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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    For Old Time's Sake.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Clint rants to Vimal in his office about all of the gold-diggers who are after his family. Vimal brings up what he did for Clint, who warns him to forget he ever entered the lab. If the truth gets out that Rex is his son, and Brody isn't really the father of his grandchild, Clint will know Vimal exposed the truth. Clint throws him out and is stunned to see Matthew standing in the doorway. Matthew talks about his parents fighting and how Nora is missing and his dad is doing nothing to find her. After Matthew says Inez and Bo looked pretty cozy, Clint admits they broke up. Clint takes a call from Inez, who is furious that Eddie is still in town. Clint didn't keep up his end of the bargain so neither is she! After Clint forces Matthew to leave on a coffee run, he promises if Inez sleeps with Bo tonight, she'll have everything she ever wanted. Matthew returns, irritated. When Clint refuses to forge Bo's signature on the early release form, Matthew brings up how Clint's forged other things. Matthew knows that Charlie isn't Rex's father, Clint is!

    I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    At La Boulaie, Cris joins Blair in the living room and gives her the box from Eli. He suggests she open it. Blair snaps at Cris, reminding him she wants nothing to do with it! Out in the foyer, Langston admits to Starr that she invited James. She didn't think Starr would mind. Not unless she's still into him. Langston reminds Starr that she can't stop living. Just as Langston brings up her ban on sex with Ford, he and James arrive. Starr tries to rush away but James stops her. Blair and Cris appear. Langston defends Ford against Blair's condescending words. Dorian appears. She found a man outside who says he was invited to dinner. Eddie waltzes in with a six-pack of beer! Insults start to fly out of Eddie's mouth when it's apparent Starr is a young mother. Blair stands up for Starr, as does James. When Ford tries to get Eddie to leave, he calls Starr a slut! James jumps at his father, who punches him in the face.

    Here's To Brody!

    Tuesday, November 23 2010

    Rex reluctantly joins Echo and Charlie at the diner for lunch. They briefly share their paternity news with Bo and Nora. Bo and Rex privately talk about Echo and Clint. Bo flashes back to a past argument with Echo. He hopes for Rex's sake that she's changed. Bo wonders why Rex is so down on Clint. Rex flashes back to getting caught in Clint's office, makes an excuse then goes to join Echo and Charlie. Bo returns to his conversation with Matthew and Nora. He worries about Matthew's studies. Matthew accuses Bo of not liking him working at B.E. then goes to the bathroom. Bo admits to Nora that Clint's role in Matthew's life plays a factor in his worries. Matthew rejoins them and sees Vimal come in. Over talk about Rex's paternity, Matthew finds out that Bo arranged for the test at the lab. Matthew eyes Vimal suspiciously. He confronts him and accuses Vimal of making Clint a copy of the keycard. Vimal suggests that Matthew forget about seeing that card! Across the room, after lunch, Echo tries to pay but her card's declined. Charlie pays the bill. Roxy appears and finds out Echo and Charlie are Rex's parents. Rex assures Roxy that she'll always be his mother. Roxy lashes out at Echo for trying to pump her for information on Rex when she first arrived in town. She demands her rent now! Echo is broke. Roxy orders her to pack up her crap and get the hell out of her hotel!

    Later, Matthew goes to Clint's office and asks questions about Rex's paternity test. Matthew wonders if there's a possibility that DNA tests can get screwed up. Clint suggests Matthew go online and look for answers since he's not a DNA expert. Matthew mentions how lucky Clint is, seeing he's not Rex's father. Clint agrees!

    And The Father Is...

    Monday, November 22 2010

    Clint's employee rushes into his office and assures Mr. Buchanan that he did what he asked in the lab. Matthew spins around in Clint's chair and asks what he's talking about. The man claims 'the research' has to do with private B.E. business. Matthew looked in the file and wonders why his uncle needed a hospital keycard. The man urges Matthew to forget he ever saw it. Clint arrives and dismisses Matthew. Once alone, the man admits someone saw him in the lab. Clint's employee thinks back to seeing a doctor. It was Marty! He assures Clint she had no idea what he was up to. He did what needed to be done. He made sure Rex's father proved to be Charlie. He also took care of Clint's daughter's paternity test by going through the Bs under all of the paternity tests administered. "You were right… It was the other man's baby," he says. "But I changed the father's name to Brody Lovett."

