shocked to see Janet - who asks for her help! Renee is happy to see her old friend Janet! "I need you to hide me," Janet cries. Suddenly, Janet hears someone coming - it's Nora - and she hides! After Nora leaves, Janet comes out of hiding and confesses all to Renee! After Janet tells Renee that she's not in trouble with the law right now, Renee goes to call Bo for help - but Janet stops her! Janet admits that she did overhear 'some' of Todd's illegal intentions, and that she's afraid the police will charge her, but Renee refuses to break the law by hiding her - until Janet starts crying, begging and pleading, leaving Renee to finally allow her to stay in the guesthouse for now.

    Introducing Mr. J!

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Later, when Matthew arrives home, someone watches him from the bushes! Once inside, Matthew briefly talks to Renee then answers a phone call - but no one replies from the other end. Back outside, someone with a gloved hand ends a call and closes their cell phone!

    Back out in the foyer, the doorbell rings then the door slowly opens. After someone pulls Renee outside, they reveal themselves to be Janet - who asks for Renee's help!

    The Rush To Llantano River!

    Monday, January 05 2009

    Back at the Buchanan mansion, Renee watches Asa's latest will reading and grieves the fact that David Vickers is Asa's son. However, she can't help wonder how David would've turned out had he known his real family. Renee reminisces about Emma Bradley, and about giving her advice, while all the time she thought her baby was Ned's. Suddenly, Clint and Nora arrive and let them know about David's presence in Llanview. When Renee worries about David finding out the truth, Clint appears to have an idea on how to keep David from finding out he's a Buchanan - and a sole heir at that!

    A Message From The Grave!

    Monday, December 29 2008

    When Beaver Calhoun, Asa's lawyer, shows up at the Buchanan mansion, with a message from Asa, Clint, Bo, Nora, Renee and Nigel are shocked to hear that it involves Asa's long lost son! Beaver puts in a DVD where Asa rants at his family for allowing Buchanan Enterprises to sink since his death. After Asa declares, "You knew the stakes… stock up, you're rich, stocks down, you're broke. You blew it," he informs that the gravy train is over - Nora is kicked out of the mansion, Clint is instructed to try to get Viki back and Bo to get a better job! Asa then says it's time to give someone else a chance - the son he never acknowledged… Asa leaves his entire empire to David Vickers! Asa knows that David is a con, says that he'll probably spend his money as fast as he can then challenges his family to, "Stop him!" Before Beaver leaves, he instructs everyone to get their stuff together then says he has a detective looking for David, who will have everything turned over to him the minute he finds him!

    Thanksgiving In Llanview!

    Monday, December 01 2008

    With everyone gathered in the living room, Nora assures Clint that their catered dinner is on its way then they listen as Bo gives his thanks to Rex, Matthew, Roxy, Cole and Shane. "I want to thank you for helping my friend, Balsom, for finding his way back." Just as Renee begins her thanks, Jared and Natalie appear in the doorway! While Jared apologizes and agrees to leave, with Natalie warning that if Jared goes she goes too, Nora answers the door - and Renee hugs Natalie and tells Jared, "You may not be a Buchanan, but you sure as hell behave like one."

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