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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    What Is This? Good Cop, Worse Cop?

    Friday, December 17 2010

    Still in the high school gym, Dani wonders if Nate already knew his dad was dead. Nate claims it's hard for him to talk about. Destiny joins them with her condolences. Matthew draws near and listens as Nate feigns shock that someone didn't kill Eddie sooner. Destiny and Darren walk away. When Matthew says he's sorry about Nate's dad, Nate flips on him for calling his mother a whore. "She is a whore and a homewrecker!" Matthew screams and admits Inez is sleeping with Bo. Dani warns Matthew to stop it! Matthew insists it's the truth. Later, Matthew joins Destiny after witnessing Darren lash out at her for the way she's treating her parents. Darren storms off. Matthew understands what Destiny's going through. He knows how it feels to have a parent betray him. Matthew talks about telling Nate about their parents sleeping together and how Nate made him feel like the bad guy. Destiny and Matthew hug.

    She Never Gave Up.

    Thursday, December 16 2010

    As Darren tries to convince Destiny to talk to her parents, they notice Matthew down the hallway at school. They approach Matthew, who heads into the gym. Just as Nate is about to tell Dani what happened last night, Matthew confronts him. Nate attacks him for bashing his mother. Darren pulls Matthew off, who admits to Destiny what he saw between his dad and Nate's mom. He talks about almost getting into an accident. Across the gym, Dani calms Nate down then offers to help him get Eddie out of town. "It's too late," Nate admits. Darren joins them and shows Nate and Dani an online news report. Eddie was murdered. Dani is shocked. Nate doesn't seem surprised. Dani wonders why. Nate thinks back to standing over Eddie's body and admits Eddie's death isn't a surprise.

    This Is The Last Time...

    Monday, December 13 2010

    Matthew is stunned to see Inez and Bo kissing. He closes Inez's apartment door unseen. Clint was right. His parents are cheating! Matthew can't believe Bo could do this to Nora, even if Nora was cheating on him. Matthew rushes off. Back inside, Bo and Inez break the kiss. Bo thinks there's been a misunderstanding. Inez apologizes. However, Bo still thinks she's Nora and apologizes for the remark about Sam. Inez plays along. Bo kisses Inez again. As he apologizes again and vows to love Nora forever, Inez cries out of guilt. Bo passes out again. Inez refuses to sleep with Bo but wonders, "How will I ever get rid of Eddie?" Inez stares at Bo's gun belt.

    As Matthew drives through the night, he calls Dani and says, "You're not the only one who cheats. Everyone cheats!" Dani pleads with Matthew to tell her what's wrong. Matthew has a message for Nateā€¦ His mother's a whore, a bitch and a homewrecker! Matthew can't shake the image of seeing Bo kissing Inez. Matthew blares the radio and puts his foot to the gas pedal.

    Rex drives Nora into the night, as she talks about the texts Eddie was sending to Bo. She worries Bo believed them! Rex asks if Eddie attacked her. "The only thing that kept him from raping me was an appointment," Nora cries. Suddenly, oncoming headlights make them serve off the road. It's Matthew's car!

    Will You Marry Me?

    Friday, December 10 2010

    Still in Clint's office, Matthew accuses Clint of lying about Bo and Inez's affair. Clint thinks maybe Nora cheated on Bo. Why else would Bo cheat on Nora? He's probably with Inez right now. Clint brings up Nora's past affair with Sam and how she cheated on Clint with Bo. Clint hands Matthew his cell and urges him to call Nora for answers.

    In the Minute Man motel room, Eddie strokes Nora's face, who asks, "Are you going to add rape to your list of charges?" Eddie begins unbuttoning her shirt and starts rubbing her breasts. Nora spits in Eddie's face! Eddie grabs her hair but is distracted by a call on Nora's cell. Eddie gags Nora then answers her cell. It's Matthew, who wants to talk to his mother. Eddie warns, "She's tied up right now!" then hangs up. Eddie realizes he has to get to the gym. He turns up the volume on the television, aims a gun at Nora then leaves.

    In Inez's apartment, Bo texts Nora back, while Inez looks at a photo of her boys in the kitchen. She thinks back to Clint's warning then drugs Bo's beer. Over talk of Nora, Bo becomes very groggy and finally passes out. Inez checks Bo's cell when a text comes in from Nora, urging Bo to sleep with Inez. Clint calls. Inez admits Bo's drugged. Clint ignores Inez's questions about the texts from Nora and demands she get Bo in bed now! Inez wakes up Bo, who calls her Nora, and says, "I need you to make love to me." Bo kisses Inez but sees Nora. Neither realizes that Matthew has entered the apartment and sees them!

    I Can't Keep This Secret.

    Thursday, December 09 2010

    In his office, Clint admits to Matthew that he's Rex's biological father. Clint claims he's protecting the family from Rex, who's a gold-digger. "I can't keep this secret," Matthew states. Clint reminds Matthew that Rex doesn't want him to be his father and Charlie's a good man. Everyone wins! Matthew thinks Bo would want to know that Rex is his nephew. Clint comments on how Bo's always treated Rex more like a son than Matthew. They could all be in trouble if Rex and Bo teamed up as relatives. Matthew still wants to tell Bo. Clint plays dirty and claims Inez dumped him for Bo. "Bo's cheating on your mother," Clint lies. "He's having an affair with Inez."

    For Old Time's Sake.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Matthew goes to Bo's office. Once Inez leaves, Bo refuses to sign a slip allowing Matthew to get out of school early so he can work at B.E. Matthew wonders where Nora is. He'll get her to sign it! Bo admits he and Nora had an argument. Matthew accuses him of cozying it up with Inez then storms out. Inez rejoins Bo, who blames Clint for the change in Matthew. Inez gets a call about the fight between Eddie and Ford. Bo rushes off to check it out.

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