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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    Grand Theft Auto 101!

    Friday, June 25 2010

    Matthew approaches Bull at the country club claiming to have information about his stolen money. Bull tells him to beat it. "Okay," Matthew replies, walking away. "If you don't want your $50,000…" Bull grabs him but Matthew warns he'll call security. Bull calms down and listens as Matthew claims he knows 'the Manning girl' who the guy who stole his money is hanging around with. Bull remembers James telling him the money was stolen. Matthew points out Nate who is across the patio with Dani, listening to Destiny warn them that Matthew's jealousy could cause them a lot of hurt. Nate kisses Dani and Matthew scowls. Bull follows Nate as he leaves Dani. Destiny approaches Matthew and wonders if the man he was talking to was a friend. Dani joins them and thanks Matthew for not making Nate's life miserable at the club.

    Starr May Not Care But I Do...

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    Matthew runs into Destiny who's working at the country club. Darren interrupts with some lame pick up lines, even though he and Destiny are already going out. Across the way Bull pockets a cabana key card from a member. Around the corner Dani and Nate talk about the money. They're glad no one's reported it missing. Nate thanks Dani for her support. As she pulls him into a kiss Matthew makes his presence known. After Nate and Matthew argue Nate leaves. Dani warns Matthew not to take their issues out on Nate, take them out on her. Matthew walks away. Later Matthew hears Darren asking Nate about the fake money. Matthew questions Darren while Bull confronts Dani and Destiny about Starr's whereabouts. Dani grabs Starr's phone from Bull and promises she'll make sure she gets it. They walk away. After Darren fills Matthew in on the money Matthew patronizes Nate who doesn't want to lose his job at the club. "Looks like the sun shifted," Matthew says. "Can you move my chair for me?" Nate seethes but moves Matthew's chair. Destiny appears and scolds Matthew for his attitude. Matthew warns this is the new him and says, "Live with it." Later Matthew overhears Bull on the phone saying, "The kid stole $50,000…" He interrupts Bull's call and claims he can help him find the guy he's looking for.

    Class of 2010!

    Wednesday, June 16 2010

    Destiny shows up at the loft and finds David half naked, Matthew smiling from ear to ear and two hookers! David tries to make excuses but Destiny confronts Matthew and says, "I can't believe you would do this." Matthew thanks Fawn for a memorable night then walks the girls out. Matthew confides in Destiny that he didn't sleep with Fawn. He only paid her to make David believe he did.

    Darren catches Nate looking at the money in the gym and asks, "What'd you do, rob a bank?" Nate claims the money is a prop for the musical. Darren can't believe Nate hasn't heard. Langston canceled the musical. He offers to throw the fake money away but Nate grabs his gym bag. A tug-of-war ensues and Darren becomes suspicious. After Darren leaves Dani shows up. Nate and Dani worry about the money. Matthew and Destiny arrive momentarily. Matthew stares at Nate and Dani. Destiny reminds Matthew, "It's her loss."

    He Knows Everything...

    Tuesday, June 15 2010

    At the loft David introduces Matthew to Wendy and Fawn. They think Matthew's just as hot as 'Dave' and can't wait to blow the lid off Llanview! "Dave," Matthew snaps. "Come here a sec!" Matthew pulls David aside and asks what the hell he's doing. David wonders if he wants to be Clint or Bo? Matthew changes his tune and says, "I want to be Asa all the way." David lets Matthew choose a girl. He picks Fawn and agrees to her suggestion to 'be loose'!

    Blair and Elijah are at Capricorn talking about Todd and Tea. Matthew, David and the girls enter and Blair demands from David, "How did he get past the bouncer?" David assures Blair he'll watch over his brother then walks away. Blair has to pull a drink from Matthew's hand. She scolds David, who insists he thought it was sparkling cider. David promises to behave. Across the room Rex leads Gigi to a table containing two whiskey sours. Gigi is touched he remembered their first drink. Rex sees Wendy and approaches David. Bo isn't going to like this. Rex knows the girls are hookers. Rex tells Wendy to leave but not to go to his club. If she shows up at Ultra Violet again she'll be arrested. Back at their table Fawn rubs Matthew's leg. Wendy approaches and leads Fawn out of the club. David rants at Rex for ruining things then gathers Matthew and says, "We're not done yet!"

    David and Matthew arrive back at the loft. Matthew's shocked to hear the girls were hookers. "Don't you look down your nose," David warns. "Your grandmother's one of them!" Matthew's touched that David would try to cheer him up like this. David calls out to the girls who appear from the other room. He hands Matthew a condom and says, "You're a Buchanan. Figure it out." Fawn leads Matthew to his room!

    Get Out Of My Car!

    Monday, June 14 2010

    David finds Matthew at the loft and forces him to quit being a slob and get up! Matthew admits Dani dumped him after he said he loved her. He rants about Dani trying to have sex with him. David can't believe Matthew didn't take Dani up on it! "She dumped me for Nate," Matthew snaps. David calls Dani names. Matthew screams, "Don't badmouth Dani. I still love her!" He wants David to leave him alone. "What would Pa do?" David says to himself then suggests they go fishing. No… Would Bo offer Matthew a drink? No. David orders Matthew to go take a shower and says, "We're going to put you back in the game." After Matthew heads to the bathroom David calls an old friend for a favor. He wants to show his brother a good time! Matthew reappears soon. David tells him they are about to do Llanview right. Two women arrive and David introduces the 'luscious ladies' as their dates.

    Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Bo Buchanan!

    Monday, June 07 2010

    At the church David offers to marry Bo and Nora. "This is no time for jokes, David!" Bo snaps. David is an online ordained minister and shows Bo proof. Bo reluctantly agrees to let David marry him and Nora and says, "Please Lord, don't let me regret this." Blair goes to the front and sings as Gigi, Jessica, Natalie and Viki walk down the aisle. Nora appears and makes her way to Bo. They get a kick out of their wardrobe then David appears in an Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was the only thing he could find since St. James is doing the production! Bo explains David's presence to Nora and has to move him along as David comically reminds the guests of Nora's numerous past last names. Just as David asks if anyone objects Clint storms in with a shotgun aimed at them! Everyone pleads for Clint to stop. They thought he forgave Bo and Nora! Clint wants to kill David for forcing Kim to leave him. Viki is the voice of reason and convinces Clint to settle down. He wants to stay and takes a seat. Blair snickers, "At least this time it wasn't me." Jessica and Natalie give a reading about love then Bo and Nora exchange their own emotional vows. "Yo Bro," David says to Matthew, "Bring the bling!" Matthew hands his parents their rings. Bo and Nora exchange rings and are pronounced husband and wife. "Pa, you can kiss your bride," David orders. Everyone stands and claps as Bo and Nora come full circle in a kiss. Bo and Nora are led out by David. Rex and Gigi agree to ride to the reception together. Blair makes a few cracks about Kelly to Elijah as Kelly reminds David of some of his past indiscretions. Viki checks on Clint, who admits he can't find Kim. He feels as though he owes Bo and Nora an apology. Viki urges him to go to the reception but not to bring any guns!

    Back at the church Dani tells Matthew, "I'm not ready to have a boyfriend." He thinks it's because he told Dani he loved her. She thanks him for always being there but admits, "I don't think I know what love is." Matthew wonders what this is really about. Nate? Dani denies it then admits she's not sure if she and Nate's kiss meant anything. In tears Dani begs Matthew to listen to her. "No," Matthew screams. "I can't!"

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