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    One Life To Live CAST - Renee Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Renee Buchanan Played by Patricia Elliott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patricia Elliott

    Birthday: 1942/07/21
    Birthplace: Gunnison, Colorado
    Real Name: Patricia Elliott
    Height: 5' 5"


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    The Nerve To Show Your Cleavage Back In Town.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011

    Still at Asa's grave, Bo explains how all of Asa's kids let their own families down. Bo doesn't think he did right by Matthew. Renee calls Bo a fool. What happened to Matthew wasn't Bo's fault. Renee assures Bo Matthew will be back and that Asa was proud of all of them until the day he died. Bo announces he's going to be a grandpa. Renee bursts out laughing, thinking the proud parents-to-be are David and Dorian. Bo explains the baby is Matthew's.

    We Need You, Pa.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    Bo arrives at Asa's grave and says, "Good morning, Pa." He talks about having the arrest warrant for Asa on the day they found him dead. If there was some way Asa could come back to them, Bo would look the other way. He admits all the mistakes the family has made. They all need Asa right now, especially Bo. Renee appears and hugs Bo. They reminisce about Asa. Part of Bo is glad Asa isn't there to see what his son has done to their family.

    Role-Playing Therapy!

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Renee lets John and Natalie into Eli's room. As they collect DNA evidence, John informs Natalie she isn't going to Tahiti with him. John doesn't want anything to happen to Natalie or the baby. Natalie agrees to stay home and understands he doesn't want to lose another child. Suddenly John gets a call from Todd who says, "You were right about Ross Rayburn. Get over here now!" John leaves and Renee returns to give Natalie her congratulations. Natalie meant a lot to Asa. Over talk of Eli, Natalie admits she didn't find what she was looking for. Renee remembers still having closed envelopes of tips Eli left for her. Natalie asks if she can have them. After Renee brings them to Natalie, Natalie imagines Eli licking the envelopes. She's finally got her DNA evidence!

    Our Baby's Gone...

    Tuesday, April 20 2010

    Back downstairs, Markko makes plans with Renee to rent out the same room that he and Langston first made love in on prom night. After he hears a waiter taking a room service order from the famous director Markko asks a friend who works there for a favor.

    Nurse Wojciehowicz Hands Over A Clue.

    Monday, April 19 2010

    Viki spots Charlie with Dorian at The Palace. Charlie turns around and Dorian urges him to go to her. Dorian and Viki have a catty exchange before Charlie leads Viki to the patio. Viki admits she's there to meet Marty but returned home for him too. With Dorian spying on them Charlie asks, "Can our marriage be saved?" Renee shoos Dorian away then listens in on Viki and Charlie's conversation too. Viki cries and admits to Charlie how much she missed him. Charlie feels the same but Viki is afraid she'll get hurt again. However, she wants to give their marriage another shot. "If you're willing," Viki cries then talks about taking Bree to the Eiffel Tower, which reminded her of Paris, Texas. Charlie kisses Viki.

    The Divorce Papers From Hell!

    Tuesday, January 12 2010

    At the Buchanan Mansion, when Kim and Clint arrive home, Renee and Nigel are shocked to hear that Kim is moving in! As Clint leaves the room to take a call, Renee cracks a joke, at Kim's expense, then Kim warns she'll be in Clint's bed soon - and there's nothing Renee can do about it. Kim threatens to put Renee and Nigel in the same nursing home then turns her attention back to Clint, who rejoins them, saying Nora received his divorce papers. Suddenly, Nora and Eli arrive at the mansion to hear that Kim is living there. As they go over the crazy things Clint is after in the divorce papers, 42 million in damages, Eli warns Clint that if he pushes forward, Nora will have to liquidate the largest asset she owns - the Buchanan mansion! Clint argues that Nora gave him back the mansion, when she left him for Bo, but nothing was put into writing, so Eli instructs Clint, and everyone who lives in the mansion, to vacant the premises. Kim asks for a moment alone with her boss. For fear of losing her meal ticket, Kim quietly convinces Clint that there are other ways to get back at Nora. Clint drops his lawsuit, and as Kim goes off to unpack, Nora tries to reason with Clint, asking him not to trust Kim - but Clint throws her and Eli out!

    No Strings Attached!

    Wednesday, January 06 2010

    Back in Elijah's room, Blair and Elijah have landed on the floor and continue with their sexapade! Suddenly, Renee comes to the door to say she's received complaints about the noise coming from his room. When she peeks in and sees the room in shambles, she snaps, "Oh my God! What's going on in there?" as Blair smiles from behind the half-opened door! Elijah gives her an excuse, about being on medication, but Renee isn't fooled and screams for 'them' to keep it down then rushes back down the hall, as Blair and Elijah get dressed and laugh. After asking each other if their sex helped them forget about Todd and Tea, each says no then they have sex again! Once they are done, with feathers from the pillows strewn everywhere, both agree they still may need a little more help getting Tea and Todd out of their heads. When Elijah asks Blair to indulge in a no strings attached relationship, she smiles brightly.

    From The Outside Looking In...

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    After Clint turns down Kim's invitation to join her at the loft, Nigel appears in the mansion living room to make sure Clint is okay, which causes Clint to get up and rush out! Renee comes downstairs, hears that Nora and Matthew won't be returning to the mansion, sees the shotgun then realizes that Bo and Nora must have fallen back in love. Renee can't believe that Nora would cheat on Clint, and when she wants to go console Clint, Nigel reports that he's probably off with Kim - the kind of woman who Renee knows all too well.

    Later, Clint arrives back to the mansion and is bombarded by Renee, asking him to join her for a card game. However, Clint thanks her, as well as Nigel for the beautiful Christmas decorations, then heads upstairs to bed - appearing in better spirits!

    A Lot To Be Thankful For...

    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Back at the Buchanan mansion, Nigel and Renee share a drink then make a toast to a photo of Asa.

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