    What Messages?

    Thursday, November 18 2010

    In Clint's office, Matthew claims he found the necklace while resetting the alarm. Clint admits the necklace is the key to the Buchanan family fortune. Clint explains it's more of a protection device and says, "You never saw this necklace, understand?" Matthew wants something from Clint in return. He rants about Clint helping Inez and her sons. "Everything I do is to protect this family," Clint replies. He may be dating Inez, but Clint has a plan. Clint promotes Matthew from intern to a salary position and sends him off on an errand. Later, just as Clint opens an envelope containing a pass to the DNA lab, Viki appears and asks, "What are you up to?"

    Six Years In Statesville.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    In Clint's office, just as Dorian unlocks Clint's drawer an alarm goes off. Dorian finds the door locked. "Damn you, Clint," Dorian says then screams for help. Matthew opens the door and accuses Dorian of being in Clint's desk. Dorian throws the mayor card out then tries to leave. "Not so fast," Matthew stops her with threats. "You used to be such a sweet child," Dorian says then holds up some cash. "You don't want me to tell Uncle Clint you broke into his desk." Matthew smiles, takes the cash and orders Dorian to turn Clint's key over. Later Clint arrives. Matthew tells him about Dorian and assures him she didn't see anything. "But I did," Matthew says and pulls out the half heart necklace. "Is this what she was looking for?"

    Temptation Strikes.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Back in Llanview, Viki stands before the crowd at The Palace for Tea and Todd's vow renewal. Viki officiates the ceremony and repronounces Todd and Tea husband and wife. Todd asks everyone to stick around for a big surprise and refuses to tell Tea what it is. Dorian and Langston arrive with well wishes, as do John and Natalie. Todd makes a crack about Starr being better off without Cole. Natalie sees Vivian and privately asks her to put a rush on the paternity results. Vivian can't. Natalie rushes John away when he approaches claiming to know all about the test. Across the room, Echo tells Clint she's going to tell Rex the truth tonight. Clint drags her away, as Viki wonders where Echo went. Rex and Kelly appear. He's looking for Echo. Viki promises to keep an eye out for Echo. When Rex walks away, Charlie warns Viki whoever Rex's father turns out to be will have an effect on a lot of people. In another area, Inez pulls Bo away from Nora and fills him in on Eddie. Bo warns James, Ford and Nate that he'll be paying their father a visit tomorrow. Ford is upset but Inez refuses to let Eddie hurt her sons again. Inez walks Bo back to his table. When he leaves to get more drinks, Nora warns Inez that Bo helps everyone. She shouldn't read anything more into it! Close by, Darren is offended that Matthew knew about Greg but he didn't. Destiny reminds Darren that this isn't about him then briefly talks to Shaun about what Greg did to them.

    Back at the party, Tea takes the microphone and urges everyone to live life and hold on to everything they have precious in it. Todd ushers Dani to the front where she sings a song for Tea titled, "Everything I Learned, I Learned From You." After Tea holds Dani close, she rushes off to get a room with Todd. As Rex hears that Echo is on the roof, Clint and Echo slip back into the party. Viki confronts Echo and demands to know who Rex's father is! Ford joins Langston across the room, but Dorian interferes. Marty enters and joins John and Natalie. Marty announces that she found a way to deal with the hell she felt when leaving her son at Statesville!

    Rex is upset to find the roof empty. Kelly pulls Rex into a kiss!

    We Are Not Your Real Parents.

    Friday, October 22 2010

    Clint finds Matthew at the diner. Matthew shares that he was there for Destiny's birthday. She left to go see Greg. He's awake. Clint hopes they can soon find out if Greg was connected to Eli. Over talk of Matthew calling security on Rex, Clint admits Rex was trying to steal corporate secrets. However, Clint took care of Rex by reminding him of what he has to lose. At the counter, Gigi shares her interest in a French artist with Cris. He admits the painting Gigi's describing was Layla's favorite too. Gigi reflects that Rex is in New Mexico. Both agree not to talk about being separated from the ones they love and try to focus on Cris' next slideshow.

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