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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    I Owe You At Least That Much.

    Friday, April 15 2011

    At the diner, Marty looks at Natalie's paternity test. John appears. Marty hides the paper, offers to buy John a cup of coffee and says, "I owe you at least that much." Talk turns to Natalie. John thinks it's over for them and shares their recent argument over Liam's sonogram photo. Marty wonders why John held on to it. "When Natalie gave it to me I thought Liam was my son," John replies. Marty asks if Liam were John's son, would he take Natalie back. "Why would you even ask that?" John asks. "What's done is done." At the counter, Matthew joins Destiny, who's watching "Access Llanview." Phyllis Rose talks about the charges being dropped against Clint. Destiny apologizes for calling Matthew's uncle a killer. Matthew doesn't want to talk about it and listens as Phyllis Rose wonders who the real killer is. Destiny asks why Matthew's so jittery and thinks Bo's covering for Clint. "That's not who he's covering for," Matthew snaps. Destiny assumes Bo and Nora are covering for someone who had motive and says, "It was your mom, wasn't it?" Matthew objects then leaves, as Phyllis Rose claims she knows who killed Eddie Ford. John and Marty note Matthew's quick exit. She asks to cook dinner for John sometime. He agrees, sometime.

    In a panic at the loft, Nora tells Bo Matthew's missing. Bo calms her. He gave Matthew permission to go to the diner. They debate what steps to take next with Matthew. Nora blames everything on Clint. Bo thinks they need to hire a lawyer to help Nora build Matthew's defense. Nora knows it's not that simple. Matthew could go to prison for life. "How would we live with ourselves if we sent our son to prison?" Nora cries. Bo doesn't think Matthew can live with the secret. He also thinks the Ford boys deserve closure. "Can you actually see turning in your own son?" Nora asks. Dorian arrives wanting answers about Clint and Eddie's murder. Bo and Nora explain the evidence against Clint was circumstantial. After Dorian leaves, Bo follows to warn Clint to stay quiet should Dorian confront him. Matthew returns and orders Nora to turn on "Access Llanview." He thinks Phyllis Rose is about to pinpoint him as Eddie's murderer.

    I Killed Eddie Ford.

    Wednesday, April 06 2011

    Bo and Nora bring Matthew to the loft and play him the taped confession. "I killed Eddie Ford," Matthew confesses and thinks back to that night. He saw Bo with Inez and almost hit Rex and Nora head on. Matthew pulled over at the Minute Man Motel. He heard a gunshot. He thought someone needed help. He saw Eddie, who had Nora's phone. Eddie claimed his son was a bad shot then taunted Matthew about Nora. Matthew grabbed Eddie's gun and demanded answers. Eddie started trashing Nora and Bo. Matthew fired the gun. Eddie fell down and didn't get back up. "When it hit me what I'd done," Matthew says. "I got sick." Matthew called Clint, who appeared shortly after. "He was really calm," Matthew continues and remembers Clint promising to take care of everything. "I got in my car and drove home." Nora holds Matthew, who cries, "I killed someone, Mom." Nora blames Clint for brainwashing Matthew. "I'm guilty," Matthew says and wonders what's going to happen now. Nora promises they'll figure it out. Later, Nora falls apart in Bo's arms.

    A Picture Of You Kissing That Piece Of Trash.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    Out in the hallway, Destiny sees Matthew and accuses him of watching Shane's video. Matthew was checking to see when Clint's being arraigned. Matthew assures Destiny the proof they have against Clint isn't what it looks like. His uncle can't go to prison. She wonders what's had Matthew so jumpy lately. Matthew refuses to talk about it then leaves. Shane appears. Destiny assures Shane he'll get through this mess, like she did when kids picked on her. She begs Shane to tell someone what happened. He needs to stop Jack. Shane thinks it'll only make matters worse and walks away.

    In the courtroom, Clint admits to Bo and Nora that he can prove that Matthew murdered Eddie Ford. A man appears and brings Clint a tape recorder. Clint plays Matthew's call to him for help, admitting he killed Eddie Ford. Bo and Nora accuse Clint of faking the call. They're furious Clint never showed them this tape. Clint was trying to protect the family until Rex found that DVD of him leaving Eddie's room. He never wanted to incriminate Matthew. Everyone enters and the hearing is called to order. The judge asks how Clint pleads. Matthew appears. Just as Clint is ready to show the court something, Nora stands and asks for the charges to be dropped. She claims there was a mistake. The evidence they have doesn't implicate Clint. The judge lets Clint go and reprimands Bo and Nora for wasting his time and ruining a man's good name. Matthew joins them. Bo asks for the tape recorder then sends Clint on his way. Nora breaks down in Bo's arms. He orders Matthew to go home with them to talk about Eddie and who really shot him.

    My Husband The Big Wiener.

    Friday, March 25 2011

    David runs into Matthew at the Buchanan Mansion. He thinks Matthew's there to give Uncle Clint hell for what he did to him. "Assuming you didn't make it all up," Matthew counters. David's hurt and assures Matthew he didn't take off on him. Clint's evil and had him kidnapped. David brings up what Nora has said about Clint and wonders if Matthew believes her. Matthew doesn't think Clint killed Eddie. David has to leave but warns Matthew to be careful when talking to Clint. He doesn’t want to end up in a Moroccan prison.

    Clint arrives at the Buchman Mansion. Matthew flips on him for all of the lies. Clint reminds Matthew of everything he's done for him. Matthew worries. His parents think Clint killed Eddie and are looking for evidence as they speak. Clint promises Matthew they won't find any evidence. Out in the foyer, Aubrey arrives and lies about where she's been. Joey's clearly upset. She begs Joey not to believe a word out of Ford's mouth.

    Do You Recognize This Man?

    Tuesday, March 08 2011

    Back in Llanview, Destiny approaches Matthew at school. He's looking at a report about Eddie's murderer still being on the loose. She wants to talk about their kiss. Matthew reminds her they were two friends who needed comfort. That's it. He shows her the headline and talks about his parents accusing Clint of being a killer. Destiny suggests maybe his parents know what they're talking about. She offers to be there if Matthew needs anything.

    Clint joins Nora at the diner and pressures her about Bo's whereabouts. Nora doesn't tell him but does admit she told Matthew her theory about who killed Eddie. "You have nothing to connect me to Eddie Ford's death," Clint states and leaves. Joey arrives and shares news of finding his dad doing business with Eddie. Nora realizes it was the same day she was kidnapped. She admits they think Clint's involved with Eddie's murder. Joey agrees to stay quiet and leaves. Matthew arrives. Over talk of the article on Eddie, Nora says she might have just found the proof she's been looking for to connect Clint to Eddie.

    Access Llanview: The Buchanans Under Siege.

    Wednesday, March 02 2011

    Nora is surprised to find Matthew in Clint's office at Buchanan Enterprises. Matthew defends Clint and reminds his mother all of the charges were dropped against him. Nora thinks Clint had something to do with Vimal recanting his confession. She explains how Clint has lied and is using Matthew to break up her and Bo. Matthew demands she quit trash talking Clint. He'd never do the things she's accusing him of. "We think Clint killed Eddie Ford," Nora states.

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