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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    This Is My Party, Not Yours!

    Thursday, October 21 2010

    At the diner, Destiny's parents and Darren refuse to allow Destiny to be unhappy on her birthday. Matthew arrives and Destiny asks about Dani. Shaun appears and Destiny agrees to blow out her candles. She makes a wish for Greg and one for Starr, Dani and Hope. When Nate appears, Matthew takes some jabs at him about getting Dani in trouble. Over talk of Eli, Destiny says, "If Greg did help Eli, Eli forced him." Mr. and Mrs. Evans appear nervous, which Shaun picks up on. Matthew shows up Darren with the expense gift he got Destiny, a new Pulse. However, Mathew gets irritated when Nate gives Destiny some jewelry that she and Dani looked at together. Mrs. Evans hands Destiny a card from Greg. She found it amongst his things. Mrs. Evans cries as Destiny reads about how much Greg loves her. Suddenly, Shaun gets a call saying that Greg is awake. Vivian warns him there's a problem. She needs Shaun to get down there right away.

    Matthew stops Nate outside the diner. He refuses to let Nate show him up in front of Destiny, especially after Nate stole Dani from him! Darren breaks them up and Nate takes off. Darren warns Matthew, "You've got to get a grip."

    You're A Lucky Girl.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010

    Matthew visits Bo in his office. Bo confirms Eli's alive and wonders what Matthew would do to prosecute Eli. "String him up," Matthew replies. Bo wonders if Matthew's comment is something he picked up from Clint. Matthew reminds Bo that Asa felt the same way then apologizes if he made Bo feel as though what he does, as Police Commissioner, is anything less than what Clint does at B.E.

    I Can't Ignore What Happened Because Of Her Falsehood.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    Matthew stops Rex from leaving Clint's office. He demands to know why Rex has Clint's files. Rex makes out that he's secretly trying to protect Clint before 'something' blows up in his face. Matthew wonders if Bo knows what Rex is doing. "Bo trusts me," Rex states. Hoping to make a quick getaway, Rex puts the files back. Matthew calls security! Security and Clint arrive just as Kelly is calling Rex. Clint pats Matthew on the back then dismisses everyone but Rex. Rex demands to know about the files in Clint's drawer. Clint takes them out and shows Rex the photo of David cleaning toilets in a Moroccan prison. He warns that now that Rex has seen what he came to see, he's going to stay quiet and not report a thing to Kelly. Rex wonders if Clint is threatening him.

    What's Wrong?

    Tuesday, September 21 2010

    In his office, Clint laughs at a photo taken of David in prison. His contact warns that the Warden wants more money. Clint orders the man to pay the Warden another ten percent but to keep his name out of it. Matthew appears. The man leaves. Clint admits the man is one of B.E.'s secret weapons. Matthew suspects Clint's dealings with him aren't legal. Over talk of the law, Clint explains that things aren't cut and dry like in Bo and Nora's work. At B.E. they're gray. Kelly arrives to meet Clint for lunch. While he's finishing with Matthew, Kelly swipes his security clearance card.

    Rex sneaks into Clint's office and begins snooping through his day calendar. He wonders why Clint went to Morocco on the day of Dorian's wedding. Rex picks a lock and opens a drawer. Rex gets a warning call from Kelly. As he goes to leave, Matthew appears and asks, "What're you doing here?"

    I'm Coming For You.

    Thursday, September 09 2010

    At Llanview High Nate kisses Dani and urges her to call him if she needs anything. Matthew sees them. Later Matthew and Nate come face to face during basketball tryouts. "I'm going to make you regret putting your name on that signup sheet," Matthew says. The guys get rough during a scrimmage game. Darren and Destiny watch and argue over their different opinions on the Matthew/Dani/Nate triangle.

    Clint arrives at Llanview High. "Did Dani tell you she wanted me to have sex with her," Matthew taunts Nate. Nate shoves Matthew. When Matthew plays innocent to Nate's attack Nate is benched. Clint smirks then later tells Matthew he definitely has the killer instincts he's looking for.

    Am I Interrupting?

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    In his office Bo reminds Matthew of his other priorities and suggests he wait to work at B.E. Matthew brings up Inez again. Bo tries to reason with Matthew about Dani leaving him. Matthew taunts his father for stealing his brother's wife and thinks Bo doesn't want him working with Clint. Bo assures Matthew that he, Nora and Clint are past what happened and suggests Matthew get past it too! Nora appears and hears about Clint's offer. She thinks Clint's extending an olive branch. Bo reluctantly agrees to honor his decision to work at B.E. Matthew thanks him but refuses to honor Bo's reasons for hiring Inez. After Matthew leaves Nora admits she understands Matthew's feelings. Inez is the mother of the boy who broke Matthew's heart. Inez overhears from outside the door as Bo makes it clear Inez was the best candidate for the job. He wonders if Nora expects him to fire Inez for Matthew's sake. Nora denies it but hates seeing Matthew hurting. Bo thinks he'll get over it. Nora wonders if Bo ever got over his first love.

    Matthew finds Clint at the country club and announces he's decided to work for him. They shake hands. Clint knows Matthew is going to be a real asset.

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